A side by side comparison of HD projectors for public and home viewing

The 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup will be held this year in Russia, from the 14th of June to 15th of July. The 2014 event, in Brazil, was tuned into by 3.2 billion people worldwide using private devices, while 280 million fans watched the matches online or on mobile devices. All told, well over one billion people viewed the Argentina versus Germany final for at least one minute, either on on household TVs or at public-viewing venues.

HD projectors

Source: https://www.shutterstock.com/de/

The number of people who will be following the FIFA World Cup this year is set to climb even higher this year. Many spectators and fans have decided to watch the matches at home on a screen with friends and family – or alternatively, to thrill to cheer on their favorite team along with hundreds of other fans, at public-viewing venues. The organizers of such events need to do a considerable amount of prepartory work, beginning with finding the right projector for the screen being used. InFocus did a side by side comparison of the various HD projectors, with a view to determining which devices are best for a given usage scenario.

Professional-quality projection for large-scale events using the IN5550

With up to 8300 lumen, six interchangeable lenses, two interchangeable color wheels and a host of connection options including 3G-SDI, the IN5550 is the perfect projection solution for public-viewing venues.

HD projectors

Source: https://www.hannover.de/

Thanks to a maximum resolution of 1920×1200, this projector will ensure that FIFA World Cup enthusiasts won’t miss a single detail of the matches.

For large-scale events such as the World Cup, the largest possible screen is normally used, or the match is projected on a suitable wall. But in such cases, it can sometimes happen that the projection surface isn’t completely even. But even in such situations the IN5550 renders an impeccable image, thanks to trapezoid correction, rotation and convex distortion and corner-position adjustment.

The IN5148HD: effortless image management for medium-sized events and high-end home viewing

The IN5148HD is the ideal solution for watching soccer games in bars, or for top-notch home viewing with friends and family. Thanks to the IN5148HD’s large projection ratio of 1.49 – 3.02:1, its motorized lens-shift function and its focus and zoom settings, the device is ideally suited for a whole range of projection venues..

HD projectors

Source: https://p5.focus.de

The device’s native 1080p resolution allows for optimal projection results featuring clear, sharp pictures, even in ambient light. Thanks to the IN5148HD’s 12000:1 contrast ratio , it can project the green of the turf and the colors in the stands in exquisite detail and color gradations.

Quality that pays off: the IN119HDx for projecting small events out of doors

The IN119HDx is the best full HD project currently available, for its category and quality class. With 3200 lumen and a 15000:1 contrast ratio, this projector is the ideal solution for enjoying soccer matches with friends out of doors, in your own back yard.

HD projectors

Source: https://www.tz.de

Thanks to the IN119HDx’s widescreen resolution, the World Cup matches can also be projected on a PC or notebook.

The projector’s built-in speakers and 3.5 mm audio-out port allow crisp , clean audio of a given match to be enjoyed directly via the projector, or via a home stereo system. And because the device is equipped with an RS232 port, it can be integrated into a room management system such as Creston.

Regardless of the size of the event you’re planning to view via a projector in the near future, the first step to perfect enjoyment is to select the right projector for your situation.

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Solutions that promote efficient collaboration – a key issue in today’s business world

The unified communications sector made significant forward strides over the course of 2017. Unified communications refers to the integration into a given work environment of communication media such as classic telephony, video conferences, email, voicemail and instant messaging – the goal being to make it easier, in a host of different ways, to communicate with external partners to make collaboration and partnership more efficient, and thus expedite business processes.

collaboration solutions

And while implementation in this realm – which is being driven by initiatives for digital transformation in numerous modern companies – has done wonders for collaboration between the relevant users, in the wake of years of capital investment for innovation the time has now come when ROI simply must be achieved. This situation is subjecting today’s IT teams to enormous pressure. IT department managers need to ensure that a dependable network infrastructure can be provided that meets the requirements of cloud-based services – and at the same time allows for an exceptional customer experience.

Telecommunication solutions are simply indispensable in today’s business world

Audio and video communication has become an absolutely essential tool in virtually all of today’s companies. Studies have shown that up to 40 percent of all business communication is now realized via videoconferences. The trend that is prompting ever growing numbers of employees to communicate via solutions that are geared to and promote collaboration is set to pick up speed this year, particularly in companies that are building out their implementation of team messaging and telecommunciation solutions.

collaboration solutionsAnother key element in this regard is browser-based and in-app communication. Direct integration of real-time multimedia communication functions enables companies to greatly improve the productivity and interactivity of their customers. Most interactions with customers now take place online, whether in the form of online live chat with partners or employees, or by dint of the ability to exchange ideas with business partners in real time via any device.

ConX Cloud: a sector-wide collaboration solution

Virtual cloud-based conference rooms enable users to communication with anyone they wish to, at any time. Thanks to the interoperability of SIP, H.323 and Skype for business, internal and external partners can now “attend” all types of meetings using virtually any device and a broad range of collaboration solutionsvideoconferencing services. ConX also supports dual-stream video and data feeds – which, being cloud-based, enable customers and users to interact with each other either in real time or in alternation, and to participate, live, in presentations, data sharing and other initiatives.

Videoconferencing technology and telecommunication solutions have undergone a sea change over the past decade or so. Whereas in the early days of this evolution, cloud-based videoconferencing was only available in a handful of very large companies, cloud services such as videotelephony and ConX Cloud have become an indispensable element of today’s work environments.

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Videos and Touch Displays become more common in Education – 3 Key Factors

At schools and in higher education, videos and Touch Displays are used as an instrument for exchanging ideas and for more engagement with the students. Streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co. are no longer the only channels which are used every day. It has also become a part of school education.

An education video work report of 2017 shows that 99% of institutions work with teachers who routinely integrate videos into their classes. Students engage more while learning with videos, while potential employers expect them to leave education with the skills they need to participate in digital culture.

Touch Displays in Education make lessons more joy able for every one

Touch Displays in Education make lessons more joy able for every one

Even videoconferences are used for trainings and all universities are increasingly looking for new ways to use video in education. The 3 Modern key factors are:

1. Distance learning, with webinars or video-conferences

73% of universities offering distance learning videos for education. More than half of the universities use video for presentations and even interactive Touchscreens to interact with students at different locations.

In addition to distance learning, 65% of universities record their lessons, to be used mutliple times and from various locations. Statistics show that 38% of colleges want at least 25% of their classroom in digital form and even more would wish for more 47% in interactive and digital material.

With videoconferencing systems and touchscreens like the INF7530eAG with 75″ and 4k, universities can connect students who can not attend classes for geographical and personal reasons.

2.Videos lead to a better experience

Overall, many teachers feel that using videos make students more satisfied with their education, and up to 85% of students believe it can improve students’ performance.

Touchscreens make it easy to record videos, edit them on the run, pulish and distribute them and even interact on one single document. At the same time, 62% of universities use touchscreens for homework and 60% think that it will increase their skills and concentration. The reasons are as easy as posts are presented and created together in class and therefore result in better interaction with every single student.

3. Students do rarely create videos independently


The creation of interactive content is increasingly becoming an important part of teaching and lecturing.

Although it has become easier to create videos, surveyed universities report that less than 10% of students create videos as part of their classroom work and even fewer (8%) regularly create videos in class.

However, the numbers go up. This year, 21% of respondents said they think the majority of students are actively using video. The teachers and proffessors also suggest that the use of video and touchscreens in education will continue to increase in the coming years.

Instead of viewing videos and videoconferences seperately, it will simply be another way of communication and accessing content allover unis and schools.

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Meet our Professional 3D Network Projectors – The InFocus IN3140 Series Projectors

For meeting and seminar rooms it is imperative to use a powerful projector with high brightness and sharp projection quality. The IN3140 projector series offers your a complete package at an affordable price with the three projectors IN3144, IN3146 and IN3148HD.

Projectors hd

With 5000 lumen, high contrast, six-segment color wheel and BrilliantColor ™ DLP imaging, the IN3140 series projects bright and color-rich images, even with the lights on and the blinds open. The zoom ratio of 1.5: 1 and the extended projection ratio allow the installation of the projectors in different rooms.

The series also offers a variety of connections, including two HDMI ports, multiple audio ports and a USB mini port. This allows immediate projecting from PCs, Macs, video sources, tablets and smartphones. The remote control of the projector over the network is made possible by the support of Crestron Roomview, ProjectorNet. The possibility of integration into an AMX controlled environment is also given with the IN3140 series.

3d projector

Each projector in the series features 3D Triple Flash technology, allowing it to mirror various 3D formats such as HDMI, Blu-ray, 3D broadcast, video games and NVIDIA 3DTV PC connectivity to the screen. The projectors are compatible with 144Hz DLP Link ™ 3D glasses. Display any videos, pictures, lifestreams, presentations limitless in 3D with 1080p in Full HD mode via HDMI.

Technical specifications


  • The IN3144 has a native resolution of 1024 x 768 (XGA)
  • 5000 lumens allow projection even in bright rooms
  • The projection ratio is 1.83 – 2.75


  • With a native resolution of 1280 x 800 through WXGA, the IN3146 is in the midfield
  • The luminous flux is 5000 lumens
  • The projection ratio is 1.46 – 2.20


  • With 1080p (1920 x 1080), this projector lists in terms of native resolution
  • Like all the projectors of the series, the luminous flux is IN3148HD 5000 lumens
  • The projection ration is also 1.46 – 2.20

With 1.5x optical zoom and their 10W speakers, the projectors are an ideal solution for meeting- and seminar-rooms, at an affordable price.

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Touch screen displays are team players: Top 5 accessories

When buying a touch screen display, it is important to carefully check every detail to ensure that the device is the best choice for your purpose. But even if the touch screen fulfils all requirements for your meeting room or classroom, it can be difficult to utilise it efficiently without accessories. Today we present the top 5 accessories for touch screens from InFocus.

1. LightCast Key

USB-AdapterThe InFocus LightCast Key is a simple USB adapter that allows activation of the touchscreen’s LightCast functions. As soon as a USB adapter is connected to the touch screen, you can wirelessly connect PCs, laptops and mobile terminals to the touch screen without needing to install any extra software.

If you are making a presentation on a Light Cast-compatible screen, the LightCast Key also provides easy access to the Internet via a built-in web browser.

2. Soundbar


A Soundbar is required for presentation rooms and lecture halls of larger sizes. With the Soundbar, you can enjoy clear and sharp audio. A speaker unit is approx. 67 cm long and can be fastened at the bottom of the screen.

3. LightCast Hub

wireless presentationWith a LightCast Hub, you can virtually organise a wireless presentation or lecture on each screen equipped with an HDMI interface. The hub can be easily connected without the need for additional software. If the touch screen is equipped with a USB interface, you can control the connected hub via the screen. With the LightCast Hub, you can view documents, photos and videos and access the built-in web browser, as well as record, store and share notes and drawings. The wireless hub is compatible with Windows 7 and above, Mac, iOS and Android.

4. BigNote Annotation Software

big note softwareBigNote Software transforms the touch screen into an interactive whiteboard. Writing, drawing, and making notes using pins, highlighters, forms and lines becomes child’s play. A Mail Client enables you to directly email all your ideas and project progress to participants of the meeting. Any files that are saved on the touch screen can be exchanged and shared by means of the Mondopads. Since BigNote software is an extremely extensive accessory, InFocus offers a 30-day free trial version to its customers to let them test all functions, down to the smallest details.

5. Wall Mount and Mobile Cart

A wall mount or mobile cart is likely the most non-descript accessory of the touch screen display, but at the same time, it is the most important.

mobile cart touchdisplaysThe mobile cart’s advantage is that the touch display screen can be freely set up in the room and later moved, if needed. The height of the cart can be individually adjusted to each situation and each lecturer. You can also adjust the slope by means of the swivel. The universal bracket can be combined with all touch screen displays.

wandhalterung touchdisplay


If you want to affix your touch screen in a certain place, you can use a wall mount. The bracket can be laterally adjusted and tilted, allowing for the easy installation of cables. Like the mobile cart, the wall mount can be adjusted to fit each touch screen display.


All in all, each individual accessory has its unique advantages and special features. Each lecturer must decide for themselves which are essential for their work and which are just “nice-to-have”. Accessories facilitate personalisation and customisation of the touch screens in everyday situations and convert them into perfect aids for daily work.

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Soundbar – small but important

Giving a lecture in a lecture hall, presentation in the office, or video conferences requires not only ultra-sharp image display, but also a clear sound. Many devices provided with anti-reflection effects and touch function deliver high-resolution images but not the desired and appropriate sound. Because of poor acoustics, such videos, lessons and conferences are “blurred” and not well-understandable. This can be remedied by so-called soundbars – small loudspeaker bars that ensure a clear and understandable sound.

What is does a soundbar mean?

A soundbar is a longitudinal loudspeaker unit that is sometimes called “sound projector”. The unit is mechanically and electrically connected to a touchscreenn and, thereby, replaces the loudspeaker unit integrated in the display screen.


With various models from the JTouch, BigTouch and Mondopad series, the 50 watt HW-Soundbar-4 from InFocus of lets the listeners enjoy a clear and sharp sound . Unlike the JTouch and BigTouch models, the HW-Soundbar-4 is delivered together with large InFocus Mondopads (>55“ screen diagonal).

Was can HW-Soundbar-4 do?

HW-Soundbar-4 is compatible with many devices from the series JTouch, BigTouch and Mondopad. By means of mounting units already available on the touchscreen, this small loadspeaker bar can be mounted on the bottom or on the lateral side of the display screen. The scope of delivery contains a total of 2 soundbars for the left and right lateral side or bottom. A soundbar is 88,9 x 670,56 x 66,04 mm large and has two 3″ and one 3/4″ aluminium neodymium tweeter loudspeaker..

For a clear and intelligible sound in video conferencing, the soundbar provides 50-watt stereo and 70 Watt peek value for the entire system. The frequency range is from 90Hz to 20KHz.

How to install the Soundbar?

Soundbar InFocus



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Ingram Micro Expands Vendor Portfolio with InFocus Partnership

February 2018 – Ingram Micro U.K. & Ireland are delighted to announce the partnership with Infocus, who provide end-to-end display videoconferencing solutions from video phones to projectors, and JTouch interactive touchscreens, the Monopad all-in-one touch and videoconferencing solutions and ConX Cloud videoconferencing services. The partnership enables Ingram Micro UK to enhance their AV portfolio and offer channel partners a strong choice of technologies.

infocus and ingram

Raj Pandya, Commercial Director Specialty Solutions at Ingram Micro commented: “Ingram Micro continues to expand its AV proposition to our customers, the addition of Infocus, a globally recognised AV brand, will enable us as Ingram Micro to provide collaboration solutions and leading AV technologies that cater for various end user markets. We look forward to building a strong partnership together with Infocus and our channel partners.”

Ingram Micro will be able to support customers to be able to provide a full suite of presentation and collaboration technologies that will enable end customers to teach, train and visualize their work environment. Infocus also offer videoconferencing software and cloud services, a full array of accessories, tablets, kangaroo pocket PC’s, display wall processors and visualization and collaboration products that enable anyone to see and connect anywhere at any time, even using personal and mobile devices.

A better way to work together 1. Latest technologies 2. Collaboration solutions 3. Margin enhancements
“InFocus prides itself on selecting the top partners around the world to enable its collaboration products to help people connect across the conference room and across the globe,” commented Mark Harris, Vice President Sales EMEA at InFocus. “Ingram Micro’s network and commitment to the PRO AV, education, office and collaboration space supports our overall growth strategy and is a natural alignment for a partnership. We are sure to increase with Ingram the brand recognition and the market share of InFocus”.

For pricing, availability and more information please contact please contact Lee Bolger on 01908 807594 or email Lee.Bolger@ingrammicro.com.

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Trend 2018: LDT Beamer vs. LED Beamer vs. DLP Projector

Nowadays beamers re used not only for presentations, demonstrations and lessons, but also as handy “multi-talents” at home, for example, instead of a TV-set. These projectors are especially handy when showing a movie on a projection screen to a small group of people. Movie-night lovers can experience a real cinema feeling.

projektorenAt work or education facilities, the projectors are still used for reflecting a PC, notebook or another multimedia terminal device onto a large screen.

There are many various models and types ranging from functional high-performance stationary projectors up to mobile small gadgets for presentations or home-cinema systems.

DLP Beamer: Digital Light Processing

In the event of a DLP projector, a DMD (digital micro-mirror device) is used as an image converter. This is an integrated circuit that provides a tilting micro-mirror for each image point. The micro-mirrors are controlled by electrical pulses. The mirrors can only accept two states: ON or OFF.

Source: http://www.hcinema.de/farbrad.htm

Source: http://www.hcinema.de/farbrad.htm

For this kind of image formation, the brightness gradations can only be achieved by very fast switching-over of the tilting micro-mirrors.

The DMD device can project all three primary colours one by one, with the aid of a rapidly rotating colour wheel. Current DLP video projectors use six or seven colour segments in a single colour wheel. High-performance DLP projectors are still used in cinemas.

Advantages of the DLP beamers:

  • High speed
  • No after-glowing of the image
  • No burning-in of still images
  • Higher contrast than on an LCD beamer
  • Almost no pixel artefacts
  • Less sensitive to dust, because the optics is encapsulated

Disadvantages of the DLP beamers:

  • If the colour wheel does not run fast enough, it may be a rainbow effect
  • Individual colours might flicker
  • Higher noise emission by the colour wheel and fan
  • Optimal image resolution depends on the type of the installed mirror matrix

LED Beamer: Light Emitting Diode

In these video projectors, the image is still generated by a DLP element or, in newer models, by a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). LEDs are used just as sources of light. In this type of beamers, the colours themselves are generated by a sequential flashing of each individual LED.

A LED beamer is an ideal solution for mobile use, for example, a visual support or illustration of a business speech. In this case, the light wave length is between 540 and 610 nanometres.

Advantages of the LED beamers:

  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Lighter construction, since active cooling is not a must
  • Due to the low energy consumption, it can also be operated with a battery
  • Noise emission is significantly lower, because there is one wheel less

Disadvantages of the LED beamers:

  • LCD as an imaging device can only achieve a satisfactory pictorial quality with a fixed resolution
  • The total light output is lower
  • In the case of luminous flux reduction, the image continuously darkens. This loss of brightness can only be compensated by adaptive increase of current
  • Rainbow effect, because the basic colours are projected one by one

LDT Beamers: Laser Display Technology

Laser beamers initiate formation of images by a laser beam rapidly deflected and modulated. With a LTD beamer, the image is written on the large screen line by line.


Source: https://www.professional-system.de/basics/laser-beamer-mit-laser-in-die-zukunft/

As a result, the projector achieves a much better image quality. A special scanner with a facet mirror provides for formation of lines, whereas the tiling mirror initiates the next line feed.

The modulated laser beam can determine the correct brightness and colour for each image point. Appropriate security mechanisms ensure a trouble-free operation, so that the operator is not afraid of the laser.

Advantages of the LDT beamers:

  • Large contrast range
  • High light output is possible
  • Long service life of the light source
  • Basic colours are mixed to an overall image

Disadvantages of the LDT beamers:

  • High purchase price
  • In the case of high performance laser projectors, there is a danger for eyes without personal protection equipment
  • Speckle patterns may occur

We recommend different beamers and technologies, depending on the type or place of use.You can hardly find a beamer suitable for each situation and at each location.

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InFocus shows its strengths at the Bett Show 2018

At this year’s Bett-Show 2018 in London, from Jan 24th to Jan 27th, InFocus will present its INF7530eAG and INF4030 from the JTouch series and the INF6522AG model from the Mondopad series to educators and decision makers looking for innovative learning and education solutions.

Bett-Show 2018

Bett is the first trade fair of the year in the educational technology sector, making it a meeting place of 850 leading companies, 103 exciting new ed-tech start-ups and more than 34,700 participants from the global education community.

The purpose of Bett 2018 is to bring inspiration to the coming year, as well as be a place to discuss the future of education and the role of technology and innovation in making educators successful.

What are JTouch models capable of?

INF7530eAG– The best JTouch yet for educational purposes

Touch DisplayThe JTouch INF7530eAG impresses with its user-friendly interface equipped with a total touch control and brilliant 4K-resolution on the 75” anti-glare screen. The built-in functions for learning purposes and the ability to use native Android apps makes JTouch a perfect companion to daily learning practice. The whiteboard function with a web browser, media player, and Air-Play feature allows you to add notes to desired applications, videos, websites and documents. The well-known touch gestures , such as wiping, zooming and tapping, work seamlessly as part of the hardware. This makes using a remote control obsolete with this JTouch model. Via five different USB-B ports, HDMI sources can be connected.

INF4030 – DigiEasel, the interactive whiteboard and display

JTouch DisplayThe JTouch meets the requirements on display in the education branch without compromise. Thanks to the practical and handy 40-inch size, the interactive whiteboard fits easily in every classroom. Depending on the orientation, the touchscreen can be adjusted to either in portrait or landscape format. The integrated whiteboard software simplifies collaboration and allows for up to date results to be immediately captured and shared with each participant after the lesson. The INF4030 can also be connected via HDMI, VGA, Component Video and USB port to any PC, Mac or Chromebook.

What is the Mondopad model capable of?

INF6522AG – All functions are united and readily accessible

Mondopad Display

All the functions required for visual presentations, as well as the collection and exchange of ideas are contained in the INF6522AG model. The 65-inch touch screen features the video conferencing technology with pin-sharp HD resolution and a digital, interactive whiteboard comment function. The capacitive touch function of this technology ensures efficient collaboration. The Mondopad is not only flexible due to the control of each notebook, tablet or smartphone, but also extendible via an integrated Windows PC with pre-installed Microsoft Office. Thus, teachers can develop and expand their ideas by working together face-to-face from any location.

The Bett is an opportunity for everyone to share experience and to become a game changer in the global education sector..

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Big Touch INF5512AG: As Powerful as a PC and as Intuitive as a Tablet

The new multi-touch display from the BigTouch series is a new combination from InFocus – the productivity of a PC paired with the speed and fluidity of a touch-tablet. Such a match of flexibility with the PC experience familiar to most users provides a wide range of new options not only for schools and enterprises, but also for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, administrative units and hotels.

With Windows 10 Pro – individuality and intuitive use

The BigTouch INF5512AG equipped with Windows 10 Pro offers users the comfortable and easily customisable user interface of Windows PC’s with which users are already familiar. The high-usage Windows apps can simply be added to the start screen from the Windows Store, arranged, and, of course, started.

BigTouch INF5512AG

With the side-by-side display, you can also monitor two apps on the same screen for improved multitasking. All of the apps, even older Windows apps, can be utilised via the screen’s touch-mode. Thanks to integrated options, wireless operation is also possible, and all your own gadgets can easily be viewed on the INF5512AG. Optimised functions allow for connections to networks and working via the Cloud without restrictions.

As user-friendly as a tablet

The multi-touch screen is equipped with the usual Windows gestures like tapping, dragging, swiping, finger-zooming and rotating. This makes it as user-friendly as a tablet. The BigTouch is equipped with edge-to-edge multi-touch supported by 10-point gestures, allowing fine and precise work on the display. Touch Display

The gadget also has a 1080p HD display and an Intel Core i7 processor with a fast, solid-state hard drive of 265 GB. Documents, pictures and videos can be displayed with incredible brightness, colour brilliance and resolution. With an integrated tool for comments and a function to record all video sources on the screen, all work can be even more precisely recorded and divided. Simple switching between sources and settings is also possible thanks to using the Total Touch Control.

A wireless mouse and keyboard in line with the US standard are included in the scope of supply. The INF5512AG also has a built-in Android operating system. This allows users to start a built-in annotation function at any time. Thus, you can annotate videos via any pre-set video signal. These annotated comments can also be saved and then shared. In addition, the INF5512AG also has wireless presence functions, such as AirPlay (iOS & MAC), e-share (Windows, iOS & Android) and LightCast (Chromebook, Windows, Mac & LINUX).

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