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MondoCenter – not just a video conferencing system, but an integral collaboration solution

It sounds like a fairy tale: The PC does not have to be replaced or complexly upgraded in order to consult with colleagues, customers or business partners via video call. Instead, a few handles are sufficient to make any display device capable for video conferencing. Ideas may be visualized, recorded and exchanged with present attendees and people around the world. With the new MondoCenter, a simple display turns into a fully-fledged Mondopad- the collaboration tool and video conferencing system of the future.

With the video conferencing system MondoCenter, you can make the most of your display

Using the MondoCenter turns your projector or any display device into a high-quality video conferencing system that leaves nothing to be desired. The system comes with an Intel Core i7 processor and Windows 10 Pro. A full version of Microsoft Office is already preinstalled. For you, this means you can get started immediately! MondoCenter supports displays with 1080p and 4K resolution as single or dual monitor. In order to make full use of the video conferencing technology, only a Webcam and a microphone are needed additionally. The MondoCenter supports Bluetooth 4.0 and thus may easily be connected to various display devices such as projectors or monitors. Furthermore, it is also suitable for rack installation.


But how does this work, without complicated upgrades or difficult installations? Being based on industry standards from Intel and Microsoft, the video conferencing system MondoCenter is suitable for all common IT environments and optimizes, in combination with a display device, the way people interact, collaborate and exchange information. Create an expandable, easy-to-use and cost-efficient collaboration solution for your conference room. With this video conferencing system, interactive, safe work at different locations will become standard, no matter when, where or with whom.

A fully-fledged video conferencing system for video connections around the world

With the video conferencing system MondoCenter3, time-consuming and cost-intensive business trips belong to the past. In combination with the 121 video telephony service, we unite with people from all over the world. You may collaborate with other people and exchange content from anywhere. If your company already uses any video conferencing system, you may simply install its desktop client on the MondoCenter.

For seamless collaboration with leading cloud, client and SIP video conferencing solutions, the MondoCenter can easily be added as an SIP endpoint to the respective video conferencing server or service and is compatible with all common video conferencing platforms such as Polycom, LifeSize, and Cisco. The integrated WLAN interface allows a secure connection to be established between the MondoCenter video conferencing system and your network, so that every authorized user in your network may easily and securely exchange, view and edit documents, images, or videos with the MondoCenter via PC, tablet, or smart phone. The WLAN interface also serves as a wireless access points for guests present in the room, so they also may easily transfer documents to the MondoCenter.

Share ideas and collaborate interactively with the video conferencing system from InFocus

If you already know InFocus, then you know that we always get the best out of our products and applications. Therefore, the MondoCenter has much more features than video telephony and displaying files. The fully-fledged video conferencing system also provides whiteboard and comment apps that make brainstorming, as well as capturing and sharing ideas, a breeze. With a complete set of writing and drawing tools, markers, shapes and lines, ideas may be fixed illustratively. Drawings and notes on the whiteboard may not only be captured but also saved and sent directly from the video conferencing system to the meeting participants by e-mail. The intuitive folder structure of the MondoCenter is designed in such a manner that the participants may exchange documents and images during a meeting quite incidentally. During the performance, they may easily access all the documents with which they work daily.

Upgrade your displays and devices with the InFocus MondoCenter collaboration and video conferencing system and thereby elevate the quality of collaboration within your company to a new level.

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Video call, telephony and face-to face: The inconvenient truth about meetings

Meetings, i.e. discussions at a fixed date, have fallen into disrepute in many companies. Very few employees consider their regular meetings as really useful and as profitable for their work.

How much damage do meetings really cause? Why are meetings that unproductive? And how is it possible to organize better meetings? We show you the benefits of a video call in meetings…

video call

Damages caused by a meeting without a video conferencing system

Actually, such a meeting is a very useful matter where to share information, develop solutions and bring projects to a successful conclusion.

In reality, however, very few meetings are really effective, on the contrary: They cause costs and waste time. A US study showed that meetings generate opportunity costs amounting to 37 billion US dollars annually.

In more than 25 million meetings every day, employees in the US waste their time. If meetings will not be made more efficient in the future, for example by the use of a video conferencing system, those figures will continue to rise.

Already now, the numbers are alarming: The middle management spends 35 percent of the working time in meetings nowadays, the upper management spends as much as 50 percent of total working time in meetings. The most important thing is that executive staff indicates 67 percent of the meetings as failures.

Ineffective meetings without video call – a root cause analysis

The study shows clearly why meetings without video call rarely lead to success: A total of 92 per cent of the participants in addition deal with other things during a meeting. As a result, however, the duration of a meeting is delayed, the concentration capacity of the individual employees decreases, and thus also the density of the information exchange.

The experts classify the lack of involvement of remote employees as another reason for ineffective meetings. For participants of a meeting that are not connected via video conferencing system but via the telephone it is difficult to follow the course.

Since 80 percent of the messages that a person sends are coming from his body language, this important variable is missing in the communication. In addition, meetings often fail due to inadequate planning. Poor preparation and a poor build-up of the meeting reduce its chances of success.

Helpful tips for a successful meeting

We have compiled some helpful tips for you in order to make the next meeting in the company a great success:
1. Plan the meeting to be as compact as possible, never let it last longer than 30 minutes.
2. Process a specific agenda and include it in the presentation material. You will meet real expectations.
3. Obtaining required materials in advance will save time for profitable discussions.
4. Start and close the meeting on time and show this way that you respect the schedule of each individual.
5. Avoid monologues. Include all participants in the meeting.
6. Stay focused and do not allow yourself to be distracted by other things like emails or social networks.
If you want to successfully manage a meeting, whether with or without a video conferencing system, you should always ask: Is this meeting really necessary? Which employees actually have to participate? And: What can I do to make sure my meeting passes by interactively and focusingly?

video conferencing

video conferencing

Our tip:

A video call can raise a meeting to a new level. It is that participants of a meeting with a video conferencing system can concentrate on the discussions demonstrably better in the meeting and are distracted 57% less by other things.

Video calls improve the commitment of the participants, which supports decision-making and increases the productivity of the team.

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The new 121 Video Calling Apps are now available for Windows and MAC

videocall mit conx

Big Business Preparation with Videocall and Flipboard

With the cloud-based service 121 Video Calling from InFocus, it is possible to participate in video conferences and meetings around the world without the installation or establishment of dedicated server hardware. With a simple video call, ideas can be shared easily, cooperation may be made more efficiently and the commitment of all participants may be increased. With the new 121 Video Calling Apps, a meeting via Windows PC or MAC will become even easier

ConX Video Call usable on different devices

ConX connects diverse participants using the cloud – no matter by whatever equipment you want to take part in the video call. The InFocus Mondopad may be used as well as the Video Phone. ConX is compatible even with the conferencing systems from Cisco, Polycom or Lifesize. Further, SIP or H.323 devices, Mac Computers or 3rd party applications such as Cisco Japper and Microsoft Lync may be used.

Easily use Video Call thanks to the new 121 Video Apps for Windows and Mac

Recently, the new 121 Video Calling Apps for Windows PC and Macintosh are available, whereby users can easily participate in video calls. Already for some time now the 121 Video Calling Apps for mobile devices on Android or iOS systems exist. The new, 121 Video Calling Apps only expand the previously available Web browser plug-in. Thus, take the many possibilities of video telephony, but without the cost and effort.

The Apps for Windows specially have been designed by InFocus, so that the functions such as the interactively working on documents, drawing or annotating presentations are available to a larger number of users. With the mobile apps, conference participants can easily login on the web browser and get free access to thousands of meeting rooms in HD quality.

conx videocall

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