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Videos and Touch Displays become more common in Education – 3 Key Factors

At schools and in higher education, videos and Touch Displays are used as an instrument for exchanging ideas and for more engagement with the students. Streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co. are no longer the only channels which are used every day. It has also become a part of school education.

An education video work report of 2017 shows that 99% of institutions work with teachers who routinely integrate videos into their classes. Students engage more while learning with videos, while potential employers expect them to leave education with the skills they need to participate in digital culture.

Touch Displays in Education make lessons more joy able for every one

Touch Displays in Education make lessons more joy able for every one

Even videoconferences are used for trainings and all universities are increasingly looking for new ways to use video in education. The 3 Modern key factors are:

1. Distance learning, with webinars or video-conferences

73% of universities offering distance learning videos for education. More than half of the universities use video for presentations and even interactive Touchscreens to interact with students at different locations.

In addition to distance learning, 65% of universities record their lessons, to be used mutliple times and from various locations. Statistics show that 38% of colleges want at least 25% of their classroom in digital form and even more would wish for more 47% in interactive and digital material.

With videoconferencing systems and touchscreens like the INF7530eAG with 75″ and 4k, universities can connect students who can not attend classes for geographical and personal reasons.

2.Videos lead to a better experience

Overall, many teachers feel that using videos make students more satisfied with their education, and up to 85% of students believe it can improve students’ performance.

Touchscreens make it easy to record videos, edit them on the run, pulish and distribute them and even interact on one single document. At the same time, 62% of universities use touchscreens for homework and 60% think that it will increase their skills and concentration. The reasons are as easy as posts are presented and created together in class and therefore result in better interaction with every single student.

3. Students do rarely create videos independently


The creation of interactive content is increasingly becoming an important part of teaching and lecturing.

Although it has become easier to create videos, surveyed universities report that less than 10% of students create videos as part of their classroom work and even fewer (8%) regularly create videos in class.

However, the numbers go up. This year, 21% of respondents said they think the majority of students are actively using video. The teachers and proffessors also suggest that the use of video and touchscreens in education will continue to increase in the coming years.

Instead of viewing videos and videoconferences seperately, it will simply be another way of communication and accessing content allover unis and schools.

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InFocus shows its strengths at the Bett Show 2018

At this year’s Bett-Show 2018 in London, from Jan 24th to Jan 27th, InFocus will present its INF7530eAG and INF4030 from the JTouch series and the INF6522AG model from the Mondopad series to educators and decision makers looking for innovative learning and education solutions.

Bett-Show 2018

Bett is the first trade fair of the year in the educational technology sector, making it a meeting place of 850 leading companies, 103 exciting new ed-tech start-ups and more than 34,700 participants from the global education community.

The purpose of Bett 2018 is to bring inspiration to the coming year, as well as be a place to discuss the future of education and the role of technology and innovation in making educators successful.

What are JTouch models capable of?

INF7530eAG– The best JTouch yet for educational purposes

Touch DisplayThe JTouch INF7530eAG impresses with its user-friendly interface equipped with a total touch control and brilliant 4K-resolution on the 75” anti-glare screen. The built-in functions for learning purposes and the ability to use native Android apps makes JTouch a perfect companion to daily learning practice. The whiteboard function with a web browser, media player, and Air-Play feature allows you to add notes to desired applications, videos, websites and documents. The well-known touch gestures , such as wiping, zooming and tapping, work seamlessly as part of the hardware. This makes using a remote control obsolete with this JTouch model. Via five different USB-B ports, HDMI sources can be connected.

INF4030 – DigiEasel, the interactive whiteboard and display

JTouch DisplayThe JTouch meets the requirements on display in the education branch without compromise. Thanks to the practical and handy 40-inch size, the interactive whiteboard fits easily in every classroom. Depending on the orientation, the touchscreen can be adjusted to either in portrait or landscape format. The integrated whiteboard software simplifies collaboration and allows for up to date results to be immediately captured and shared with each participant after the lesson. The INF4030 can also be connected via HDMI, VGA, Component Video and USB port to any PC, Mac or Chromebook.

What is the Mondopad model capable of?

INF6522AG – All functions are united and readily accessible

Mondopad Display

All the functions required for visual presentations, as well as the collection and exchange of ideas are contained in the INF6522AG model. The 65-inch touch screen features the video conferencing technology with pin-sharp HD resolution and a digital, interactive whiteboard comment function. The capacitive touch function of this technology ensures efficient collaboration. The Mondopad is not only flexible due to the control of each notebook, tablet or smartphone, but also extendible via an integrated Windows PC with pre-installed Microsoft Office. Thus, teachers can develop and expand their ideas by working together face-to-face from any location.

The Bett is an opportunity for everyone to share experience and to become a game changer in the global education sector..

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Forecast for 2018: How digital innovations will influence our world of work and occupation

Companies all over the world undergo digital transformations. Or, at the least, they instigate such transformations. This process requires an appropriate corporate culture and, in most cases, collaboration with other companies.

But, at an incredible speed, digital innovations can destroy a company. Most CEOs feel obliged to go along with and to re-establish their companies anew at the market every year.

Forecast 2018 - Touch Displays


The digital transformation ranks at the top of many organisational priorities for the year 2018, but such a global matter requires a more complicated solution than merely implementing a couple of specific technological tools.

InFocus has consciously utilised its strengths and relies on close cooperation and rapid exchange of ideas. The Huddle Room and its accessories should grow as one of these digital innovations.

Trends of the digital innovations

  • Customer experience: All roots for business success are said to be borne by the customer. To communicate a general idea of a brand and experience to the customer, it is necessary to provide them with the right data on the right platform at the right time.
  • Optimised intelligence: A rough overview of the customer’s intentions and desires is no longer enough, especially in the age of artificial intelligence. Now companies can track the buyers’ behaviour across multiple platforms. Thus, they must be able to recognise, respond and communicate it in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Operational performance: The Cloud concept has expanded more and more along with increasingly faster bandwidths and improved technical facilities. Service providers offer memory space on their servers as well as online services for a fee. This gives companies more financial and operational efficiency, since they can access their data from everywhere. Now, the core matter is not only the provision of data and ideas, but rather efficient delivery and automation.

Huddle Room JTouch

With the Huddle Room and the JTouch INF4030 perfectly suited to this need, “InFocus” has not only managed to establish itself on the market with the most important data, but has found a way of ensuring fine and precise collaboration with internal and external partners. The third indispensable requirement of establishing digital innovations is to be fulfilled by the optional ConX Cloud solution that can be activated via any computer with connection to Internet.

JTouch Touch DisplayAll in all, the future of the digital transformation is oriented at both technology and people’s needs. With a Huddle Room, you can quickly and flexibly connect and manage the entire assortment of Cloud and local applications and data, as well as people’s connections.

Every year, original digital innovations will dominate the market in a new manner and, thereby, outshining old technologies. Secure a Huddle Room equipped with the INF4030 for yourself – and for efficient and close cooperation with your partners – so as not to be left behind!

The entire InFocus team wishes you and your company a merry Christmas and a successful, innovative year in 2018!

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Education made easy with the JTouch INF7530eAG Touch Display

“The JTouch really offers all interactive features you could wish for – from drawing with all colours and video playback to instant connection without the need to install a new app every time.”
– Brian Nadel, Computerworld

Old-fashioned projectors with slides chalkboards have long fallen out of fashion. This is no longer a secret. Today’s methods of teaching in the classroom should be adapted to the speed of learning and the learning needs of modern students.

JTouch Display

With its INF7530eAG, InFocus has created a touch display that can be individually adjusted to any area of education or age group. This makes it indispensable in the classroom.

The best JTouch to date for educational purposes

The touch display equipped with Android and interactive Whiteboard functions is the most reliable partner in the classroom. With the subdivided, multi-screen display, teachers can select any background with space for manual drawings, diagrams and notes, in order to individually adjust the JTouch to the needs of their students. With a wide range of digital input pens, markers, shapes, lines and colours, the lecturers and their students can draw, write and add elements – and all with just a finger.

Touch DisplayThanks to the JTouch’s intuitive touch function, you can easily delete, zoom and access pull-up menus. On the touch display, teachers and students can draw with one finger, move content with two fingers and delete contents from the whiteboard with three fingers. With a simple swipe gesture on the left or right side of the screen, you can retrieve the complete menu and additional options.

For the 75-inch JTouch with razor-sharp 4K resolution and anti-reflection coating, neither a remote control nor the usual cable clutter is necessary. In the INF7530eAG, all robust features of the LightCast technology are integrated. Teachers and students can exchange presentations, videos, photos and documents via the digital whiteboard, using the complete range of functions completely wirelessly.

With the Internet browser installed on the touch display, you can easily perform an Internet search and install Android applications or games.

A touch display that supports collaboration

Collaboration means working together. To effectively work together in the classroom, you must allow for a trouble-free exchange of ideas and content at the end of the lesson.

JTouch Education Display

You can connect up to eight devices To use the touch operation of the graphical user interface, HDMI sources can be connected to five different USB-B ports. I/O ports on the front side of the display allow for easy connection, viewing and touch operation from any PC via HDMI and touch-USB.

In order to enhance the performance and extend the power spectrum of the JTouch, an optional extension with an OPS Windows computer module is also available.

Turn your classroom into a digital learning environment with the INF7530eAG, and your lessons will be slower to fall into oblivion.

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InFocus DigiEasel (INF4030)

Draw, write, and capture notes or share your device’s screen on DigiEasel’s bright, colourful 40” interactive touch display.


DigiEasel elevates your meeting space with the professional look and technological power of an interactive whiteboard at an ultra-low cost.

Choose from portrait or landscape mode to fit the need of any boardroom, classroom, huddle space—or anywhere you collaborate.

Many thanks to our Partner RAPID Technologies ( , who created this informative product video about the InFocus 40” JTouch (DigiEasel).

Key features

  • Beautiful 1080p capacitive touch display in portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Multiple colours, shapes and backgrounds to communicate your ideas.
  • Wirelessly display your device’s screen or browse the web.
  • Display your notebook via HDMI, VGA, or component video.
  • Impress your visitors with a professional, high-tech tool that’s fun to use.


Make collaboration easier and more efficient with a whiteboard display solution for today’s fast-paced digital world.

  • Capture and save whiteboard notes electronically.
  • Email information directly from the DigiEasel (INF4030).
  • The whiteboard scrolls seamlessly as you need additional space, allowing room for free-form drawings, diagrams, and notes.
  • Write or draw with a complete collection of digital pens, highlighters, shapes, and lines.
  • Paste images onto the whiteboard or add useful custom backgrounds, such as a grid or a calendar.
  • Multiple point touch allows multiple people to write or draw at the same time.
  • No calibration required.

Wireless Collaboration

Make meetings and lessons of all types more efficient and engaging with the wireless collaboration solution from InFocus.

Easily connect and share content from any mobile device without wires or cords.

  • Robust and reliable connection via special apps with extra features:
    – Annotation from your smartphone or tablet mobile device
    – Built-in support for cloud drive services
    – Use your device’s camera as a document camera
  • Connect natively with AirPlay or Miracast, or via Chrome extension.
  • Connect to your network to create a new, secure wireless access point.

LightCast Wireless Collaboration

Use the LightCast Key* to easily connect and share content from your Apple, Windows, Android, or Chrome devices.

Access the internet with a built-in web browser, and view or present documents, videos, and photos.

* (sold separately)

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How to clean a touch screen correctly and why you should avoid window cleaner

If you use a touchscreen regularly, you can hardly avoid dust, dirt and grease marks. When removing dust or fingerprints from your last contact with your touch screen, you should pay particular attention to using the right cleaning agent and correctly dealing with it.

Modern touch displays are brighter, sharper, more reactive , and are actually very robust against scratches. They at risk of the most danger when cleaned the wrong way – it can happen very quickly, and before you realize it, your touchscreen is damaged forever.

Correct cleaning does not cost much. So, you can save your touch screenfrom an untimely end.

What should you avoid when cleaning the touch screen?

  • Never apply the cleaning liquid directly onto the screen. Touch screens are manufactured from fine materials and glass – layer by layer. If you directly spray the cleaner onto it, the liquid can penetrate into the corners and then between the thin layers, causing large black spots on the touch screen. Although over the course of time they can become smaller, they will never disappear completely.
touch screen cleaning


  • Never use paper towels or a multipurpose cleaning cloth. The surface of a paper towel is still too rough and causes abrasions. Cleaning with a traditional cloth can cause stains and scratches on the touch screen. A multipurpose cleaning cloth with which someone has cleaned a lunch table can cause devastating damage even from minimal residue left on it.
  • Never use alcohol or ammonia-based cleaning detergents! Touch screens usually have nice shiny surfaces covered with anti-reflex coating. By cleaning with aggressive chemicals, this layer will be removed – this can result in cloudiness and malfunctions, such as the reduction of capacitive properties of the touch screen.

How to clean the touch screen correctly?

    1. First, the touch screen should be prepared for cleaning. Turn off the screen and, preferably, disconnect it completely from any power sources. Clean the touch screen only when it has cooled down.
    2. A dry micro-fibre cloth is ideally suited for removing dust from touch screens, since it does no harm to the surface of the screen. Clean the touch screen with slow and gentle movements – never circular movements!
      touch screen


    3. The next step is to moisten the micro-fibre cloth with distilled water or a special screen cleaning agent to remove adherent dust and dirt. Do not use tap water: it usually always contains mineral deposits that can leave traces on the touch screen. A second cleaning with a dry cloth is not necessary.
    4. In a simple and low-cost way, you can avoid scratches, surface damage and after-clean cloudiness on your valuable touch screen. The special screen cleaning agent is much cheaper than a new screen and usually enough for many cleanings.

What your touch screen is cleaned with must not be left to chance! Better you procure the right cleaning agent (a set consisting of a cloth & fluid for each screen to be stored in the same room) beforehand so that you can enjoy your touch screen for a long time to come.

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The Conference System for Any Kind of Huddle Room: The 40″ JTouch from InFocus

Some people say that the idea of huddle rooms has its origins in the 1980s, and its promotion was something ‘to think about’. Those born between 1980-2000 grew up well-versed in technologies and have now taken the world of work by storm, re-designing it at record speeds. There is no doubt that these people born into a digital world are very socialised and active. In order to meet the needs of this generation, corporate offices and universities provide open spaces, collaborative environments and so-called huddle rooms.

Old Concept Newly Designed: Huddle Rooms

Conference SystemHuddle rooms are small meeting rooms or areas where teams of up to 6 people can optimally work together. They are rooms for internal team meetings and presentations, but also for video conferencing and, on occasion, for discussions with customers. A special feature of huddle rooms is their particular suitability for spontaneous meetings carried out quickly, non-bureaucratically and as a team. The aim of the huddle room is close cooperation and a fast exchange of ideas.

An important aspect of huddle room equipment is visualisation solutions. It is not only the size and appearance of display screens , but also the many other professional features needed for successful collaboration. For example, the display screen must not be too large for a small meeting room and should have an attractive design that fits with the style of each modern company. In addition, it should offer all features for intuitive use and allow interactive collaboration regardless of existing systems and related hardware.

40” Large Interactive Screen for the JTouch Series: The Modern Alternative to Paper, Pen and Whiteboard

Conference SystemJTouch uncompromisingly meets all requirements for a huddle room display. Due to its practical and handy 40-inch size , the interactive whiteboard easily fits into any huddle room. The touch can be placed in portrait or landscape format, depending on the orientation of the selected room.

The JTouch DigiEasel can be connected to any kind of PC, Mac or chrome-book via HDMI, Component Video, VGA or USB ports. Meeting participants can immediately begin interacting with the conferencing system without much effort.

The integrated whiteboard software simplifies working together. In the huddle room, meeting participants can make notes of their ideas immediately – in diverse colours, shapes and images, with a touch pen or without. After the meeting, the notes and screen contents can be saved, for example, on an USB stick, and then sent to all participants by e-mail for later development and elaboration of their ideas.

Conference SystemAnd there are even more options: if you connect a Windows or Mac notebook to the JTouch and this computer has Internet access, you can even include persons in the meeting who are in other rooms, in their home offices or even on business trips with the optional ConX cloud solution. You can share either data or video signals, so everyone can contribute to a successful meeting outcome.

A huddle room is already a must for each company office. Impress your guests with a professional high-tech whiteboard – they will really have fun brainstorming as they use it!

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The 65” Summer Touch Display Education Offer from InFocus

This beautiful 65” Touch Display from InFocus comes with capacitive touch technology and some interesting options at a special price (*RRP £1699 excl. VAT).



Further options:

  • Oktopus Eduacation software (INS-QBUNDLE)
  • Lightcast Hub for wireless presentation, internet browsing and whiteboarding (INA-LC100)

Channel partner will benefit from:

  • Optional free training
  • Free product demos
  • Deal and project registration
  • Attractive product margins

Important order information:

Any desired option needs to be part of the original purchase order.

Order INF6500eAG and INS-BNOTE1 for the display with annotation software.

Order INF6500eAG and INA-LC100 for the display with internet browser, whiteboard and wireless presentation option.

Order INF6500eAG and INS-QBUNDLE for the display with Oktopus education software (compatible with Smart and Promethean).


*Offer is limited to UK/IRELAND region.

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Advancement in the classroom through digital whiteboards

As well as pupils go through different phases of their education, the form of the teaching rooms also changes. Primary school children have colorful bookshelves and reading areas while in the junior high school they work with laptops and whiteboards. The teaching materials in the classroom adapt to the age and educational needs, and so technology also has to satisfy the requirements of its age group.

The technology in the classroom must be interoperable, when the pupils develop. This is important to meet the needs at the different stages of learning and to ensure that classroom technology is a worthy investment of the tight school budget.

Whiteboard and Wireless Adapter

InFocus J-Touch INF6502WBAG and INLITESHOW4

The InFocus JTouch INF6502WBAG 65 ” , in conjunction with the INLITESHOW4 adapter, provides an interactive work environment for easy and wireless learning.

“It is worthwhile to give students time, space and tools with which they can network, shape and work together. With LiteShow 4, they have a tool that makes these three things possible.”
-Nick P., high school teacher

After a task assigned by the teacher, the students can connect with the LiteShow4 to present their solutions to the class. For this purpose, it is sufficient to connect the LiteShow4 USB stick. No special administrator rights or extra software are required.

In order to compare the solutions and to work out the best possible results together with the students, thanks to the moderator and QuadView functions it is possible to perform presentations on the Whiteboard from up to 4 connected computers. In doing so, it is possible to transfer multimedial content such as video and audio files to the whiteboard and play them.

Usually, another problem is the compatibility with the different terminals. The wireless adapter is compatible with almost all devices. Operating systems like Windows 10, 8 and 7 as well as Mac run smoothly on the whiteboard and the InLiteShow 4 adapter. By means of the MirrorOP app, teachers and students can even connect via their own mobile devices such as iOS and Android.

Expensive equipment is practically unthinkable in the school sector, as most schools cannot afford the budget to buy new systems every few years. InFocus responds to the needs of the education sector with an attractive price for the whiteboard and the wireless adapter and thus makes it possible for schools to provide their pupils with the best possible learning atmosphere.

Classrooms must grow and develop – as well as their students. The latest technologies make it possible for students to achieve their goals effectively and, above all, together.

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InFocus Partner Webinar: Interactive Flat Panels are great for Huddle spaces

Please join us on
Tuesday, June 27th at 15:00 (BST – UK time) / 16:00 (CET – German time)

for an exclusive InFocus partner webinar on the latest JTouch interactive flat panel range from InFocus.

The webinar will be conducted in English.

Christoph Cyrol, EMEA Marketing at InFocus, will join the webinar to introduce the latest InFocus JTouch range and highlight why they are great for Huddle spaces.

InFocus Webinar with Christoph Cyrol, EMEA Marketing

Christoph Cyrol, EMEA Marketing

Webinar Content Highlights:

• Learn about the IFPD Market in Europe and its fastest growing segment
• Hear how InFocus line up fit’s into todays touch panel market needs
• Understand the opportunities selling more touch panels with some of the additional features we can offer you
• Discover the complete line-up of InFocus touch panels in this webinar
• Ask questions to our expert Christoph Cyrol

Click here to register!

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