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A technological revolution in the field of education – Use the JTouch INF6500EAG Touchscreen Monitor in school and university

Technology is subject to constant change. Ten years ago, the desktop PC celebrated its entry into the classroom and today the focus is on cloud services and mobile learning applications at school and at university.

We take a look at the technological revolution in the education sector and, with the touch screen monitor JTouch INF6500EAG, we present a modern tool for teaching.

touch screen monitor

Public study fuels the use of touch screen monitor and Co.

In a general survey in education centers on the topic of education technology, 29% of teachers estimated that the desktop PC will not remain a technology used in the education sector for the next ten years. The teachers gave equally few survival chances to non-interactive projectors, traditional projection software and CDs and DVDs as well as their playback devices.

If the teachers were able to decide which technology was no longer to be found in the study room or classroom, the majority would choose learning management systems, mobile devices and social media. Obviously these technical innovations have a counterproductive effect on the mediation of learning contents, as they might be distracting.

The respondents expressed the general incompatibility between applications, hardware and data needed as the biggest obstacle to the future integration of new technologies into the learning environment. They therefore suggest minimizing restrictions – such as in wireless usage or storage space – and cabling.

However, 97% of respondents are convinced that technology will play a positive role in education in the future. In the opinion of the interviewees, 3D applications, interactive touch projectors and programs, cloud services and the streaming of learning content will be particularly significant.


touch screen monitor

Reasons for the technological revolution in the education sector

Schools and universities should rethink when it comes to the use of technology for education. Teachers may combine modern applications and devices – such as the touch screen monitorwith traditional learning methods.

Just as the content of the teaching changes with time, the technologies for knowledge transfer should also be oriented towards modern development. This is because technical novelties are often a relief for everyday learning, they encourage learners to actively participate and are therefore positively integrated by them.

The touchscreen monitor JTouch INF6500EAG for seminar rooms and classrooms

The JTouch INF6500EAG touch-screen monitor has a 65-inch display, so that contents may be displayed in a comfortable size. Thanks to the non-reflective surface, a clear image is obtained, even in very bright light conditions. The bright and colorful presentation, even in large bright conference rooms, will impress pupils and students.

The slim, frameless design and the effortless control will also convince users. The HDMI and USB ports are located on the front of this touch screen monitor, making them easily accessible. The touchscreen monitor can be connected to a PC, Mac or Chromebook by means of these ports as well as via VGA or Component Video.

Content will be displayed in high resolution on the monitor. Users may add an interactive whiteboard to the JTouch INF6500EAG and run Android apps via the optional Android-based whiteboard module. This facilitates an easy, profitable communication for pupils and students, which, not least, strengthens cooperation.

The touch function of the LCD screen invites to collaborate and spring into action. The capacitive touch function may be controlled intuitively. Thereby pupils, teachers and students equally present sharp, bright and also interactive content – namely not depending on the light conditions.


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