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Videos and Touch Displays become more common in Education – 3 Key Factors

At schools and in higher education, videos and Touch Displays are used as an instrument for exchanging ideas and for more engagement with the students. Streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co. are no longer the only channels which are used every day. It has also become a part of school education.

An education video work report of 2017 shows that 99% of institutions work with teachers who routinely integrate videos into their classes. Students engage more while learning with videos, while potential employers expect them to leave education with the skills they need to participate in digital culture.

Touch Displays in Education make lessons more joy able for every one

Touch Displays in Education make lessons more joy able for every one

Even videoconferences are used for trainings and all universities are increasingly looking for new ways to use video in education. The 3 Modern key factors are:

1. Distance learning, with webinars or video-conferences

73% of universities offering distance learning videos for education. More than half of the universities use video for presentations and even interactive Touchscreens to interact with students at different locations.

In addition to distance learning, 65% of universities record their lessons, to be used mutliple times and from various locations. Statistics show that 38% of colleges want at least 25% of their classroom in digital form and even more would wish for more 47% in interactive and digital material.

With videoconferencing systems and touchscreens like the INF7530eAG with 75″ and 4k, universities can connect students who can not attend classes for geographical and personal reasons.

2.Videos lead to a better experience

Overall, many teachers feel that using videos make students more satisfied with their education, and up to 85% of students believe it can improve students’ performance.

Touchscreens make it easy to record videos, edit them on the run, pulish and distribute them and even interact on one single document. At the same time, 62% of universities use touchscreens for homework and 60% think that it will increase their skills and concentration. The reasons are as easy as posts are presented and created together in class and therefore result in better interaction with every single student.

3. Students do rarely create videos independently


The creation of interactive content is increasingly becoming an important part of teaching and lecturing.

Although it has become easier to create videos, surveyed universities report that less than 10% of students create videos as part of their classroom work and even fewer (8%) regularly create videos in class.

However, the numbers go up. This year, 21% of respondents said they think the majority of students are actively using video. The teachers and proffessors also suggest that the use of video and touchscreens in education will continue to increase in the coming years.

Instead of viewing videos and videoconferences seperately, it will simply be another way of communication and accessing content allover unis and schools.

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InFocus shows its strengths at the Bett Show 2018

At this year’s Bett-Show 2018 in London, from Jan 24th to Jan 27th, InFocus will present its INF7530eAG and INF4030 from the JTouch series and the INF6522AG model from the Mondopad series to educators and decision makers looking for innovative learning and education solutions.

Bett-Show 2018

Bett is the first trade fair of the year in the educational technology sector, making it a meeting place of 850 leading companies, 103 exciting new ed-tech start-ups and more than 34,700 participants from the global education community.

The purpose of Bett 2018 is to bring inspiration to the coming year, as well as be a place to discuss the future of education and the role of technology and innovation in making educators successful.

What are JTouch models capable of?

INF7530eAG– The best JTouch yet for educational purposes

Touch DisplayThe JTouch INF7530eAG impresses with its user-friendly interface equipped with a total touch control and brilliant 4K-resolution on the 75” anti-glare screen. The built-in functions for learning purposes and the ability to use native Android apps makes JTouch a perfect companion to daily learning practice. The whiteboard function with a web browser, media player, and Air-Play feature allows you to add notes to desired applications, videos, websites and documents. The well-known touch gestures , such as wiping, zooming and tapping, work seamlessly as part of the hardware. This makes using a remote control obsolete with this JTouch model. Via five different USB-B ports, HDMI sources can be connected.

INF4030 – DigiEasel, the interactive whiteboard and display

JTouch DisplayThe JTouch meets the requirements on display in the education branch without compromise. Thanks to the practical and handy 40-inch size, the interactive whiteboard fits easily in every classroom. Depending on the orientation, the touchscreen can be adjusted to either in portrait or landscape format. The integrated whiteboard software simplifies collaboration and allows for up to date results to be immediately captured and shared with each participant after the lesson. The INF4030 can also be connected via HDMI, VGA, Component Video and USB port to any PC, Mac or Chromebook.

What is the Mondopad model capable of?

INF6522AG – All functions are united and readily accessible

Mondopad Display

All the functions required for visual presentations, as well as the collection and exchange of ideas are contained in the INF6522AG model. The 65-inch touch screen features the video conferencing technology with pin-sharp HD resolution and a digital, interactive whiteboard comment function. The capacitive touch function of this technology ensures efficient collaboration. The Mondopad is not only flexible due to the control of each notebook, tablet or smartphone, but also extendible via an integrated Windows PC with pre-installed Microsoft Office. Thus, teachers can develop and expand their ideas by working together face-to-face from any location.

The Bett is an opportunity for everyone to share experience and to become a game changer in the global education sector..

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Beamer vs. Whiteboards in the training room – Part 2

Now it’s time for the second part of the “Royal battle”.

In one corner there is the long-established projector, in the other our upstart, the touch screen with integrated whiteboard software or connected Android Whiteboard Box. The previous result is 2: 2 or a draw for projectors and whiteboards in the areas of installation, image size and contrast and quality. You missed the first game? Here you can retrace the battle.

beamer vs touchscreen

In order to detain you no longer: “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

Round 3: Interactivity

With digital whiteboards as well as with interactive beamers, professors, teachers or students can write directly onto the picture. In addition, both of them often provide sophisticated software for creating, displaying and storing teaching contributions, such as the Whiteboard software from InFocus. The difference shows when the screen is to be touched in order to select a program. Here, whiteboards work with digital pens as well as with the powerful multi-touch technology which allows you to write on the display with several fingers at the same time. In this regard, the projectors cannot match.




Winners: Whiteboards

Round 4: Shadows

No matter how much you try to avoid, beamers cast shadows when people enter their projection field. And there are only a few things that are more disagreeable during a presentation than to be blinded by the light of the projector or not to be able to see a complete picture due to the shadows. Whiteboards create the image internally by using liquid crystal display panels. Thus, there is no shadowing. In addition, they are independent of light conditions and provide a clear picture even in strong sunlight.




Winners: Whiteboards

Round 5: Costs

With regard to technology for the education sector, often the price is crucial. Projectors are the undefeated champions on the cost side. For example, a 65-inch JTouch is fast three times as expensive as a Short ThrowBeamer. Depending on the model, the Whiteboard software or Android Whiteboard Box has also to be added in the case of the JTouch. Although a lamp has to be bought and replaced every two years, the projectors remain cheaper.




Winners: projectors



After the judges have scored their points, a clear winner is determined:

the whiteboards.


However, the Beamers demand a rematch. The beamer technology is maturing and prices are falling. This point of the beamers might be lost this time. We will see. Notwithstanding the above: the ultimate winners of projection technology are neither whiteboards nor projectors, but teachers and students.

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The touch displays of the BigTouch series

The trend is always moving towards mobility: Originally it was only possible to use a PC at home and later the laptop provided more freedom of movement. With the tablet, users received additional scope. Our BigTouch combines the fun of using a tablet with the productivity that is achieved when working on the PC and thus creates a fast and fluid touch experience in an impressive large format. We present: the BigTouch product line.

A large display – as easy to use as a tablet

In the Big Touch devices, components that compliment best are assembled: A large format touch display and a powerful Windows computer. Available as a 57, 65, 70 and 85 inch touch display, BigTouch PCs are used in addition to the office sector in various industries and public institutions.

BIGTOUCH Touch DisplayEducational institutions such as primary and secondary schools benefit from the intuitively operated touch screen that runs alternatively on Windows 8 or 10. Take advantage of Big Touch in classrooms for lessons or use it for working flexibly and securely on the management level of a public institution.

Hospitals, clinics and laboratories may use the touch-sensitive high-resolution touch display to organize patient information.

And the products of our BigTouch series are also integrated in the hospitality industry. The touch PC is the best choice to entertain guests in the hotel lobby, to advertise menus in the hotel restaurants or to demonstrate the leisure activities of the region at the reception.

BigTouch: A large tablet full of features

With this Full HD touch PC, you can experience all Windows apps in touch mode on an anti-reflective surface. The large touch display supports all the convenient Windows 8 features such as tapping, wiping or rotating on the screen – convincing intuitive touch. Special features ensure that you connect to a network quickly or that you securely access to files in the cloud.

In our BigTouch product line you will find:

  • INF5711AG: 57-inch touch screen with Windows 8.1 Pro and included table standTouch Display BigTouch
  • NF6511AG & INF6512AG: Two 65-inch displays with capacitive touch and Windows 10 Pro.
  • INF7012: 70-inch display with 4k resolution and capacitive touch and Windows 10 Pro
  • INF8511: 85-inch display with 4k resolution, Gorilla Glass and Windows 10 Pro

Due to their impressive size, the Touch PCs of the BigTouch series are ideal for presentations or collaboration with several people in the conference room. The included wireless mouse and a keyboard ensure the desired flexibility and mobility.

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Access to ConX Video meeting room via Skype

The ConX Video Meeting by InFocus is a cloud based video conferencing system that seamlessly connects video calls from different endpoints to a single experience. A ConX video call allows you to combine SIP, H.323, Skype for Business, WebRTC and analog audio calls in a meeting.

In principle, ConX Video Meeting is a SIP-based service that can be connected to any standard SIP video client. This includes software and hardware products from InFocus and other video conferencing systems such as Cisco, Polycom and LifeSize.

In addition, ConX Video Meeting enables the integration of non-SIP clients into the service, for example, Skype for Business (S4B).

We’ll explain how to use your Skype for Business client to access an InFocusConX video meeting room via its full SIP URL address.

How to join the video conference system ConX via Skype

Make sure that a current version of the Skype for Business (S4B) application is installed on your computer. If not, ask your IT department for help or click the following link:

  1. Start your S4B client and log in.
  2. In the address bar, you’ll find “Find Someone” (PC) or “Search for Contact” (Mac). video conferencing system ConX
    Here, enter the full address of the ConX video meeting. This always consists of the number of the respective virtual conference room and the address “@”. For example, for the conference room 8985 the URL “” is valid.
  3. Click on the contact address with the right mouse button and select “Start Video Call”from the conferencing system ConX
  4. If a PIN is required to participate in the conference, click the Call Control icon and enter the PIN, followed by the hash key. Example: 1234 #.
  5. Now you are connected to the ConX video meeting.

Share your screen with ConX video participants

If you want to share your screens with the conference participants, click the Monitor icon and follow the prompts to specifically select what you want to share.

video conferencing system ConX




Once shared, all other ConX participants can see the contents of your screen or application.

With ConX, you may easily connect face-to-face to your contacts and therefore use your already existing infrastructures and devices, such as InFocus touch screens, without any problems.

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The perfect presentation – Touch screens against boredom

“More than 80 percent of all presentations are boring or even soporific.”

The Wall Street Journal recently came to this shocking result. Only 3% of the presentations held in companies inspire listeners and viewers, attract attention and thus contribute to simplifying work in the first place. There are multiple reasons for this. Often, there is simply fear of modern presentation technology behind it.

With some exercise, a children’s game

Presentations and meetings are intended to define project objectives, to coordinate project partners and improvetheir collaboration in the company. Overloaded slides, a monotonous lecture style as well as a lack of know-how on the touch screen often make a presentation a disaster only after a short time.

Before you begin with your presentation on the touch screen at all, you should ask yourself: Are my slides designed simply and attractively? Am I able to speak as freely as possible? Am I familiar with the touch screen? If you have to answer even one of these questions with “no”, this means: Practice makes perfect!

present at the touch screen - the perfect presentation

Here are some more general tips:

  1. Communicate only one message per slide. Not all people are multitasking. If your audience is constantly busy with reading, no one will listen to you.
  2. Do not read from your presentation slides and never turn your back on your audience. Maintain eye contact and respond to feedback from your audience.
  3. Use your touch screen as a resource for entertaining, interactive presentations. Reduce your stress factor by acquainting yourself with the technology and practicing with your touch screen.

Touch screen JTouch INF6500eAG for diversified presentations

Our 65-inch touch screen of the JTouch display series helps you to make your presentation interesting and, at the same time, as stress-free as possible. Connect the JTouch INF6500eAG to your notebook or PC and control your presentation directly via the large-format touch screen. The advantage is that you can better inspire your audience because you may control elements and slides during the presentation easily on the big screen and you do not have to stick spellbound to your PC or notebook.

Touch screen JTouch INF6500e by InFocus - the perfect presentation

The capacitive touch screen with anti-glare display provides a light and colour touch experience that can be controlled by an easy-to-use touch screen technology, because you already know the technology from your iPhone: The JTouch INF6500eAG works with the same effortless gesture control (for example, “wiping”, “tapping”, “dragging”) like smart phones or tablets.

Another plus: Add the wireless InFocus LiteShow 4 adapter to the JTouch INF6500eAG in order to easily exchange data, audio, and video files using a WLAN connection. This exempts you from intimidating cable spaghetti, reduces your stress factor and accelerates the presentation.

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How-to: Presentations o the touch screen – Part II

How to best display your content on the touch screen

About 30 million presentations are held around the world every day. Of these, 90% are considered to be boring and uninteresting “time wasters” for spectators or listeners. Therefore, not infrequently, a tormented groan from the workforce of a company is likely to occur when a presentation is announced for the next meeting: Stupidly designed slides with hardly readable contents, incomprehensible explanatory attempts, no possibility of active participation. It is unimaginable, how much time and money thereby is at stake for companies. InFocus donates you precious working hours: We show you how every presentation with a touch screen will become a success!

How every presentation with a touch screen will become a success!

How every presentation with a touch screen will become a success!

Touch screen devices from InFocus

InFocus is one of the market leaders for visual communication. For what reason? Because our innovative solutions, also in the field of touch display, always set new standards. Our touch screens JTouch, Mondopad and BigTouch enable presentations, video conferences and digital signage at the highest level.

Tips and tricks for a presentation with the InFocus touch screen which remains in the memory

Tips and tricks for a presentation which remains in the memory

Getting the best out of collaboration through simple communication, creating content, saving and sharing – with a touch-screen model from InFocus, you captivate your audience! Even external employees can participate in a presentation, whether connected via their own PC, the tablet or the smart phone.



Thanks to a wide range of connection facilities, such as HDMI, VGA and USB interfaces, the InFocus touch screen PCs offer versatile connectivity. Whether the interactive Mondopad touch PCs in full-HD and with integrated Windows computer as well as a collaboration suite, the Full HD BigTouch devices with integrated Windows 8 computer or the full-HD JTouch series for interactive digital signage with precise touch screen technology – InFocus makes presentations the popular must-do on the to-do lists.

In order to make your presentation on the touch screen a success, you should consider the following:

  • No false start: Forget the sneaky introductory sentences like “Today I am holding a presentation on the subject of xy.” You will be captivating your colleagues from the start with an exciting introduction to the topic.
  • Talk freely instead of reading: Anyone who reads a pre-written presentation word for word must reckon with a small attention from the audience. A monotonous lecture has a soporific effect and often prevents the release of one’s own thoughts.
  • Do not forget your body language. Communication works on several levels, the body language accounts for about 55% of the effect. Take full advantage of this potential.
  • Observe the font size: Your presentation might not only fail with overloaded slides, but also with a too small font. Often, the audience is able to see the text on the touch screen but not to read it. Especially for smaller touch displays, this is an important point that must be observed.
  • With the back turned to the touch screen: Your presentation will become a success, if the audience spellbound will hang to your every word. For this reason, position yourself with your back turned to the touch screen.
  • Active presentation style: What has been worked out together will remain in the memory. Make use of the possibility of annotating directly during the presentation and send the content in the appropriate format to the audience already during the event.
  • Multimedia content has a loosening-up effect: The audience becomes more attentive through videos. Something is happening. Anyone who visualizes the content of his presentation with a video will notice how quickly he will be back in the center of attention and interest in his presentation will be increasing.
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Field tested: The Mondopad in use at the Portland State University

In search of a high-tech collaboration solution for their students, researchers and other interest groups, the Portland State University tested the Mondopads of InFocus. Four years ago, with the development of the Mondopad InFocus created a solution for the large-scale visualization of data and images that also combines single and group work as well as video conferencing in a single device. This has a positive impact on research and teaching: cooperation and decision-making beyond local university boundaries. It is not without reason that the State University of Portland named the work space which is equipped with the Mondopads, their “Theater of decisions”.

Theater of decisions

“Theater of decisions” at Portland State Universität Source:

Goals and wishes of the state university of Portland to the collaboration solution

The Portland State University has set itself the goal of driving the interlinking of research and teaching. Closer collaboration between research and authorities makes it possible to recognize recurring patterns through the large-scale data visualization and to make forecasts or future events. These results are applicable in areas such as prediction and prevention of environmental disasters.

At the University for Urban and Public Affairs, the Research Director describes the initial situation: „Originally, we only intended for different interest groups to be able to use a multi-part video wall in order to cooperate with each other.“ For this purpose, single display solutions have already been installed and tested, because „we have found that the individual displays open up new perspectives for our entire research area.“ In order to implement the desire for a cooperation space, the state university of Portland relied on the Mondopads of InFocus. They strove for a room with great visualization capabilities, powerful computers, robust video conferencing capabilities, and a collaborative, modular environment.

The Mondopads convinced through their complete offer consisting of touch screen, large format screen and video conference solution. „We have integrated them in different locations on the campus and are now benefiting from the ability of the Mondopads to bring together people from different areas.“ For the forest fire prediction and prevention sector, this means, for example, that a community resource has been created that may be used by many regional actors, such as first responders, in order to predict fire hazards and react as quickly as possible.

Fulfilling wishes by integrating Mondopads

Under the name „Theater of Decisions“ a work space was created, following the example of similar rooms at the Arizona State University and the University of Chicago. Thanks to the Mondopads, users can expect an immersive multimedia experience that encourages the independent work of individuals as well as cooperation in groups – and both within the university walls and beyond. The large-format touch-screen PCs make working very easy: Viewing and saving ideas in real-time, integrating external project workers, and providing versatile connectivity for individual use and an interactive touch screen experience.

Theater of Decisions

Touchscreens of InFocus Source:

The technical implementation in detail: Seven Mondopads in one room

The original idea of a multi-panel video wall was a headache for the technical service team at the university yet before the start of the project. Their preoccupation was that such a video wall would not provide sufficient flexibility and modularity to support individuals and groups equally in their work. However, since they had already successfully integrated some touchscreen displays in different training rooms years ago, they were confident.

The solution came from InFocus in the form of a modular, collaborative environment: the Mondopad. It facilitates a large-scale 360-degree view of various data and images as well as working on small units or small data sets. With the product line Mondopad, the Portland State University created an active learning environment. Touch screen interface, camera function and powerful speakers of the InFocus display solution are also convincing thanks to the compatibility with already used software on the part of the university.

The front of the “Theater of Decisions” workplace is tiled with three 80-inch Mondopads, which are capable of selectively displaying several small images or a giant image. On the remaining three walls, the technical service team installed four 70-inch Mondopads in order to support group work. The final result is a high-performance and multi-purpose space that enables researchers and community members to visualize data, collaborate with teams inside and outside the campus, and work individually in an uncomplicated manner.

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The InFocus Academy – A very special service offer

With keywords such as “better meetings in better quality”, “cooperation made easy” or effective solutions for video conferences” we intend to show you which possibilities are provided by means of the InFocus devices.

InFocus Projectors

In order to enable anyone – even without technical understanding – to benefit from our projectors and touch screen solutions, we have initiated the InFocus Academy .

Where and how InFocus can support you

InFocus has taken on the task of simplifying cooperation in a wide variety of areas. Whether concerning meetings around the globe, lecture series at the university or effective learning at school: With the products of InFocus, you captivate your audience, improve the communication and save a lot of time.Our projectors are available in all sizes and performance classes.

InFocus projectors

They are not only suitable for professional use, but also for home use we offer inexpensive, high-quality projectors to turn a simple TV night into a real home cinema experience. Interactive, Full HD or 3D – there is no limit to the applications, because our projectors really cover every need.

The selection ranges from small handy and mobile projectors to powerful professional projectors for big events.

Our innovative touch screen solutions, in turn, enable interactive collaboration at the highest level: You may upload data, edit data in a team, save and share – all in real time. With our display solutions in the sizes from 40 to 85 inches as well as a large selection of integrated hardware and software, a modular, innovative, complete solution for video conferences, presentations and collaboration is available.

touchscreen display

Any questions concerning the products from InFocus? The InFocus Academy knows the answers

But how to use all the helpful features of InFocus products in order to turn a presentation, the collaboration with colleagues or a joint evening of football into a real event? How do I have to use a touch display ? Which projector is compatible with my PC? How do the video meetings work? What are the new features of mobile devices?

As of January 2017, InFocus keeps ready a special service offered to you. With the so-called “InFocus Academy” we offer you a website (for the moment only available in English) that bundles all the information and all the know-how of our products:

Discover the latest devices, accessories and software solutions in the product library. Let experts introduce you to the latest products and learn how to best use beamer or touch screen solutions.

What awaits you in the InFocus Academy

Who wants to use the InFocus Academy, may register directly online and simply access the informative offers.

We do not only recommend to our users to browse our website, also dealers and sales teams find a lot of professional tips and tricks here.

In our comprehensive product library, you will learn everything about existing and upcoming products and get instant access to product videos and troubleshooting tips.

Here, the knowledge about the individual products from InFocus can not only be read, but the Academy also presents illustrative short training videos – whether you use our video collaboration solutions only recently or if you would like to become a real professional in the matter of interactive displays like the Mondopad. Simply search for the topics you are interested in, look at the short and crisp info videos and learn how to use your InFocus products even better.

The best: every month, new videos are waiting for you.

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How to transmit content onto the touch screen

Who does not know the following scene: Before holding a presentation with a projector, you have to tune into the technology first. Beamer and PC have to be optimally connected; lastly, content has to be displayed without any errors in order to make a meeting effective.

For unlimited connections, InFocus introduces network solutions, so that the annoying cable clutter is eliminated. Henceforth the projector may be connected wirelessly to a PC. In addition, technically sophisticated touch screens are available and make a presentation more exciting as for example the Mondopad series.

presenting with touch screen

Transferring content from the PC to the touch screen device

Not only the projector may be connected wireless to the PC, even the large touch screen PCs may be used completely without annoying cables. InFocus provides the following options:

1. Display Link
By means of the DisplayLink technology the touch screen may be connected to the PC via WLAN. Without any installation effort, content may be transferred quickly and safely. With the DisplayLink adapter, even distances up to ten meters can be overcome.

2. Wireless USB module
With the 802.11 USB module of TP-Link both presentations as well as their control run reliably via WLAN.

3. Wireless USB adapter
The Wireless USB adapter is compatible with most operating systems of Windows, Linux and Mac. Content will be transmitted at a data rate of up to 300 Mbps.

4. Lightshow 4 VGA
The Lightshow 4 adapter allows to connect VGA supplies or HDMI supplies wirelessly with the touch screen. Data, audio and video can be exchanged over a secure WLAN connection.

5. LightCast module
The small LightCast module also supports the wireless transmission of content onto the touch screen. Via WLAN, the devices can be connected; information may be exchanged and even edited and saved. For more information, please take a look at our LightCast Compatibility List.

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