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The Mondopad touchscreen PC permits a variety of applications

The Mondopad with touchscreen by InFocus is available for operators as an all-in-one touch display to be used in the conference room of an industrial giant or in a simple classroom, in a medical consulting room as well as in the meeting room of a creative agency. This is how the Mondopad facilitates any videoconference or presentation thanks to its touchscreen …

Our Touchscreen PC - Mondopad now in 2.0

The Mondopad with touchscreen for effective cooperation

The Mondopad simplifies any cooperation with colleagues or customers. Content may not displayed appealingly but also in a clear manner. With the 57/70-inch screen, the integrated i7 PC with its own collaboration software the high-resolution video camera and sound bar, InFocus offers a complete technical solution for effective collaboration – to be interconnected from all places in the world and to work with each other, and still at a reasonable price. By means of the special collaboration tools, data and video and other content can be shared, compared and detained. The Mondopad with touch screen provides unlimited access to face-to-face teamwork, by default for a two-person conversation, optional for up to 25 participants. Without additional expenditure of time and without any travel expenses, collaborations get possible anywhere in the world.

Additional features of the Mondopad with touchscreen

Use the Mondopad as a player for movies etc., create drawings and graphics like on a canvas or edit photos or text – namely, not alone, but if necessary with a huge cloud. Take the opportunity of high availability video calls, share ideas immediately or follow a presentation of the Mondopad directly on your mobile device. The functions of the Mondopad can also be controlled via PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. On the interactive whiteboard, you can brainstorm together with others, capture ideas with various pens, markers, shapes and lines and share them in real time. This ensures that all project participants are always up to date. Banish all the technical equipment that has to be coordinated elaborately in order to really make work easier. Instead, use the Mondopad with touchscreen as an all-rounder.


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