Out-of-box – The InFocus Mondopad

Whether in a conference with industrial giants or a simple classroom, in a doctor’s office or in a meeting at a creative agency – the all-in-one touchscreen Mondopad presents an innovative and cost-efficient solution thanks to its reliable hardware and software.

“We have no doubt that both economy and education will benefit from a device like Mondopad.” – DigitalTrends

Mondopad with touch screen for effective and individual cooperation

In this blog, there have been many reports on the numerous possibilities of use and exceptional features of the InFocus Mondopad. At the end of each blog article was similar conclusion: The Mondopad is the optimalUnboxing InFocus Mondopad collaboration solution that provides new dimensions for video conferences and presentations. The products show a steady increase of new technical possibilities and features, whether it be Mondopad INF5720AG, with its 57-inch display and anti-glare surface, or the latest Mondopad Ultra INF8521, featuring a large 85-inch display, 4K resolution, anti-glare Gorilla glass, and Windows 10 Pro – there is a Touch Display available for each application situation to perfectly fulfil any customer’s demands. The Mondopad’s flexible accessories allow for an even more individual and personalised set-up of the Touch Display.

InFocus shows how it works

However, to ensure perfect functioning of the InFocus Mondopad, you must carry out preliminary steps prior to using it for your presentation in your meeting room: to take it out from the packaging, to affix it to the wall holders, to connect the accessories and, finally, to configure and network the Mondopad.

To ensure a quick and easy start to using your Mondopad without complications, InFocus has created a “How-To Unboxing” video that explains step by step what to do – starting from opening the package and ending with making a test call.

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Syllabus and training tools used with the InFocus display

In general, a syllabus refers to a set of courses that help students achieve certain academic or vocational objectives. Until now, teachers had to sacrifice hours of tedious work to create a syllabus, as well as to select and create an appropriate representation of the material. To make this work easier on teachers, a Qwizdom software package was developed for use with InFocus displays.

Interactivity in convenient, cloud-based classroom environments

The Qwizdom software package (INS-QOKTBUN) includes Oktopus software for interactive presentations and collaboration and cloud-based Ximbus software to make notes.

Qwizdom software package

Traditional learning software Oktopus

Oktopus is a software for schools looking for solutions with intuitive user-interfaces. This learning aid makes presentations possible in any learning environment by accessing lessons online – on display and on any kind of terminals. The total range of learning materials for students is covered by more than 70 built-in tools for creating syllabi in subjects such as mathematics, reading and writing, geography, and science. Notes are compatible with other applications and browsers facilitate a smooth transfer of documents and plans. Working together on a document or plan becomes much easier and more effective.. This allows teachers to retrieve already existing syllabi online, use them for themselves, improve, and build upon them. Since the software is compatible with Windows, iOS, and ChromeBook, the teacher can use any kind of terminal device.

In addition to tools for maths, geography, and science, Oktopus also features the standard tools which should be contained in each teaching program:

Premium Add-on Oktopus Blend

Oktopus Blend is an expansion of the conventional Okctopus software. It extends the one-year license for teachers to up to 40 students who then gain access via LAN. With additional features such as online reports, homework tools, and live lesson participation , students can now learn at home to prepare themselves for lessons.

Working together using GoogleDrive and Ximbus Software

Ximbus Software is the ideal solution for schools which use Google for Education. The Ximbus web application is fully Cloud-based and has been specially developed for educational tasks via Google Apps. Like Oktopus Blend, there is a one-year license for teachers plus 40 students. Thanks to its integration into Google Drive , it is possible to save and share Ximbus lesson content and to embed Google Contacts. In addition to the Whiteboard function and commenting in classrooms, there is also a function to add documents, browsing, slides, and images from the teacher’s resources and create lesson concepts from Cloud files using Ximbus Timeline. In the video below, you can see an explanation of the many other features of this solution:

With Oktopus, Oktopus Blend and Ximbus you can now upgrade and renew your lessons. Collaboration of the software packages with the Qwizdom software package (INS-QOKTBUN) will help teachers and students today and tomorrow.

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Onboarding Daniel Gibson

Interactive Displays Pre-Sales and TrainingDaniel Gibson joins European InFocus team as Interactive Displays Pre-Sales and Training.

Daniel has re-joined the InFocus team as of September after being with us for over 11 years previously in sales and operations positions and he is now responsible for product trainings and virtual demonstrations to our EMEA partners and end users. With Daniel on board we can offer better services to our channel partners and customers in Europe.

“For feature rich collaboration solutions like Mondopad and ConX Cloud, it demonstrates a real advantage to be close to your channel partners and support them with live on demand technical demonstrations to ensure our customers are getting the solution which fits their requirements best.” says Mark Harris Vice President Sales for Europe.

Daniel is working within the European time zone and therefore offers great flexibility in arranging product demonstrations and training sessions at convenient times for our partners.

Channel partners interested in a virtual demonstration of our collaboration solutions like Mondopad, Bigtouch or JTouch can contact their InFocus Sales Representative or book a virtual demonstration under this link: http://infocus.com/forms/mpdemo-ona

We are happy to have Daniel on board and wish him a good start.

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ConX Cloud Personal – Video conferencing system, now with one-year free trial

It is hard to imagine everyday office life without video conferences. Because many teams and groups now have decentralised management, they can hardly work efficiently as a team without video conferences. Thus, having a suitable video conferencing system is an absolute must.

Video conference system ConX Cloud: professional and productive virtual meetings

ConX Cloud is a Cloud-based virtual conference room, which enables you and your colleagues to securely establish a connection to every member at any time. Video conference system SIP, H.323 and Skype for Business are interoperable systems. This means that people outside your organization can also participate in meetings by using most any device and a wide range of video conferencing services.

In the virtual ConX meeting room you can participate in the meeting by dialling in it from nearly any kind of terminal device including smartphones and tablets, any PC or Mac, ConX devices like the InFocus Mondopad and ConX video phone or other SIP or H.323 terminals. This feature is especially convenient during business trips or for negotiations with customers, since they will be able to use their already existing hardware.

video conferencing system

The ConX Cloud solution also offers a dual-stream video and data feed, allowing you to simultaneously or alternately (depending on the hardware) communicate with people and participate in presentations, data, and other contents in real time. This is made possible thanks to its base via the Cloud.

Keep control over your meetings and configure your BConX Cloud settings on the Host ConX web portal! Using the portal, you can change the video layout, mute a participant or re-activate them again, add participants and much, much more.

Concepts and New Pricing

Instead of the 3 previous well-known concepts for 6, 12, or 25 participants, you can now select from a total of 5 different concepts to suit your teams:

  • ConX 3 – Personal (1 room, 3 participants, INS-CONX03Y1)
    Price: First year is free of charge
  • ConX 10 Small Team (1 room, 10 participants, INS-CONX10Y1)
    Price: €121 per year (equivalent to €1.01 per person/ month)
  • ConX 50 – Large Team (1 room, 50 participants, INS-CONX50Y1)
    Price: €147 per year (equivalent to €0.25 per person/ month)
  • ConX 50 – Corporate (10 rooms, 50 participants, INS-CONX50x10Y1)
    Price: €1100 per year (equivalent to €0.18 per person/month)
  • ConX 50 – Corporate + (100 rooms, 50 participants, INS-CONX50x100Y1)
    Price: €8673 per year (equivalent to €0.14 per person/ month)

All ConX concepts include all Premium advantages , such as the Meeting Manager, desktop and mobile app, and full e-mail and phone support. The prices quoted above are in line with our sales recommendation for the German market and include VAT (updated in October 2017)

ConX 3 Personal – Now including a one-year free trial

From now on, InFocus offers the opportunity to test a “small” meeting room of the video conferencing system with 1 room and 3 participants for a year completely free of charge.

ConX 3 staff offers the following features for a free-of-charge test year:Videokonferenzsystem

  • 3 meeting participants at the same time in a room
  • A personal ConX Cloud room
  • A secure PIN for the personal conference room
  • 24/7 availability
  • SIP, H.323 video interoperability and Skype for Business
  • Standard Auto-Digital-In
  • Free-of-charge access to browser
  • Free-of-charge mobile and desktop clients
  • Free-of-charge access to the Host ConX Meeting Manager
  • Free-of-charge e-mail and phone support

The video conference system with this concept is completely free of charge for a whole year. After this year, we offer a non-binding subscription that will run for 12 months and will then be automatically terminated.

Any questions? Visit our website infocusconx.com for additional information and details.

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Brilliance and Quality: Projector Series IN110v

The IN110v projector series, consisting of 3 different models, especially impresses with its high-quality appearance, light weight, strong contrasts and an adequate price-performance ratio. The mobile and practical all-rounders IN112v, IN114v and IN116v simply offer everything needed for an unparalleled presentation of images, videos and other files in excellent and brilliant quality.

IN112v, IN114v, IN116v – Projectors with All the Trimmings

All three models in the IN110v projector series are suitable for travel, since the beamers are small, handy, compact and light, but even so, power and performance are not sacrificed.

The 3D-enabled projectors can reproduce digital content from various sources: PCs, Blu-rays or even DVDs, in vividly clear colours. The impressive light intensity of up to 3,500 lumens and the powerful BillantColor technology contribute significantly to the overall effect.

projector IN110v

Moreover, the three models (IN112v, IN114v and IN116v) deliver perfect black-and-white values even in the bright ambient light often found in training or conference rooms. This is possible due to an extremely high contrast ratio of 17,000:1.

Full and Undivided Attention Ensured with the IN110v Projector Series

Especially while presenting lectures, having the audience’s full and undivided attention is of great importance. With and of the three projectors in the IN110v series from InFocus, it is possible to consistently draw the attention of the audience to the lecturer with the aid of a remote-controlled dimming function, referred to as “eco-blanking”.

At the same time, by activating the the eco-blanking function, the lamp power is reduced by 30%, leading, in turn, to an increased lamp life by up to 10,000 hours. Moreover, no filter change is necessary. Due to the long service life and trouble-free operation, the operating costs of this series are always under control.

Circuit Points and Resolutions of 3 Multi-talented Projectors

circuit points projector series IN110vAll 3 projectors in the IN110v series, IN112v, IN114v and IN116v an be connected to any HDMI-enabled device via a HDMI port. Another advantage of this series is that all 3 models can also be wirelessly connected with terminal devices via optional LiteShow4 adapters. So, it becomes possible to quickly and easily exchange data, audio and video via a secure WLAN connection. With the LiteShow4 Adapter, iOS or Android mobile devices can be connected to the projector via the MirrorOP app. The LiteShow4 Adapter is thus a useful extra, but not part of the standard scope of the IN110v series.

The difference between the three different models is their resolution. Each model comes standard with an impressive light output of 3500 lumens and a high contrast ratio of 17,000:1, however, the resolution varies by model:

  • IN112v has a SVGA resolution (800×600)
  • IN114v can impress with its XGA resolution (1024×768)
  • IN116v leads the pack with a WXGA resolution (1280×800)

With a two-year warranty for the projectors and six months warranty on all lamps, the series are presented at a favourable price. The IN110v series projectors reproduce sharp images onto any kind of surface – whether a whiteboard, pale walls or black panels. So, each presentation becomes an unforgettable pleasure for everyone.

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How to clean a touch screen correctly and why you should avoid window cleaner

If you use a touchscreen regularly, you can hardly avoid dust, dirt and grease marks. When removing dust or fingerprints from your last contact with your touch screen, you should pay particular attention to using the right cleaning agent and correctly dealing with it.

Modern touch displays are brighter, sharper, more reactive , and are actually very robust against scratches. They at risk of the most danger when cleaned the wrong way – it can happen very quickly, and before you realize it, your touchscreen is damaged forever.

Correct cleaning does not cost much. So, you can save your touch screenfrom an untimely end.

What should you avoid when cleaning the touch screen?

  • Never apply the cleaning liquid directly onto the screen. Touch screens are manufactured from fine materials and glass – layer by layer. If you directly spray the cleaner onto it, the liquid can penetrate into the corners and then between the thin layers, causing large black spots on the touch screen. Although over the course of time they can become smaller, they will never disappear completely.
touch screen cleaning

Source: https://www.howtogeek.com/170080/the-how-to-geek-guide-to-cleaning-your-lcd-monitor-screen/

  • Never use paper towels or a multipurpose cleaning cloth. The surface of a paper towel is still too rough and causes abrasions. Cleaning with a traditional cloth can cause stains and scratches on the touch screen. A multipurpose cleaning cloth with which someone has cleaned a lunch table can cause devastating damage even from minimal residue left on it.
  • Never use alcohol or ammonia-based cleaning detergents! Touch screens usually have nice shiny surfaces covered with anti-reflex coating. By cleaning with aggressive chemicals, this layer will be removed – this can result in cloudiness and malfunctions, such as the reduction of capacitive properties of the touch screen.

How to clean the touch screen correctly?

    1. First, the touch screen should be prepared for cleaning. Turn off the screen and, preferably, disconnect it completely from any power sources. Clean the touch screen only when it has cooled down.
    2. A dry micro-fibre cloth is ideally suited for removing dust from touch screens, since it does no harm to the surface of the screen. Clean the touch screen with slow and gentle movements – never circular movements!
      touch screen

      Source: https://www.howtogeek.com/170080/the-how-to-geek-guide-to-cleaning-your-lcd-monitor-screen/

    3. The next step is to moisten the micro-fibre cloth with distilled water or a special screen cleaning agent to remove adherent dust and dirt. Do not use tap water: it usually always contains mineral deposits that can leave traces on the touch screen. A second cleaning with a dry cloth is not necessary.
    4. In a simple and low-cost way, you can avoid scratches, surface damage and after-clean cloudiness on your valuable touch screen. The special screen cleaning agent is much cheaper than a new screen and usually enough for many cleanings.

What your touch screen is cleaned with must not be left to chance! Better you procure the right cleaning agent (a set consisting of a cloth & fluid for each screen to be stored in the same room) beforehand so that you can enjoy your touch screen for a long time to come.

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The Conference System for Any Kind of Huddle Room: The 40″ JTouch from InFocus

Some people say that the idea of huddle rooms has its origins in the 1980s, and its promotion was something ‘to think about’. Those born between 1980-2000 grew up well-versed in technologies and have now taken the world of work by storm, re-designing it at record speeds. There is no doubt that these people born into a digital world are very socialised and active. In order to meet the needs of this generation, corporate offices and universities provide open spaces, collaborative environments and so-called huddle rooms.

Old Concept Newly Designed: Huddle Rooms

Conference SystemHuddle rooms are small meeting rooms or areas where teams of up to 6 people can optimally work together. They are rooms for internal team meetings and presentations, but also for video conferencing and, on occasion, for discussions with customers. A special feature of huddle rooms is their particular suitability for spontaneous meetings carried out quickly, non-bureaucratically and as a team. The aim of the huddle room is close cooperation and a fast exchange of ideas.

An important aspect of huddle room equipment is visualisation solutions. It is not only the size and appearance of display screens , but also the many other professional features needed for successful collaboration. For example, the display screen must not be too large for a small meeting room and should have an attractive design that fits with the style of each modern company. In addition, it should offer all features for intuitive use and allow interactive collaboration regardless of existing systems and related hardware.

40” Large Interactive Screen for the JTouch Series: The Modern Alternative to Paper, Pen and Whiteboard

Conference SystemJTouch uncompromisingly meets all requirements for a huddle room display. Due to its practical and handy 40-inch size , the interactive whiteboard easily fits into any huddle room. The touch can be placed in portrait or landscape format, depending on the orientation of the selected room.

The JTouch DigiEasel can be connected to any kind of PC, Mac or chrome-book via HDMI, Component Video, VGA or USB ports. Meeting participants can immediately begin interacting with the conferencing system without much effort.

The integrated whiteboard software simplifies working together. In the huddle room, meeting participants can make notes of their ideas immediately – in diverse colours, shapes and images, with a touch pen or without. After the meeting, the notes and screen contents can be saved, for example, on an USB stick, and then sent to all participants by e-mail for later development and elaboration of their ideas.

Conference SystemAnd there are even more options: if you connect a Windows or Mac notebook to the JTouch and this computer has Internet access, you can even include persons in the meeting who are in other rooms, in their home offices or even on business trips with the optional ConX cloud solution. You can share either data or video signals, so everyone can contribute to a successful meeting outcome.

A huddle room is already a must for each company office. Impress your guests with a professional high-tech whiteboard – they will really have fun brainstorming as they use it!

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Meet InFocus at the Northamber Expo’17 trade show event

Expo 2017

Like last year, we from InFocus are excited to participate in the Northamber Expo’17 trade show event. We had good business discussions with channel partners and enjoyed our product demonstrations that made it so much easier for our customers finalizing their buying decision.

This year we want to repeat our great experience and would like to invite you to visit us at the Northamber Expo’17.

When does it take place: Friday, 8th of September 2017

Where is it: Sandown Park racecourse in Esher, Surrey, UK

Who is invited: IT Resellers and Managed Service Providers from the IT Industry

And there are even more reasons to come:

  • Yes, you can also see and meet other vendors and their technology.
  • Hear keynotes from industry thought-leaders incl. Carl West from GfK, the market research experts.
  • GDPR roundtable – what you and your customers need to know for regulation compliance – all your questions answered!
  • The event is free of charge
  • Exclusive offers for event attendees from InFocus

Expo 17

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LightCast Key, LightCast Hub and InLightShow4 – Similarities and Differences

Small, lightweight and wireless! Screen presentations from various PCs and mobile devices without cables – this is the feature all three InFocus devices, LightCast Key, LightCast Hub and InLightShow4, have in common, but what are the differences between them?

The common features of these three devices are quickly recognisable: they enable wirelessly displayed presentations from PCs, laptops and mobile devices; they are easy to set up and connect; they do not require additional software installation to run; and they convert a screen into an interactive whiteboard. However, on closer examination, certain differences become obvious between the display and projector equipment.

LightCast Key – Wireless presentations and unlocked additional functions on screens and projectors compatible with LightCast

USB AdapterThe InFocus LightCast Key is a simple USB adapter that enables activation of the LightCast functions on your screen or projector. As soon as the USB adapter is connected to a LightCast-compatible device, PCs, laptops and mobile devices can be wirelessly connected to a screen or projector without needing to install extra software.

From now on, you can record, save and share notes, as well as view documents, photos and videos even without connecting to a PC. With LightCast Key, individuals making presentations on LightCast-compatible displays and projectors can also easily access the Internet through an integrated web browser. However, it is not possible to wirelessly connect several different devices via a single LightCast USB adapter. For each adapter, only one terminal device is able to connect.

LightCast Hub – Wireless presentations on screens or projectors of almost any kind via HDMI Interface

lc 100LightCast Hub makes presentations for lectures or team meetings easier. Your presentation can wirelessly run on any screen or projector via an HDMI interface. Via an HDMI or AV interface (3.5 mm jack plug), the LightCast Hub can connect to the screen or projector without complications or additional software installation. In the case of touch screens with touch USB feedback interfaces, you can continue to operate and control the connected LightCast Hub via the touch screen. For projectors and usual display units without touch functions, we recommend using a wireless mouse/keyboard system with USB interface, also connectable to LighCast Hub. The LightCast Hub is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10, Mac OS, iOS and Android (Miracast compatible), meaning you are not limited in your choice of terminal device types.

The four main LightCast functions are:

  • Wireless connection of mobile terminal devices
  • Recording, saving and sharing notes and drawings (Whiteboard function)
  • Access to an integrated web browser
  • Easy viewing of documents, photos and videos

LightShow4 – Cordless and wireless presentation with any data terminals

Like LightCast Hub, the InFocus LightShow4 can also be connected to any projector or screen via an HDMI or VGA input. LightShow is also compatible with the latest operating systems, such as Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS, iOS and Android. Mobile terminal devices can be connected to the LightShow adapters via the app „MirrorOp Presenter“ (Google Play / Apple App Store). Terminal devices, such as Windows or MAC notebooks, can be connected to the LightShow adapter via a USB dongle. The USB dongle allows wireless connection without the need for administrator rights on the notebook. Usually, office notebooks are locked for security reasons, preventing additional software from being installed on them. Not-locked Windows/Mac notebooks allow installation of client software. As soon as such software is installed, an additional icon (LightShow Manager) is displayed on the desktop. From there, you can control the LightShow adapter.

wireless adapter

With the LightShow adapter, you can connect up to four devices and view your screen contents both on the screen or the projector. The LightShow administrator (in many cases, a teacher) chooses what content should be currently displayed.

If the LightShow adapter is connected to a touch screen and a Touch Feedback line is connected to the LightShow adapter via a USB cable, the LightShow adapter can even transfer touch signals wirelessly. This means you can wirelessly connect your notebook to the LightShow adapter, which in turn, is connected to a touch screen. Ultimately, you can operate and control your notebook via the touch screen. Simply brilliant!

The wireless presentation at a high level is ensured with all 3 devices: LightCast KeyLightCast Hub and InLightShow4. Which one of them is the best – such a comparison cannot be made. Together, the three devices cover all typical needs for presentations and lessons.

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The 65” Summer Touch Display Education Offer from InFocus

This beautiful 65” Touch Display from InFocus comes with capacitive touch technology and some interesting options at a special price (*RRP £1699 excl. VAT).



Further options:

  • Oktopus Eduacation software (INS-QBUNDLE)
  • Lightcast Hub for wireless presentation, internet browsing and whiteboarding (INA-LC100)

Channel partner will benefit from:

  • Optional free training
  • Free product demos
  • Deal and project registration
  • Attractive product margins

Important order information:

Any desired option needs to be part of the original purchase order.

Order INF6500eAG and INS-BNOTE1 for the display with annotation software.

Order INF6500eAG and INA-LC100 for the display with internet browser, whiteboard and wireless presentation option.

Order INF6500eAG and INS-QBUNDLE for the display with Oktopus education software (compatible with Smart and Promethean).


*Offer is limited to UK/IRELAND region.

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