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The RealCam PTZ Camera

Concerning video transmission technology, currently there are serious differences on the market. With our Realcam PTZ-3, you will not have to compromise on quality in video conferences. The brilliant image and video transmission of the PTZ camera creates event experiences of the extra class.

Panning, tilting, zooming with the PTZ camera

Pan-Tilt-Zoom makes the PTZ camera a professional RealCam that may be added to any PC. The PTZ camera combines an HD wide angle video camera with USB 3.0 and HDMI connectivity at a low frequency range. For you, the RealCam PTZ constitutes a valuable extension, if you already use a Mondopad or a BigTouch from InFocus, because the PTZ camera is compatible with all these devices and comes completely without separate recording software or drivers.

Ptz camera Real CamThe true 1080p HD resolution delivers vibrant images – even at a greater distance and under low light conditions. Control via the included remote control is ideal for use in large rooms, where a long distance must be bridged, but still eye contact has to be kept. This not only makes InFocus’ own applications more interesting, like ConX Group Sessions or 121 Video Calling, but also Skype, Adobe Connect, Lync, or GoToMeeting applications.

Since the PTZ camera is equipped with a silent direct-drive mechanism, it performs fluid and rapid movements. Panning, tilting and zooming are performed via the integrated 72.5° wide-angle lens, in a swivel angle of -170° to +170° and a tilt angle of -30° to + 90°.

PTZ camera minimizes your costs and increases workforce

In an increasingly global economy, video conferencing becomes more and more important. The advantage is that you may work with colleagues, partners and customers around the world without the risk of expensive travel expenses and long travel times.

PTZ camera Real CamOur InFocus experts are working on making collaboration in meetings and presentations even more effective. Simple transfer of pictures and videos in brilliant quality and foolproof operation are particularly important to us.

With the PTZ camera, we have found a way to record your live events in True HD. Whether video conferencing, company training or sales events: Assuredly, the RealCam is also suitable for your applications thanks to the quality levels of 720p, 1080i or up to 1080p/60.   Optimal sound quality is guaranteed by effective 2D and 3D noise reduction as well as by the low-noise CMOS sensor. The automatic white balance ensures a clear image with strong contrasts between object and background.

The PTZ camera is THE extension for your InFocus devices, if you often work with video transmissions. The technical gimmick impresses with its high quality equipment, foolproof operation and versatile connectivity as well as with a perfect price- performance ratio.

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