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Video Call: Video conferencing and virtual meetings are changing the world of work

For many years, companies have been communicating either via fee-based or time-consuming video call services. Large providers, as for example Microsoft, Google and IBM, increasingly offer their own collaboration solutions in order to facilitate the cooperation of diverse business partners. However, the sharing of files and managing audio and video conferencing still remains a complex and costly task. The 121 series of InFocus provides a remedy with innovative video calling option …

Video Call

InFocus Video Call Services

The advantages of video conferencing at a glance

The latest video calling technology allows managing project work more easily; the workflow in a project can be significantly improved. Files such as photos, videos or other documents, notes and appointments can be shared rapidly in the context of a video conference, so that all project members are up-to-date. Video calling makes collaboration and organization in projects easier to the users. Contents cam be displayed, edited and distributed both on PCs and mobile devices. Thanks to modern software, it is even possible that participants access at the same time to data and work actively on them. The changes are transmitted to all other users in real time. This not only makes presentations more exciting, the employees of a company also be productive from anywhere, even across continents.

Successful video call thanks to 121 series by InFocus

The products of the 121 series by InFocus allow high-quality video calls and video conferencing, so employees, colleagues or partners are able to get in touch with each other face-to-face. Thanks to cloud-based video telephony service the usual costs, as they are known from location-based systems, do not apply. Moreover, in the 121 series no maintenance-intensive infrastructure is required on site. As result of the integrability with other collaborative InFocus devices like the Mondopad or the MVP video phone video calls in the best sound and picture quality are guaranteed. Video calling using a device of the 121 series works with most popular video conferencing systems: simply enter the desired phone number or email address and dial. The SIP calls run free via the web browser, on iOS or Android devices. This allows you to use the InFocus video call service even if you are travelling.

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