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Videos and Touch Displays become more common in Education – 3 Key Factors

At schools and in higher education, videos and Touch Displays are used as an instrument for exchanging ideas and for more engagement with the students. Streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co. are no longer the only channels which are used every day. It has also become a part of school education.

An education video work report of 2017 shows that 99% of institutions work with teachers who routinely integrate videos into their classes. Students engage more while learning with videos, while potential employers expect them to leave education with the skills they need to participate in digital culture.

Touch Displays in Education make lessons more joy able for every one

Touch Displays in Education make lessons more joy able for every one

Even videoconferences are used for trainings and all universities are increasingly looking for new ways to use video in education. The 3 Modern key factors are:

1. Distance learning, with webinars or video-conferences

73% of universities offering distance learning videos for education. More than half of the universities use video for presentations and even interactive Touchscreens to interact with students at different locations.

In addition to distance learning, 65% of universities record their lessons, to be used mutliple times and from various locations. Statistics show that 38% of colleges want at least 25% of their classroom in digital form and even more would wish for more 47% in interactive and digital material.

With videoconferencing systems and touchscreens like the INF7530eAG with 75″ and 4k, universities can connect students who can not attend classes for geographical and personal reasons.

2.Videos lead to a better experience

Overall, many teachers feel that using videos make students more satisfied with their education, and up to 85% of students believe it can improve students’ performance.

Touchscreens make it easy to record videos, edit them on the run, pulish and distribute them and even interact on one single document. At the same time, 62% of universities use touchscreens for homework and 60% think that it will increase their skills and concentration. The reasons are as easy as posts are presented and created together in class and therefore result in better interaction with every single student.

3. Students do rarely create videos independently


The creation of interactive content is increasingly becoming an important part of teaching and lecturing.

Although it has become easier to create videos, surveyed universities report that less than 10% of students create videos as part of their classroom work and even fewer (8%) regularly create videos in class.

However, the numbers go up. This year, 21% of respondents said they think the majority of students are actively using video. The teachers and proffessors also suggest that the use of video and touchscreens in education will continue to increase in the coming years.

Instead of viewing videos and videoconferences seperately, it will simply be another way of communication and accessing content allover unis and schools.

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Touch screen displays are team players: Top 5 accessories

When buying a touch screen display, it is important to carefully check every detail to ensure that the device is the best choice for your purpose. But even if the touch screen fulfils all requirements for your meeting room or classroom, it can be difficult to utilise it efficiently without accessories. Today we present the top 5 accessories for touch screens from InFocus.

1. LightCast Key

USB-AdapterThe InFocus LightCast Key is a simple USB adapter that allows activation of the touchscreen’s LightCast functions. As soon as a USB adapter is connected to the touch screen, you can wirelessly connect PCs, laptops and mobile terminals to the touch screen without needing to install any extra software.

If you are making a presentation on a Light Cast-compatible screen, the LightCast Key also provides easy access to the Internet via a built-in web browser.

2. Soundbar


A Soundbar is required for presentation rooms and lecture halls of larger sizes. With the Soundbar, you can enjoy clear and sharp audio. A speaker unit is approx. 67 cm long and can be fastened at the bottom of the screen.

3. LightCast Hub

wireless presentationWith a LightCast Hub, you can virtually organise a wireless presentation or lecture on each screen equipped with an HDMI interface. The hub can be easily connected without the need for additional software. If the touch screen is equipped with a USB interface, you can control the connected hub via the screen. With the LightCast Hub, you can view documents, photos and videos and access the built-in web browser, as well as record, store and share notes and drawings. The wireless hub is compatible with Windows 7 and above, Mac, iOS and Android.

4. BigNote Annotation Software

big note softwareBigNote Software transforms the touch screen into an interactive whiteboard. Writing, drawing, and making notes using pins, highlighters, forms and lines becomes child’s play. A Mail Client enables you to directly email all your ideas and project progress to participants of the meeting. Any files that are saved on the touch screen can be exchanged and shared by means of the Mondopads. Since BigNote software is an extremely extensive accessory, InFocus offers a 30-day free trial version to its customers to let them test all functions, down to the smallest details.

5. Wall Mount and Mobile Cart

A wall mount or mobile cart is likely the most non-descript accessory of the touch screen display, but at the same time, it is the most important.

mobile cart touchdisplaysThe mobile cart’s advantage is that the touch display screen can be freely set up in the room and later moved, if needed. The height of the cart can be individually adjusted to each situation and each lecturer. You can also adjust the slope by means of the swivel. The universal bracket can be combined with all touch screen displays.

wandhalterung touchdisplay


If you want to affix your touch screen in a certain place, you can use a wall mount. The bracket can be laterally adjusted and tilted, allowing for the easy installation of cables. Like the mobile cart, the wall mount can be adjusted to fit each touch screen display.


All in all, each individual accessory has its unique advantages and special features. Each lecturer must decide for themselves which are essential for their work and which are just “nice-to-have”. Accessories facilitate personalisation and customisation of the touch screens in everyday situations and convert them into perfect aids for daily work.

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InFocus shows its strengths at the Bett Show 2018

At this year’s Bett-Show 2018 in London, from Jan 24th to Jan 27th, InFocus will present its INF7530eAG and INF4030 from the JTouch series and the INF6522AG model from the Mondopad series to educators and decision makers looking for innovative learning and education solutions.

Bett-Show 2018

Bett is the first trade fair of the year in the educational technology sector, making it a meeting place of 850 leading companies, 103 exciting new ed-tech start-ups and more than 34,700 participants from the global education community.

The purpose of Bett 2018 is to bring inspiration to the coming year, as well as be a place to discuss the future of education and the role of technology and innovation in making educators successful.

What are JTouch models capable of?

INF7530eAG– The best JTouch yet for educational purposes

Touch DisplayThe JTouch INF7530eAG impresses with its user-friendly interface equipped with a total touch control and brilliant 4K-resolution on the 75” anti-glare screen. The built-in functions for learning purposes and the ability to use native Android apps makes JTouch a perfect companion to daily learning practice. The whiteboard function with a web browser, media player, and Air-Play feature allows you to add notes to desired applications, videos, websites and documents. The well-known touch gestures , such as wiping, zooming and tapping, work seamlessly as part of the hardware. This makes using a remote control obsolete with this JTouch model. Via five different USB-B ports, HDMI sources can be connected.

INF4030 – DigiEasel, the interactive whiteboard and display

JTouch DisplayThe JTouch meets the requirements on display in the education branch without compromise. Thanks to the practical and handy 40-inch size, the interactive whiteboard fits easily in every classroom. Depending on the orientation, the touchscreen can be adjusted to either in portrait or landscape format. The integrated whiteboard software simplifies collaboration and allows for up to date results to be immediately captured and shared with each participant after the lesson. The INF4030 can also be connected via HDMI, VGA, Component Video and USB port to any PC, Mac or Chromebook.

What is the Mondopad model capable of?

INF6522AG – All functions are united and readily accessible

Mondopad Display

All the functions required for visual presentations, as well as the collection and exchange of ideas are contained in the INF6522AG model. The 65-inch touch screen features the video conferencing technology with pin-sharp HD resolution and a digital, interactive whiteboard comment function. The capacitive touch function of this technology ensures efficient collaboration. The Mondopad is not only flexible due to the control of each notebook, tablet or smartphone, but also extendible via an integrated Windows PC with pre-installed Microsoft Office. Thus, teachers can develop and expand their ideas by working together face-to-face from any location.

The Bett is an opportunity for everyone to share experience and to become a game changer in the global education sector..

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The 65” Summer Touch Display Education Offer from InFocus

This beautiful 65” Touch Display from InFocus comes with capacitive touch technology and some interesting options at a special price (*RRP £1699 excl. VAT).



Further options:

  • Oktopus Eduacation software (INS-QBUNDLE)
  • Lightcast Hub for wireless presentation, internet browsing and whiteboarding (INA-LC100)

Channel partner will benefit from:

  • Optional free training
  • Free product demos
  • Deal and project registration
  • Attractive product margins

Important order information:

Any desired option needs to be part of the original purchase order.

Order INF6500eAG and INS-BNOTE1 for the display with annotation software.

Order INF6500eAG and INA-LC100 for the display with internet browser, whiteboard and wireless presentation option.

Order INF6500eAG and INS-QBUNDLE for the display with Oktopus education software (compatible with Smart and Promethean).


*Offer is limited to UK/IRELAND region.

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The touch displays of the BigTouch series

The trend is always moving towards mobility: Originally it was only possible to use a PC at home and later the laptop provided more freedom of movement. With the tablet, users received additional scope. Our BigTouch combines the fun of using a tablet with the productivity that is achieved when working on the PC and thus creates a fast and fluid touch experience in an impressive large format. We present: the BigTouch product line.

A large display – as easy to use as a tablet

In the Big Touch devices, components that compliment best are assembled: A large format touch display and a powerful Windows computer. Available as a 57, 65, 70 and 85 inch touch display, BigTouch PCs are used in addition to the office sector in various industries and public institutions.

BIGTOUCH Touch DisplayEducational institutions such as primary and secondary schools benefit from the intuitively operated touch screen that runs alternatively on Windows 8 or 10. Take advantage of Big Touch in classrooms for lessons or use it for working flexibly and securely on the management level of a public institution.

Hospitals, clinics and laboratories may use the touch-sensitive high-resolution touch display to organize patient information.

And the products of our BigTouch series are also integrated in the hospitality industry. The touch PC is the best choice to entertain guests in the hotel lobby, to advertise menus in the hotel restaurants or to demonstrate the leisure activities of the region at the reception.

BigTouch: A large tablet full of features

With this Full HD touch PC, you can experience all Windows apps in touch mode on an anti-reflective surface. The large touch display supports all the convenient Windows 8 features such as tapping, wiping or rotating on the screen – convincing intuitive touch. Special features ensure that you connect to a network quickly or that you securely access to files in the cloud.

In our BigTouch product line you will find:

  • INF5711AG: 57-inch touch screen with Windows 8.1 Pro and included table standTouch Display BigTouch
  • NF6511AG & INF6512AG: Two 65-inch displays with capacitive touch and Windows 10 Pro.
  • INF7012: 70-inch display with 4k resolution and capacitive touch and Windows 10 Pro
  • INF8511: 85-inch display with 4k resolution, Gorilla Glass and Windows 10 Pro

Due to their impressive size, the Touch PCs of the BigTouch series are ideal for presentations or collaboration with several people in the conference room. The included wireless mouse and a keyboard ensure the desired flexibility and mobility.

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How-to: Presentations on the touch screen – Part I

How to use the touch screen correctly

Clicking with the mouse, typing with the keyboard. This is what we have been used to for decades. The new generation of computers, smart phones or displays rely on the touch screen as the control element. But one touch screen is not the same as others. There are different types of touch displays with different functions, which can be operated individually. What is to bear in mind when using a touch screen with a finger? What kind of operating errors are lurking? How does the application with a pen work?

The capacitive Touch Display

capacitive touch screen - how to use it

capacitive touch screen – how to use it

Capacitive touch screens determine the position of the touch by changing an electric field. Electrodes in the corners of the touch panel produce a weak electric field. If at least one finger touches the touch screen, a part of the charge of the field is derived. Thus, the electric field will change. This change will be measured and the exact position of the finger will be determined in this way. Most of the InFocus devices work with this technique, which translates touches even more precisely, than resistive touch screens.

Touch screens offer advantages in application

Creating and moving texts, editing pictures and playing videos, all of this may be handled more easily with a touch screen than with a regular PC, because the computer mouse and the keyboard only function properly on the desk. The users of touch screens ave space in the workplace and also additional hardware costs.

tapping, rotating, contracting, wiping, zooming and turning by finger -easy and comfortable with the touch screen by InFocus

tapping, rotating, contracting, wiping, zooming and turning by finger -easy and comfortable

No matter whether Mondopad, BigTouch or JTouch, our displays all are equipped with touch screen displays. We have optimized applications such as adding, activating, or removing documents for touch screen operations. The products of InFocus operate with the familiar multi-touch gestures, such as tapping, rotating, contracting, wiping, zooming and turning by finger or stylus pen. This makes the operation very easy and you receive an overview of all program windows similar to the Mission Control view. This allows users to navigate easily between different programs.



Our tips for easy operation:

  • Test each touch screen before using it in a presentation.
  • Practice: click, double-click, and swipe. Anyone who knows his touch display reduces the stress factor.
  • For some applications, finger operation is not sufficient. Use a stylus pen as an additional control element.
  • Work intuitively. Interaction with your content is easy and intuitive when using InFocus devices.
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InFocus Touch Display has been honored with awards

The Touch Display Mondopad Ultra INF7023 was a real front-runner at this year’s event Integrated System Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam in February. At the ISE, the best products are awarded each year in the field of professional AV system integration as well as in electronic integration in business and residential buildings. Especially our touch screen display impressed the jury in 2017 …

Mondopad Ultra INF7023 is an outstanding touch display

The ISE in Amsterdam was a show of records again this year. On an area of approximately 3,000 m², 1,192 exhibitors showed their latest products, systems and services. A comprehensive supporting program with informative lectures on the topics of intelligent building technology, commercial solutions and unified communication was offered. Numerous courses and trainings complemented the offer of the fair ISE in Amsterdam. InFocus was part of it and proudly presented the Mondopad Ultra INF7023. With an increase of 12 percent, 73,500 visitors entered the exhibition halls this year, taking a close look at our new touch display in the meantime: As an all-in-one solution for visual presentation, as well as for the capture and exchange of ideas, the Mondopad Ultra INF7023 not only convinced the audience!

The jury honored the Touch Display INF7023 not only with one, but with two awards and thereby appreciated it as a new, outstanding product. Firstly, the technological innovation of the Mondopad Ultra was labeled with the Top New Technology (TNT) Award – namely as an exciting development in the area of networked audio, 4K video and collaboration solutions.

One of the Top New Technology Awards by ISE 2017 goes to our Mondopad INF 7023.

Top New Technology Award ISE 2017. Source: http://www.cepro.com/article/top_new_technology_tnt_awards_ise_2017#

And the Best of Show award by AV Technology was conferred on our touch display as it promises intuitive operation and reliability for its users.

Best of Show award by AV Technology goes to our Mondopad INF7023

Best of Show award by AV Technology. Source: http://www.avnetwork.com/avtechnology/av-technology-recognizes-ise-2017-best-of-show-winners/125795

Conclusion: Among the large-format and high-resolution displays, the InFocus INF7023 Touch Screen Display stands among the best in its class. It delivers razor-sharp projections and is a professional solution for diverse applications.

This is how our Touch Screen Display INF7023 scored

The Mondopad INF7023 offers everything it takes for the effortless presentation of various content. Generating notes, exchanging ideas, or working together with other participants, whether they are on site or scattered around the world: Face-to-face teamwork is possible, no matter where the individual team members are located. The result is efficient collaboration without additional time expenditure and travel costs. Thanks to the capacitive Multipoint Touch PC with 70-inch and 4-K resolution, InFocus users get a high-quality all-in-one collaboration solution. We have combined all the useful functions in one single device, at a good price-performance ratio. For a price of 15,334 Euros including VAT, end customers can call the excellent touch display their own.

INF7023 Touch Screen Display is delivered with Windows 10, which promises maximum compatibility. In addition to the outstanding video conferencing technology, a digital, interactive whiteboard and an easy-to-use commentary functionare integrated. Thus, collecting and recording ideas is a child’s play during a presentation. All content may also be shared, viewed and controlled via tablets or smart phones. Consequently, all team members always work consistently with the current data – no matter which terminal device they are currently using. Since the INF7023 Touch Display is equipped with DisplayPort 1.2, three HDMI, seven USB, two Ethernet, VGA, Component and RS232 connections, it integrates easily into existing systems. Hence it is not surprising that our Mondopad Ultra has also convinced the experts at the ISE 2017.

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In comparison: Our JTouch, BigTouch and Mondopad series

To create a captivating presentation that will inspire listeners in conferences, because the technology used has brilliant functions and furthermore can be operated very easily – is this wishful thinking?

With the devices of the Touch display series, the Giant tablet PC series and the all-in-one collaboration of the Mondopad series, exciting and profitable presentations will be successful.

touch display

How pupils and students get fascinated by lectures, how to facilitate work during meetings and which appliances even make possible a video conference…

The Touch display series JTouch – Easily transfer content from mobile devices to the generous screen

The interactive touch displays of the JTouch series provide large touch screen displays in order to inspire the audience. The either 40-, 65- or 70-inch screens can uncomplicatedly be to any Chromebook, Notebook or PC from Mac or Windows by means of a variety of interfaces.

Thanks to the highly-sensitive multi-touch function, content may be edited and saved as desired. The simple operation not only allows the utilization of a touch screen for presentations in the classroom, but also for presentations in the meeting room.

The JTouch displays usually are connected to the computer brought along by means of a video cable via HDMI, VGA or Display port. The individual applications may then be controlled via the touch screen (JTouch) on the computer. Therefore, users need a USB Touch feedback connection cable that connects display and computer.

Some touch displays also allow a wireless connection to the presentation computer: An optional LightCast Key dongle enables different file formats to be opened directly. For this purpose the files should be on USB mass storage – USB sticks or hard discs – which have been connected via the display USB interface. INF 4030, INF6502WBAG and INF7002WB are examples for LightCast compatible devices. File formats supported by LightCast are documents in doc, ppt, pptx, pdf, txt, xls, xlsx, images in bmp, jpg, png as well as videos in avi, flv, mkv, mov, mpg, mp4, ts, wmv, 3gp.

BigTouch, the great full-fledged Windows Touch tablet – Ideal for your meeting and classrooms, office huddle as well as get together areas

The BigTouch is a full-fledged Windows touch screen PC, i.e. due to its conduct similar to another Windows computer; it may be easily integrated into an existing company network. That is why your IT will love the BigTouch.

Users benefit mainly from the large touch screen: Perform presentations, quickly change to a web page and simultaneously open another file as a part of the lecture. The BigTouch allows all this and even more. With the optional BigNote Software, you may also – in the so-called glass modeannotate comments and notes about everything that can be displayed on Windows and then save them and send them electronically. Presenting, discussing, developing solutions together and maintaining and distributing the results – the BigTouch from InFocus is the ideal cooperation partner.

all in one pc touch

The “All-in-one” Collaboration solutions PCs of the Mondopad series – The great help for meeting rooms

The All-in-one PCs of the Mondopad series al true high-end devices: Touch display with integrated Windows computer. In addition, each Mondopad comes to you with an HD camera with integrated microphone as well as a sound bar (2x25W) that may also be used for larger rooms.

Since it is a Windows computer, it may easily be integrated into an existing company network. Another benefit is the Mondopad Shell user interface, which can be controlled intuitively and thus enables the effortless reach of different functions.

Due to large, easily identifiable icons on the start page, users can get to the video conferencing function, the file selection page for presentations, the digital whiteboard function or the annotation function page, in order to easily and effectively apply comments or notes on existing content.

In addition, various functions can be combined so that you can share files or other content live with other conference participants during a video conference.

Each Mondopad comes with a preinstalled Microsoft Office package, which makes it easier to share and open files. Furthermore, meeting participants are able to easily send an e-mail to a Mondopad, which the presenter will open on the Mondopad and present to the audience.

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The Mondopad touchscreen PC permits a variety of applications

The Mondopad with touchscreen by InFocus is available for operators as an all-in-one touch display to be used in the conference room of an industrial giant or in a simple classroom, in a medical consulting room as well as in the meeting room of a creative agency. This is how the Mondopad facilitates any videoconference or presentation thanks to its touchscreen …

Our Touchscreen PC - Mondopad now in 2.0

The Mondopad with touchscreen for effective cooperation

The Mondopad simplifies any cooperation with colleagues or customers. Content may not displayed appealingly but also in a clear manner. With the 57/70-inch screen, the integrated i7 PC with its own collaboration software the high-resolution video camera and sound bar, InFocus offers a complete technical solution for effective collaboration – to be interconnected from all places in the world and to work with each other, and still at a reasonable price. By means of the special collaboration tools, data and video and other content can be shared, compared and detained. The Mondopad with touch screen provides unlimited access to face-to-face teamwork, by default for a two-person conversation, optional for up to 25 participants. Without additional expenditure of time and without any travel expenses, collaborations get possible anywhere in the world.

Additional features of the Mondopad with touchscreen

Use the Mondopad as a player for movies etc., create drawings and graphics like on a canvas or edit photos or text – namely, not alone, but if necessary with a huge cloud. Take the opportunity of high availability video calls, share ideas immediately or follow a presentation of the Mondopad directly on your mobile device. The functions of the Mondopad can also be controlled via PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. On the interactive whiteboard, you can brainstorm together with others, capture ideas with various pens, markers, shapes and lines and share them in real time. This ensures that all project participants are always up to date. Banish all the technical equipment that has to be coordinated elaborately in order to really make work easier. Instead, use the Mondopad with touchscreen as an all-rounder.


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What is the truth about the capacitive touch? – The new touch PCs by InFocus with capacitive touch technology

Who does not know this situation: You want to quickly print a document, check new emails or record a note in writing. Too bad that once again the PC mouse is nowhere to be found. The new Full HD Touch PCs by InFocus guarantee a sensational touch screen experience. What advantages does a touch display provide and which tasks will be facilitated by a touch PC …

InFocus Touch PC

InFocus Touch PC Big Touch

The advantages of a Touch PC with touch display

Thanks to the touch-sensitive surface, a touch display can be fully controlled via its touch panel. All functions can be taken over by tapping, rotating or wiping, the intuitive usability complies with each user. By means of four infrared sensors, the various gestures will be recognized properly and implemented by the system. On the large HD touch displays of the InFocus models, contents are displayed in crisp clarity, so a touch screen is appropriate for cooperation with several people and also can be used in combination with a projector for the utilization in presentations.

Areas where the Touch PC makes work more effective

A touch PC with touch display by InFocus can not only facilitate the work in home office, a touch PC also improves workflow in educational institutions. Thanks to the brilliant colors of a touch display, a touch PC is appropriate for utilization in classrooms, because here the attention of the students is guaranteed. Thanks to the intuitive operation of a touch screens, students can even deal safely with a touch display by themselves. It’s user-friendliness also makes it an ideal choice for hospitals, clinics or laboratories. Introduce learning content into the waiting room or make fast data access easier for the colleagues at work. In hotels and restaurants, guests can be entertained with a touch PC in the lobby, in addition work processes can be accelerated by means of simplified navigation with a touch display in hotels, restaurants or in the range of leisure activities.

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