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InFocus shows its strengths at the Bett Show 2018

At this year’s Bett-Show 2018 in London, from Jan 24th to Jan 27th, InFocus will present its INF7530eAG and INF4030 from the JTouch series and the INF6522AG model from the Mondopad series to educators and decision makers looking for innovative learning and education solutions.

Bett-Show 2018

Bett is the first trade fair of the year in the educational technology sector, making it a meeting place of 850 leading companies, 103 exciting new ed-tech start-ups and more than 34,700 participants from the global education community.

The purpose of Bett 2018 is to bring inspiration to the coming year, as well as be a place to discuss the future of education and the role of technology and innovation in making educators successful.

What are JTouch models capable of?

INF7530eAG– The best JTouch yet for educational purposes

Touch DisplayThe JTouch INF7530eAG impresses with its user-friendly interface equipped with a total touch control and brilliant 4K-resolution on the 75” anti-glare screen. The built-in functions for learning purposes and the ability to use native Android apps makes JTouch a perfect companion to daily learning practice. The whiteboard function with a web browser, media player, and Air-Play feature allows you to add notes to desired applications, videos, websites and documents. The well-known touch gestures , such as wiping, zooming and tapping, work seamlessly as part of the hardware. This makes using a remote control obsolete with this JTouch model. Via five different USB-B ports, HDMI sources can be connected.

INF4030 – DigiEasel, the interactive whiteboard and display

JTouch DisplayThe JTouch meets the requirements on display in the education branch without compromise. Thanks to the practical and handy 40-inch size, the interactive whiteboard fits easily in every classroom. Depending on the orientation, the touchscreen can be adjusted to either in portrait or landscape format. The integrated whiteboard software simplifies collaboration and allows for up to date results to be immediately captured and shared with each participant after the lesson. The INF4030 can also be connected via HDMI, VGA, Component Video and USB port to any PC, Mac or Chromebook.

What is the Mondopad model capable of?

INF6522AG – All functions are united and readily accessible

Mondopad Display

All the functions required for visual presentations, as well as the collection and exchange of ideas are contained in the INF6522AG model. The 65-inch touch screen features the video conferencing technology with pin-sharp HD resolution and a digital, interactive whiteboard comment function. The capacitive touch function of this technology ensures efficient collaboration. The Mondopad is not only flexible due to the control of each notebook, tablet or smartphone, but also extendible via an integrated Windows PC with pre-installed Microsoft Office. Thus, teachers can develop and expand their ideas by working together face-to-face from any location.

The Bett is an opportunity for everyone to share experience and to become a game changer in the global education sector..

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Forecast for 2018: How digital innovations will influence our world of work and occupation

Companies all over the world undergo digital transformations. Or, at the least, they instigate such transformations. This process requires an appropriate corporate culture and, in most cases, collaboration with other companies.

But, at an incredible speed, digital innovations can destroy a company. Most CEOs feel obliged to go along with and to re-establish their companies anew at the market every year.

Forecast 2018 - Touch Displays


The digital transformation ranks at the top of many organisational priorities for the year 2018, but such a global matter requires a more complicated solution than merely implementing a couple of specific technological tools.

InFocus has consciously utilised its strengths and relies on close cooperation and rapid exchange of ideas. The Huddle Room and its accessories should grow as one of these digital innovations.

Trends of the digital innovations

  • Customer experience: All roots for business success are said to be borne by the customer. To communicate a general idea of a brand and experience to the customer, it is necessary to provide them with the right data on the right platform at the right time.
  • Optimised intelligence: A rough overview of the customer’s intentions and desires is no longer enough, especially in the age of artificial intelligence. Now companies can track the buyers’ behaviour across multiple platforms. Thus, they must be able to recognise, respond and communicate it in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Operational performance: The Cloud concept has expanded more and more along with increasingly faster bandwidths and improved technical facilities. Service providers offer memory space on their servers as well as online services for a fee. This gives companies more financial and operational efficiency, since they can access their data from everywhere. Now, the core matter is not only the provision of data and ideas, but rather efficient delivery and automation.

Huddle Room JTouch

With the Huddle Room and the JTouch INF4030 perfectly suited to this need, “InFocus” has not only managed to establish itself on the market with the most important data, but has found a way of ensuring fine and precise collaboration with internal and external partners. The third indispensable requirement of establishing digital innovations is to be fulfilled by the optional ConX Cloud solution that can be activated via any computer with connection to Internet.

JTouch Touch DisplayAll in all, the future of the digital transformation is oriented at both technology and people’s needs. With a Huddle Room, you can quickly and flexibly connect and manage the entire assortment of Cloud and local applications and data, as well as people’s connections.

Every year, original digital innovations will dominate the market in a new manner and, thereby, outshining old technologies. Secure a Huddle Room equipped with the INF4030 for yourself – and for efficient and close cooperation with your partners – so as not to be left behind!

The entire InFocus team wishes you and your company a merry Christmas and a successful, innovative year in 2018!

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