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Advancement in the classroom through digital whiteboards

As well as pupils go through different phases of their education, the form of the teaching rooms also changes. Primary school children have colorful bookshelves and reading areas while in the junior high school they work with laptops and whiteboards. The teaching materials in the classroom adapt to the age and educational needs, and so technology also has to satisfy the requirements of its age group.

The technology in the classroom must be interoperable, when the pupils develop. This is important to meet the needs at the different stages of learning and to ensure that classroom technology is a worthy investment of the tight school budget.

Whiteboard and Wireless Adapter

InFocus J-Touch INF6502WBAG and INLITESHOW4

The InFocus JTouch INF6502WBAG 65 ” , in conjunction with the INLITESHOW4 adapter, provides an interactive work environment for easy and wireless learning.

“It is worthwhile to give students time, space and tools with which they can network, shape and work together. With LiteShow 4, they have a tool that makes these three things possible.”
-Nick P., high school teacher

After a task assigned by the teacher, the students can connect with the LiteShow4 to present their solutions to the class. For this purpose, it is sufficient to connect the LiteShow4 USB stick. No special administrator rights or extra software are required.

In order to compare the solutions and to work out the best possible results together with the students, thanks to the moderator and QuadView functions it is possible to perform presentations on the Whiteboard from up to 4 connected computers. In doing so, it is possible to transfer multimedial content such as video and audio files to the whiteboard and play them.

Usually, another problem is the compatibility with the different terminals. The wireless adapter is compatible with almost all devices. Operating systems like Windows 10, 8 and 7 as well as Mac run smoothly on the whiteboard and the InLiteShow 4 adapter. By means of the MirrorOP app, teachers and students can even connect via their own mobile devices such as iOS and Android.

Expensive equipment is practically unthinkable in the school sector, as most schools cannot afford the budget to buy new systems every few years. InFocus responds to the needs of the education sector with an attractive price for the whiteboard and the wireless adapter and thus makes it possible for schools to provide their pupils with the best possible learning atmosphere.

Classrooms must grow and develop – as well as their students. The latest technologies make it possible for students to achieve their goals effectively and, above all, together.

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Beamer vs. Whiteboards in the training room – Part 2

Now it’s time for the second part of the “Royal battle”.

In one corner there is the long-established projector, in the other our upstart, the touch screen with integrated whiteboard software or connected Android Whiteboard Box. The previous result is 2: 2 or a draw for projectors and whiteboards in the areas of installation, image size and contrast and quality. You missed the first game? Here you can retrace the battle.

beamer vs touchscreen

In order to detain you no longer: “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

Round 3: Interactivity

With digital whiteboards as well as with interactive beamers, professors, teachers or students can write directly onto the picture. In addition, both of them often provide sophisticated software for creating, displaying and storing teaching contributions, such as the Whiteboard software from InFocus. The difference shows when the screen is to be touched in order to select a program. Here, whiteboards work with digital pens as well as with the powerful multi-touch technology which allows you to write on the display with several fingers at the same time. In this regard, the projectors cannot match.




Winners: Whiteboards

Round 4: Shadows

No matter how much you try to avoid, beamers cast shadows when people enter their projection field. And there are only a few things that are more disagreeable during a presentation than to be blinded by the light of the projector or not to be able to see a complete picture due to the shadows. Whiteboards create the image internally by using liquid crystal display panels. Thus, there is no shadowing. In addition, they are independent of light conditions and provide a clear picture even in strong sunlight.




Winners: Whiteboards

Round 5: Costs

With regard to technology for the education sector, often the price is crucial. Projectors are the undefeated champions on the cost side. For example, a 65-inch JTouch is fast three times as expensive as a Short ThrowBeamer. Depending on the model, the Whiteboard software or Android Whiteboard Box has also to be added in the case of the JTouch. Although a lamp has to be bought and replaced every two years, the projectors remain cheaper.




Winners: projectors



After the judges have scored their points, a clear winner is determined:

the whiteboards.


However, the Beamers demand a rematch. The beamer technology is maturing and prices are falling. This point of the beamers might be lost this time. We will see. Notwithstanding the above: the ultimate winners of projection technology are neither whiteboards nor projectors, but teachers and students.

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Projector vs. Whiteboards in the training room – Part 1

It is a technological “Royal battle”. The struggle between electronic whiteboards and projectors might determine how a whole generation of college students will be taught. Imagine a cage match with five rounds, where advantages and disadvantages compete.

In one corner we have the old champion, the traditional classroom projectorprojector that has always done a good job. It traditionally projects readable texts and pictures onto the canvas. The prices for a projector have never been lower and are currently starting around 300 Euros for a device with scalable projection size and adaption to different light conditions. In other words, it carries the weight of the video based doctrine in classrooms and auditoriums.

JtouchIn the other corner, we see the upstart: a large interactive whiteboard. It is more expensive, but allows an additional level of interactivity and especially connectivity to the modern media. Equipped with the right whiteboard software and a Android Whiteboard Box, teachers and students have auto forms, pens in every conceivable color, text marker and much more at their disposal. Touch screens never cast a bad light on the lecture or the teacher. Explanation: When using a projector, you usually stand in the light oft the projector. This is most a bit nerve-racking for the speakers. Only in case of larger set-ups / installations the speaker ist standing or sitting far away from the projection screen. Mostly the lecturer stands close to the projection screen an thus fully in the projector light.

So, “let’s get ready to rumble”!

Preliminary round: Installation

There are a lot of preparations to be made before the fight can begin. Both devices have to be installed first. A projector has to hang from a ceiling or wall or to be placed on tables (including sub-tables). This may involve wiring, mounting hardware and oftenly stand -along audio.

Large displays are not easier when it comes to the setup. The InFocus 65-inch JTouch requires two persons to safely hang it up. Likewise, a special hardware installation, often including in-wall wiring, is required as well as the installation of the whiteboard software. But it’s worth it: The InFocus audio systems can easily fill a medium-sized training room with sound.

Winner: drawn

Round 1: Image size

The bell rings and round 1 begins. Here, the image size matters. In this aspect, the projector that can scale an image to a size of 380 cm (or 3.8 m) is clearly advantageous, especially in large rooms. So, the whiteboards fall back.

Winners: projectors


Round 2: Contrast and Quality

The InFocus JTouch 65-inch can show more contrast and image quality than the InFocus projector, providing a clear and sharp image on the entire surface. With the projectors, the shaprness at the edge of the picture can differ slightly from the center of the image. A better contrast brings more detail to the screen, especially at fine shapes of the color in the picture.

Winner: whiteboards


The two parties are now allowed to have a break to prepare for the last 3 rounds. Read next week wich one can expand its leadership!

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6 tips for presentations with a touch screen PC

Those who want to use the performing monitor during a presentation via touch screen should consider several things. In order to avoid making a fool of yourself in a meeting or in the next conference, here are a few tips from InFocus…

1st: Display the content on a touch screen PC

Before a presentation may start, the content has to be displayed on the screen. By using a USB stick you deliver the presentation background directly to the touch screen PC, but also cable connections to other PCs or Macs are possible, even if in a circumstantial way. We therefore recommend the wireless connection or the immediate use of the touch screen PC.

2nd: Choose the right font size

Since many devices used for presentations still are equipped with small screen sizes, attention should be paid to an appropriate font size when creating a presentation. It is preferable to choose a larger font size that can be read from the last row in the conference room.

3rd: Consider your positioning during the presentation

A presentation will only be successful if the audience hangs spellbound to your every word. Therefore, you should stand with your back to the touch screen PC. Reflect the presentation content in the run-up, take notes or use the mobile view on cell phone.

4th: Add annotations

During a presentation, at best, a gain of insights will take place. You may record these findings directly to your presentation slides, save them and then share them with the audience. Doing so, you freshen up every presentation and optimize further work.

5th: Make use of assistance when operating difficulties occur

Due to excitement, many have to struggle with sweaty hands during a presentation. If the operation of the touch screen PCs causes difficulties, we recommend the use of a stylus. This allows you to safely operate films, set markers and add notes.

6th: Engage in using the new PC

Often new technology represents an additional stress factor for the speaker. Therefore get acquainted to the touch screen PC in advance of a presentation. If you are familiar with the operation of the device, the presentation will be much easier for you.

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The Mondopad touchscreen PC permits a variety of applications

The Mondopad with touchscreen by InFocus is available for operators as an all-in-one touch display to be used in the conference room of an industrial giant or in a simple classroom, in a medical consulting room as well as in the meeting room of a creative agency. This is how the Mondopad facilitates any videoconference or presentation thanks to its touchscreen …

Our Touchscreen PC - Mondopad now in 2.0

The Mondopad with touchscreen for effective cooperation

The Mondopad simplifies any cooperation with colleagues or customers. Content may not displayed appealingly but also in a clear manner. With the 57/70-inch screen, the integrated i7 PC with its own collaboration software the high-resolution video camera and sound bar, InFocus offers a complete technical solution for effective collaboration – to be interconnected from all places in the world and to work with each other, and still at a reasonable price. By means of the special collaboration tools, data and video and other content can be shared, compared and detained. The Mondopad with touch screen provides unlimited access to face-to-face teamwork, by default for a two-person conversation, optional for up to 25 participants. Without additional expenditure of time and without any travel expenses, collaborations get possible anywhere in the world.

Additional features of the Mondopad with touchscreen

Use the Mondopad as a player for movies etc., create drawings and graphics like on a canvas or edit photos or text – namely, not alone, but if necessary with a huge cloud. Take the opportunity of high availability video calls, share ideas immediately or follow a presentation of the Mondopad directly on your mobile device. The functions of the Mondopad can also be controlled via PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. On the interactive whiteboard, you can brainstorm together with others, capture ideas with various pens, markers, shapes and lines and share them in real time. This ensures that all project participants are always up to date. Banish all the technical equipment that has to be coordinated elaborately in order to really make work easier. Instead, use the Mondopad with touchscreen as an all-rounder.


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