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A side by side comparison of HD projectors for public and home viewing

The 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup will be held this year in Russia, from the 14th of June to 15th of July. The 2014 event, in Brazil, was tuned into by 3.2 billion people worldwide using private devices, while 280 million fans watched the matches online or on mobile devices. All told, well over one billion people viewed the Argentina versus Germany final for at least one minute, either on on household TVs or at public-viewing venues.

HD projectors


The number of people who will be following the FIFA World Cup this year is set to climb even higher this year. Many spectators and fans have decided to watch the matches at home on a screen with friends and family – or alternatively, to thrill to cheer on their favorite team along with hundreds of other fans, at public-viewing venues. The organizers of such events need to do a considerable amount of prepartory work, beginning with finding the right projector for the screen being used. InFocus did a side by side comparison of the various HD projectors, with a view to determining which devices are best for a given usage scenario.

Professional-quality projection for large-scale events using the IN5550

With up to 8300 lumen, six interchangeable lenses, two interchangeable color wheels and a host of connection options including 3G-SDI, the IN5550 is the perfect projection solution for public-viewing venues.

HD projectors


Thanks to a maximum resolution of 1920×1200, this projector will ensure that FIFA World Cup enthusiasts won’t miss a single detail of the matches.

For large-scale events such as the World Cup, the largest possible screen is normally used, or the match is projected on a suitable wall. But in such cases, it can sometimes happen that the projection surface isn’t completely even. But even in such situations the IN5550 renders an impeccable image, thanks to trapezoid correction, rotation and convex distortion and corner-position adjustment.

The IN5148HD: effortless image management for medium-sized events and high-end home viewing

The IN5148HD is the ideal solution for watching soccer games in bars, or for top-notch home viewing with friends and family. Thanks to the IN5148HD’s large projection ratio of 1.49 – 3.02:1, its motorized lens-shift function and its focus and zoom settings, the device is ideally suited for a whole range of projection venues..

HD projectors


The device’s native 1080p resolution allows for optimal projection results featuring clear, sharp pictures, even in ambient light. Thanks to the IN5148HD’s 12000:1 contrast ratio , it can project the green of the turf and the colors in the stands in exquisite detail and color gradations.

Quality that pays off: the IN119HDx for projecting small events out of doors

The IN119HDx is the best full HD project currently available, for its category and quality class. With 3200 lumen and a 15000:1 contrast ratio, this projector is the ideal solution for enjoying soccer matches with friends out of doors, in your own back yard.

HD projectors


Thanks to the IN119HDx’s widescreen resolution, the World Cup matches can also be projected on a PC or notebook.

The projector’s built-in speakers and 3.5 mm audio-out port allow crisp , clean audio of a given match to be enjoyed directly via the projector, or via a home stereo system. And because the device is equipped with an RS232 port, it can be integrated into a room management system such as Creston.

Regardless of the size of the event you’re planning to view via a projector in the near future, the first step to perfect enjoyment is to select the right projector for your situation.

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Meet our Professional 3D Network Projectors – The InFocus IN3140 Series Projectors

For meeting and seminar rooms it is imperative to use a powerful projector with high brightness and sharp projection quality. The IN3140 projector series offers your a complete package at an affordable price with the three projectors IN3144, IN3146 and IN3148HD.

Projectors hd

With 5000 lumen, high contrast, six-segment color wheel and BrilliantColor ™ DLP imaging, the IN3140 series projects bright and color-rich images, even with the lights on and the blinds open. The zoom ratio of 1.5: 1 and the extended projection ratio allow the installation of the projectors in different rooms.

The series also offers a variety of connections, including two HDMI ports, multiple audio ports and a USB mini port. This allows immediate projecting from PCs, Macs, video sources, tablets and smartphones. The remote control of the projector over the network is made possible by the support of Crestron Roomview, ProjectorNet. The possibility of integration into an AMX controlled environment is also given with the IN3140 series.

3d projector

Each projector in the series features 3D Triple Flash technology, allowing it to mirror various 3D formats such as HDMI, Blu-ray, 3D broadcast, video games and NVIDIA 3DTV PC connectivity to the screen. The projectors are compatible with 144Hz DLP Link ™ 3D glasses. Display any videos, pictures, lifestreams, presentations limitless in 3D with 1080p in Full HD mode via HDMI.

Technical specifications


  • The IN3144 has a native resolution of 1024 x 768 (XGA)
  • 5000 lumens allow projection even in bright rooms
  • The projection ratio is 1.83 – 2.75


  • With a native resolution of 1280 x 800 through WXGA, the IN3146 is in the midfield
  • The luminous flux is 5000 lumens
  • The projection ratio is 1.46 – 2.20


  • With 1080p (1920 x 1080), this projector lists in terms of native resolution
  • Like all the projectors of the series, the luminous flux is IN3148HD 5000 lumens
  • The projection ration is also 1.46 – 2.20

With 1.5x optical zoom and their 10W speakers, the projectors are an ideal solution for meeting- and seminar-rooms, at an affordable price.

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Trend 2018: LDT Beamer vs. LED Beamer vs. DLP Projector

Nowadays beamers re used not only for presentations, demonstrations and lessons, but also as handy “multi-talents” at home, for example, instead of a TV-set. These projectors are especially handy when showing a movie on a projection screen to a small group of people. Movie-night lovers can experience a real cinema feeling.

projektorenAt work or education facilities, the projectors are still used for reflecting a PC, notebook or another multimedia terminal device onto a large screen.

There are many various models and types ranging from functional high-performance stationary projectors up to mobile small gadgets for presentations or home-cinema systems.

DLP Beamer: Digital Light Processing

In the event of a DLP projector, a DMD (digital micro-mirror device) is used as an image converter. This is an integrated circuit that provides a tilting micro-mirror for each image point. The micro-mirrors are controlled by electrical pulses. The mirrors can only accept two states: ON or OFF.



For this kind of image formation, the brightness gradations can only be achieved by very fast switching-over of the tilting micro-mirrors.

The DMD device can project all three primary colours one by one, with the aid of a rapidly rotating colour wheel. Current DLP video projectors use six or seven colour segments in a single colour wheel. High-performance DLP projectors are still used in cinemas.

Advantages of the DLP beamers:

  • High speed
  • No after-glowing of the image
  • No burning-in of still images
  • Higher contrast than on an LCD beamer
  • Almost no pixel artefacts
  • Less sensitive to dust, because the optics is encapsulated

Disadvantages of the DLP beamers:

  • If the colour wheel does not run fast enough, it may be a rainbow effect
  • Individual colours might flicker
  • Higher noise emission by the colour wheel and fan
  • Optimal image resolution depends on the type of the installed mirror matrix

LED Beamer: Light Emitting Diode

In these video projectors, the image is still generated by a DLP element or, in newer models, by a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). LEDs are used just as sources of light. In this type of beamers, the colours themselves are generated by a sequential flashing of each individual LED.

A LED beamer is an ideal solution for mobile use, for example, a visual support or illustration of a business speech. In this case, the light wave length is between 540 and 610 nanometres.

Advantages of the LED beamers:

  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Lighter construction, since active cooling is not a must
  • Due to the low energy consumption, it can also be operated with a battery
  • Noise emission is significantly lower, because there is one wheel less

Disadvantages of the LED beamers:

  • LCD as an imaging device can only achieve a satisfactory pictorial quality with a fixed resolution
  • The total light output is lower
  • In the case of luminous flux reduction, the image continuously darkens. This loss of brightness can only be compensated by adaptive increase of current
  • Rainbow effect, because the basic colours are projected one by one

LDT Beamers: Laser Display Technology

Laser beamers initiate formation of images by a laser beam rapidly deflected and modulated. With a LTD beamer, the image is written on the large screen line by line.



As a result, the projector achieves a much better image quality. A special scanner with a facet mirror provides for formation of lines, whereas the tiling mirror initiates the next line feed.

The modulated laser beam can determine the correct brightness and colour for each image point. Appropriate security mechanisms ensure a trouble-free operation, so that the operator is not afraid of the laser.

Advantages of the LDT beamers:

  • Large contrast range
  • High light output is possible
  • Long service life of the light source
  • Basic colours are mixed to an overall image

Disadvantages of the LDT beamers:

  • High purchase price
  • In the case of high performance laser projectors, there is a danger for eyes without personal protection equipment
  • Speckle patterns may occur

We recommend different beamers and technologies, depending on the type or place of use.You can hardly find a beamer suitable for each situation and at each location.

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Brilliance and Quality: Projector Series IN110v

The IN110v projector series, consisting of 3 different models, especially impresses with its high-quality appearance, light weight, strong contrasts and an adequate price-performance ratio. The mobile and practical all-rounders IN112v, IN114v and IN116v simply offer everything needed for an unparalleled presentation of images, videos and other files in excellent and brilliant quality.

IN112v, IN114v, IN116v – Projectors with All the Trimmings

All three models in the IN110v projector series are suitable for travel, since the beamers are small, handy, compact and light, but even so, power and performance are not sacrificed.

The 3D-enabled projectors can reproduce digital content from various sources: PCs, Blu-rays or even DVDs, in vividly clear colours. The impressive light intensity of up to 3,500 lumens and the powerful BillantColor technology contribute significantly to the overall effect.

projector IN110v

Moreover, the three models (IN112v, IN114v and IN116v) deliver perfect black-and-white values even in the bright ambient light often found in training or conference rooms. This is possible due to an extremely high contrast ratio of 17,000:1.

Full and Undivided Attention Ensured with the IN110v Projector Series

Especially while presenting lectures, having the audience’s full and undivided attention is of great importance. With and of the three projectors in the IN110v series from InFocus, it is possible to consistently draw the attention of the audience to the lecturer with the aid of a remote-controlled dimming function, referred to as “eco-blanking”.

At the same time, by activating the the eco-blanking function, the lamp power is reduced by 30%, leading, in turn, to an increased lamp life by up to 10,000 hours. Moreover, no filter change is necessary. Due to the long service life and trouble-free operation, the operating costs of this series are always under control.

Circuit Points and Resolutions of 3 Multi-talented Projectors

circuit points projector series IN110vAll 3 projectors in the IN110v series, IN112v, IN114v and IN116v an be connected to any HDMI-enabled device via a HDMI port. Another advantage of this series is that all 3 models can also be wirelessly connected with terminal devices via optional LiteShow4 adapters. So, it becomes possible to quickly and easily exchange data, audio and video via a secure WLAN connection. With the LiteShow4 Adapter, iOS or Android mobile devices can be connected to the projector via the MirrorOP app. The LiteShow4 Adapter is thus a useful extra, but not part of the standard scope of the IN110v series.

The difference between the three different models is their resolution. Each model comes standard with an impressive light output of 3500 lumens and a high contrast ratio of 17,000:1, however, the resolution varies by model:

  • IN112v has a SVGA resolution (800×600)
  • IN114v can impress with its XGA resolution (1024×768)
  • IN116v leads the pack with a WXGA resolution (1280×800)

With a two-year warranty for the projectors and six months warranty on all lamps, the series are presented at a favourable price. The IN110v series projectors reproduce sharp images onto any kind of surface – whether a whiteboard, pale walls or black panels. So, each presentation becomes an unforgettable pleasure for everyone.

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Presentation of the projector InFocus IN5148HD

Besides the use in home cinema, projectors offer a wide range of different applications – the InFocus IN5148HD is a perfect example of this.


The projector is mostly used in lecture halls, schools, conference halls or even in churches. However, it is also suitable for home cinema use without problems. A large connector panel accommodates any type of video and audio connections, including HDBaseT, which is rarely seen on a projector normally. The projector has two built-in powerful 10 Watt speakers and can also be connected to the computer via an HDMIor the classic VGA port. It outputs 5000 lumens by a Single-chip DLP alternator and also includes a motorized lens control for more convenient adjustment during installation.


With a projection ratio range of 1.49 to 3.02, the IN5148HD provides a specification that meets the requirements of 90% of all modern installations. Thus, it is incredible flexible in use. The IN5148 can be remotely controlled via the network using the free software ProjectorNet 4.0. It also supports the Cestron Roomview® system and AMX, which facilitates the integration into existing room controls. The total operating costs are low, since this projector does not require an exchange of the air filter. This promises maintenance-free operation around the clock. In addition, the EcoBlanking function can also be used to switch down the lamp output by up to 70%, if no video source is detected. This not only saves energy but also allows a longer lamp life of up to 4500 hours.

When used in larger meeting rooms, the IN5148HD can also be accessed wirelessly Projectors. For this, firstly there is the very compatible option LightCast Key. The LightCast technology supports Apple, Chrome OS, Windows and Android systems. The second option is the LiteShow4 adapter. This adapter provides compatibility with Windows 7, 8 and 10, Mac and iOS and Android mobile devices and also allows the simultaneous connection of four presentation devices.

3D function

ProjectorsThe projector also supports various 3D formats, including Blu-ray, 3D transmission, video games, and PC connectivity. Only 144 Hz DLP Link 3D glasses are needed to enjoy seamless image synchronization and a perfect 3D experience.


When purchasing the projector IN5148HD from InFocus, you will receive the following accessories in the scope of delivery:

  • Supply cord
  • VGA cable
  • Safety instructions
  • User guide
  • Remote control

Furthermore, there are the following optional accessories to the projector:

  • Replacement lamp (SP-LAMP-096)
  • Universal ceiling mount (PRJ-MNT-UNIV)
  • XPAND DLP Link 3D glasses (X103-EDUX3-R1)
  • Presenter 2 RF remote control (HW-PRESENTER-2)
  • Extended guarantees (PROJ-EW1YR-I, PROJ-EW2YR-I)
  • LiteShow 4 (INLITESHOW4)
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse (INA-AIRMSKB)
  • LightCastKey (INA-LCKEY2)

Impress with the InFocus IN5148HD projector with its high light output, HD resolution and great flexibility.

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Beamer vs. Whiteboards in the training room – Part 2

Now it’s time for the second part of the “Royal battle”.

In one corner there is the long-established projector, in the other our upstart, the touch screen with integrated whiteboard software or connected Android Whiteboard Box. The previous result is 2: 2 or a draw for projectors and whiteboards in the areas of installation, image size and contrast and quality. You missed the first game? Here you can retrace the battle.

beamer vs touchscreen

In order to detain you no longer: “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

Round 3: Interactivity

With digital whiteboards as well as with interactive beamers, professors, teachers or students can write directly onto the picture. In addition, both of them often provide sophisticated software for creating, displaying and storing teaching contributions, such as the Whiteboard software from InFocus. The difference shows when the screen is to be touched in order to select a program. Here, whiteboards work with digital pens as well as with the powerful multi-touch technology which allows you to write on the display with several fingers at the same time. In this regard, the projectors cannot match.




Winners: Whiteboards

Round 4: Shadows

No matter how much you try to avoid, beamers cast shadows when people enter their projection field. And there are only a few things that are more disagreeable during a presentation than to be blinded by the light of the projector or not to be able to see a complete picture due to the shadows. Whiteboards create the image internally by using liquid crystal display panels. Thus, there is no shadowing. In addition, they are independent of light conditions and provide a clear picture even in strong sunlight.




Winners: Whiteboards

Round 5: Costs

With regard to technology for the education sector, often the price is crucial. Projectors are the undefeated champions on the cost side. For example, a 65-inch JTouch is fast three times as expensive as a Short ThrowBeamer. Depending on the model, the Whiteboard software or Android Whiteboard Box has also to be added in the case of the JTouch. Although a lamp has to be bought and replaced every two years, the projectors remain cheaper.




Winners: projectors



After the judges have scored their points, a clear winner is determined:

the whiteboards.


However, the Beamers demand a rematch. The beamer technology is maturing and prices are falling. This point of the beamers might be lost this time. We will see. Notwithstanding the above: the ultimate winners of projection technology are neither whiteboards nor projectors, but teachers and students.

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Projector vs. Whiteboards in the training room – Part 1

It is a technological “Royal battle”. The struggle between electronic whiteboards and projectors might determine how a whole generation of college students will be taught. Imagine a cage match with five rounds, where advantages and disadvantages compete.

In one corner we have the old champion, the traditional classroom projectorprojector that has always done a good job. It traditionally projects readable texts and pictures onto the canvas. The prices for a projector have never been lower and are currently starting around 300 Euros for a device with scalable projection size and adaption to different light conditions. In other words, it carries the weight of the video based doctrine in classrooms and auditoriums.

JtouchIn the other corner, we see the upstart: a large interactive whiteboard. It is more expensive, but allows an additional level of interactivity and especially connectivity to the modern media. Equipped with the right whiteboard software and a Android Whiteboard Box, teachers and students have auto forms, pens in every conceivable color, text marker and much more at their disposal. Touch screens never cast a bad light on the lecture or the teacher. Explanation: When using a projector, you usually stand in the light oft the projector. This is most a bit nerve-racking for the speakers. Only in case of larger set-ups / installations the speaker ist standing or sitting far away from the projection screen. Mostly the lecturer stands close to the projection screen an thus fully in the projector light.

So, “let’s get ready to rumble”!

Preliminary round: Installation

There are a lot of preparations to be made before the fight can begin. Both devices have to be installed first. A projector has to hang from a ceiling or wall or to be placed on tables (including sub-tables). This may involve wiring, mounting hardware and oftenly stand -along audio.

Large displays are not easier when it comes to the setup. The InFocus 65-inch JTouch requires two persons to safely hang it up. Likewise, a special hardware installation, often including in-wall wiring, is required as well as the installation of the whiteboard software. But it’s worth it: The InFocus audio systems can easily fill a medium-sized training room with sound.

Winner: drawn

Round 1: Image size

The bell rings and round 1 begins. Here, the image size matters. In this aspect, the projector that can scale an image to a size of 380 cm (or 3.8 m) is clearly advantageous, especially in large rooms. So, the whiteboards fall back.

Winners: projectors


Round 2: Contrast and Quality

The InFocus JTouch 65-inch can show more contrast and image quality than the InFocus projector, providing a clear and sharp image on the entire surface. With the projectors, the shaprness at the edge of the picture can differ slightly from the center of the image. A better contrast brings more detail to the screen, especially at fine shapes of the color in the picture.

Winner: whiteboards


The two parties are now allowed to have a break to prepare for the last 3 rounds. Read next week wich one can expand its leadership!

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InFocus LightCast Hub – wireless and uncomplicated

The problem has existed since there are electrical devices: The entire infrastructure in the presentation room has to be connected and configured via cables. This often leads to a confusing tangle of cables and defective devices. InFocus has recognized this problem and, with the LightCast Hub, provides a wireless connection of PCs, tablets, laptops and smart phones to projectors and displays.

Wireless presentation of screen contents

Wireless presentation of screen contents

Just like our wireless USB adapter SP-WIFIUSB-2, the LightCast Hub also allows data to be transferred wirelessly, quickly and in a perfect quality. The compact appliance supports a variety of end devices, regardless of whether you are using an Apple device, Windows product, or a Chrome device. The screens can be transferred to the display or projector with full audiosupport.

More powerful displays with LightCast technology

The LightCast technology extends the capabilities of your projector or your display with many powerful features:

  • With the InFocus LightCast Hub, you may simply transfer wirelessly the screen views from any computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone to projectors or displays running on Windows, Apple iOS/OSX, Android and Chrome OS, and share them with your team.
  • The built-in 4 GB memory allows you to capture various documents (for example, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, notes), movies (avi, mkv, mpg, mpeg, mov, mp4, 3gp, Rm, rmvb) or photos (for example, jpg, jpeg, bmp, png) to the display or the projector and then present them directly from the integrated memory without a PC.
  • An integrated whiteboard app turns any connected display into a feature-rich, interactive whiteboard with digital pens, markers, shapes, and lines. This allows simply commenting on and editing of presentations on the display and works without connection to a PC. The app can be operated very easily by using a wireless mouse and keyboard, as well as by a touch function. Surprise your audience with a whiteboard in an impressive large format!

Wireless presentation of screen contents

  • Notes that you write on the interactive whiteboard during the presentation or during the meeting, can be saved and sent directly via the LightCast Hub.
  • Go online using the web browser integrated in the LightCast Hub, access online curricula, file sharing platforms, and web pages. This also works without a connected computer simply via LAN or WLAN. Thus, you may edit presentations and access the Internet without a PC connection.
  • In order to use the web browser and whiteboard features, you only need to activate the app (Miracast for Android & Windows, Airplay for iOS/OSX for devices running on Chrome OS).

The LightCast Hub is equipped with a virtual keyboard (US layout). If the hub is used for devices without a touch screen, a separate keyboard and mouse are required.

With the LightCast Hub, chaotic cable spaghetti, as well as sharing and storing notes and files during a presentation, is no longer a problem for you. With this clever, wireless technology, you can easily share information with your colleagues and improve teamwork – in the classroom, conference room or boardroom.

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The InFocus Academy – A very special service offer

With keywords such as “better meetings in better quality”, “cooperation made easy” or effective solutions for video conferences” we intend to show you which possibilities are provided by means of the InFocus devices.

InFocus Projectors

In order to enable anyone – even without technical understanding – to benefit from our projectors and touch screen solutions, we have initiated the InFocus Academy .

Where and how InFocus can support you

InFocus has taken on the task of simplifying cooperation in a wide variety of areas. Whether concerning meetings around the globe, lecture series at the university or effective learning at school: With the products of InFocus, you captivate your audience, improve the communication and save a lot of time.Our projectors are available in all sizes and performance classes.

InFocus projectors

They are not only suitable for professional use, but also for home use we offer inexpensive, high-quality projectors to turn a simple TV night into a real home cinema experience. Interactive, Full HD or 3D – there is no limit to the applications, because our projectors really cover every need.

The selection ranges from small handy and mobile projectors to powerful professional projectors for big events.

Our innovative touch screen solutions, in turn, enable interactive collaboration at the highest level: You may upload data, edit data in a team, save and share – all in real time. With our display solutions in the sizes from 40 to 85 inches as well as a large selection of integrated hardware and software, a modular, innovative, complete solution for video conferences, presentations and collaboration is available.

touchscreen display

Any questions concerning the products from InFocus? The InFocus Academy knows the answers

But how to use all the helpful features of InFocus products in order to turn a presentation, the collaboration with colleagues or a joint evening of football into a real event? How do I have to use a touch display ? Which projector is compatible with my PC? How do the video meetings work? What are the new features of mobile devices?

As of January 2017, InFocus keeps ready a special service offered to you. With the so-called “InFocus Academy” we offer you a website (for the moment only available in English) that bundles all the information and all the know-how of our products:

Discover the latest devices, accessories and software solutions in the product library. Let experts introduce you to the latest products and learn how to best use beamer or touch screen solutions.

What awaits you in the InFocus Academy

Who wants to use the InFocus Academy, may register directly online and simply access the informative offers.

We do not only recommend to our users to browse our website, also dealers and sales teams find a lot of professional tips and tricks here.

In our comprehensive product library, you will learn everything about existing and upcoming products and get instant access to product videos and troubleshooting tips.

Here, the knowledge about the individual products from InFocus can not only be read, but the Academy also presents illustrative short training videos – whether you use our video collaboration solutions only recently or if you would like to become a real professional in the matter of interactive displays like the Mondopad. Simply search for the topics you are interested in, look at the short and crisp info videos and learn how to use your InFocus products even better.

The best: every month, new videos are waiting for you.

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The home theater Beamer SP1080 – The Full HD projector as an ideal Christmas gift

The days are getting shorter, the smell of mulled wine is in the air, and the time of secrets begins: What to give to your loved ones for Christmas? What will please the dear colleagues and co-workers? With the Full HD projector SP1080,

InFocus offers a great home cinema projector for a small price. Enjoy traditional films within the family or strengthen the team spirit with a classic football transfer during company overtime.

Full HD projector

The technical refinements of the home cinema projector SP1080

The InFocus Home Cinema Projector SP1080 is currently the most cost-effective home cinema projector in the range of InFocus.

The native 1080p resolution allows to project presentations clearly and precisely with 1920×1080 pixels. The high contrast ratio of 25,000: 1 ensures bright and vibrant images, a rich black and intense white result in a high visual acuity. The DLP technology in combination with InFocus BrilliantColor ensures high-quality, natural colors.

Thanks to a zoom ratio of 1.22: 1 and automatic trapezoid correction, you can flexibly adapt a wide range of content to a projection location. The lamps of the Full HD Projector shine with 3,500 lumens, ensuring clear transmissions under almost all light conditions. With a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours, the SP1080 home cinema projector is particularly powerful and durable.

And the best: This home cinema projector convinces not only with its low purchasing price, but also by below-average operating costs.

So the saving goes on even after the purchase of the SP1080.

Moreover, with the home cinema projector you will not lose any time: Immediate start-up and shutdown of the device, programmable dimming and the input of a user PIN allow the user to quickly adjust and find the appropriate playback mode.

There is no waste while cleaning or replacing filters, as the home cinema projector does not need any filters. The additional 3D function for Blu-ray, cable or satellite ensures even more luxury in transmissions – directly via HDMI 1.4 and VGA. The integrated stereo speakers as well as the 3.5 mm audio output take care of a rich sound.


Full HD projectors

The Full HD projector SP1080 and its possible uses

Thanks to its compact size and light weight of only 2.45 kg, the SP1080 home cinema projector is easy to carry and easy to store. Due to its technical refinements, the Full HD projector may be used to present lifelike HD videos or colorful photos from the last family holiday at home.

Play video games with friends as close to reality as it was not possible on TV before. You will be amazed by the quality of the image transmission.
You are a big football fan, follow the handball world championship or can not get away from TV during the Olympic Games? With the SP1080 home cinema projector you will find yourself directly in the sports stadium.

Invite your friends to sports broadcasts and celebrate the victory of the favored team. Those who prefer to watch the greatest from Hollywood at work can look forward to exciting movie shows.

With additional 3D glasses, films become an intense experience at home. Preset modes automatically optimize the image quality of a wide range of content on any surface within a very short time: Whether beige or white wall, canvas or other surfaces. The optimized adaptability to the set-up location as well as the simple, intuitive installation allow even non-professionals a flexible use of the home cinema projector.

And if the Full HD Beamer is not in use, select the Eco Banking mode via the remote control: This reduces the energy consumption of the projector lamps and increases their service life.

SP1080 home projector Conclusion

The SP1080 is the ideal home projector: Compact, affordable, HDMI compatible and 3D capable. This perfect Christmas gift should not be missing under any Christmas tree.

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