Education made easy with the JTouch INF7530eAG Touch Display

“The JTouch really offers all interactive features you could wish for – from drawing with all colours and video playback to instant connection without the need to install a new app every time.” – Brian Nadel, Computerworld Old-fashioned projectors with slides chalkboards have long fallen out of fashion. This is no longer a secret. Today’s […]

The Conference System for Any Kind of Huddle Room: The 40″ JTouch from InFocus

Some people say that the idea of huddle rooms has its origins in the 1980s, and its promotion was something ‘to think about’. Those born between 1980-2000 grew up well-versed in technologies and have now taken the world of work by storm, re-designing it at record speeds. There is no doubt that these people born […]

A technological revolution in the field of education – Use the JTouch INF6500EAG Touchscreen Monitor in school and university

Technology is subject to constant change. Ten years ago, the desktop PC celebrated its entry into the classroom and today the focus is on cloud services and mobile learning applications at school and at university. We take a look at the technological revolution in the education sector and, with the touch screen monitor JTouch INF6500EAG, […]

In comparison: Our JTouch, BigTouch and Mondopad series

To create a captivating presentation that will inspire listeners in conferences, because the technology used has brilliant functions and furthermore can be operated very easily – is this wishful thinking? With the devices of the Touch display series, the Giant tablet PC series and the all-in-one collaboration of the Mondopad series, exciting and profitable presentations […]

Videos and Touch Displays become more common in Education – 3 Key Factors

At schools and in higher education, videos and Touch Displays are used as an instrument for exchanging ideas and for more engagement with the students. Streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co. are no longer the only channels which are used every day. It has also become a part of school education. An […]

Soundbar – small but important

Giving a lecture in a lecture hall, presentation in the office, or video conferences requires not only ultra-sharp image display, but also a clear sound. Many devices provided with anti-reflection effects and touch function deliver high-resolution images but not the desired and appropriate sound. Because of poor acoustics, such videos, lessons and conferences are “blurred” […]

Ingram Micro Expands Vendor Portfolio with InFocus Partnership

February 2018 – Ingram Micro U.K. & Ireland are delighted to announce the partnership with Infocus, who provide end-to-end display videoconferencing solutions from video phones to projectors, and JTouch interactive touchscreens, the Monopad all-in-one touch and videoconferencing solutions and ConX Cloud videoconferencing services. The partnership enables Ingram Micro UK to enhance their AV portfolio and […]

InFocus shows its strengths at the Bett Show 2018

At this year’s Bett-Show 2018 in London, from Jan 24th to Jan 27th, InFocus will present its INF7530eAG and INF4030 from the JTouch series and the INF6522AG model from the Mondopad series to educators and decision makers looking for innovative learning and education solutions. Bett-Show 2018 Bett is the first trade fair of the year […]

Forecast for 2018: How digital innovations will influence our world of work and occupation

Companies all over the world undergo digital transformations. Or, at the least, they instigate such transformations. This process requires an appropriate corporate culture and, in most cases, collaboration with other companies. But, at an incredible speed, digital innovations can destroy a company. Most CEOs feel obliged to go along with and to re-establish their companies […]