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In comparison: Our JTouch, BigTouch and Mondopad series

To create a captivating presentation that will inspire listeners in conferences, because the technology used has brilliant functions and furthermore can be operated very easily – is this wishful thinking?

With the devices of the Touch display series, the Giant tablet PC series and the all-in-one collaboration of the Mondopad series, exciting and profitable presentations will be successful.

touch display

How pupils and students get fascinated by lectures, how to facilitate work during meetings and which appliances even make possible a video conference…

The Touch display series JTouch – Easily transfer content from mobile devices to the generous screen

The interactive touch displays of the JTouch series provide large touch screen displays in order to inspire the audience. The either 40-, 65- or 70-inch screens can uncomplicatedly be to any Chromebook, Notebook or PC from Mac or Windows by means of a variety of interfaces.

Thanks to the highly-sensitive multi-touch function, content may be edited and saved as desired. The simple operation not only allows the utilization of a touch screen for presentations in the classroom, but also for presentations in the meeting room.

The JTouch displays usually are connected to the computer brought along by means of a video cable via HDMI, VGA or Display port. The individual applications may then be controlled via the touch screen (JTouch) on the computer. Therefore, users need a USB Touch feedback connection cable that connects display and computer.

Some touch displays also allow a wireless connection to the presentation computer: An optional LightCast Key dongle enables different file formats to be opened directly. For this purpose the files should be on USB mass storage – USB sticks or hard discs – which have been connected via the display USB interface. INF 4030, INF6502WBAG and INF7002WB are examples for LightCast compatible devices. File formats supported by LightCast are documents in doc, ppt, pptx, pdf, txt, xls, xlsx, images in bmp, jpg, png as well as videos in avi, flv, mkv, mov, mpg, mp4, ts, wmv, 3gp.

BigTouch, the great full-fledged Windows Touch tablet – Ideal for your meeting and classrooms, office huddle as well as get together areas

The BigTouch is a full-fledged Windows touch screen PC, i.e. due to its conduct similar to another Windows computer; it may be easily integrated into an existing company network. That is why your IT will love the BigTouch.

Users benefit mainly from the large touch screen: Perform presentations, quickly change to a web page and simultaneously open another file as a part of the lecture. The BigTouch allows all this and even more. With the optional BigNote Software, you may also – in the so-called glass modeannotate comments and notes about everything that can be displayed on Windows and then save them and send them electronically. Presenting, discussing, developing solutions together and maintaining and distributing the results – the BigTouch from InFocus is the ideal cooperation partner.

all in one pc touch

The “All-in-one” Collaboration solutions PCs of the Mondopad series – The great help for meeting rooms

The All-in-one PCs of the Mondopad series al true high-end devices: Touch display with integrated Windows computer. In addition, each Mondopad comes to you with an HD camera with integrated microphone as well as a sound bar (2x25W) that may also be used for larger rooms.

Since it is a Windows computer, it may easily be integrated into an existing company network. Another benefit is the Mondopad Shell user interface, which can be controlled intuitively and thus enables the effortless reach of different functions.

Due to large, easily identifiable icons on the start page, users can get to the video conferencing function, the file selection page for presentations, the digital whiteboard function or the annotation function page, in order to easily and effectively apply comments or notes on existing content.

In addition, various functions can be combined so that you can share files or other content live with other conference participants during a video conference.

Each Mondopad comes with a preinstalled Microsoft Office package, which makes it easier to share and open files. Furthermore, meeting participants are able to easily send an e-mail to a Mondopad, which the presenter will open on the Mondopad and present to the audience.

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The Mondopad touchscreen PC permits a variety of applications

The Mondopad with touchscreen by InFocus is available for operators as an all-in-one touch display to be used in the conference room of an industrial giant or in a simple classroom, in a medical consulting room as well as in the meeting room of a creative agency. This is how the Mondopad facilitates any videoconference or presentation thanks to its touchscreen …

Our Touchscreen PC - Mondopad now in 2.0

The Mondopad with touchscreen for effective cooperation

The Mondopad simplifies any cooperation with colleagues or customers. Content may not displayed appealingly but also in a clear manner. With the 57/70-inch screen, the integrated i7 PC with its own collaboration software the high-resolution video camera and sound bar, InFocus offers a complete technical solution for effective collaboration – to be interconnected from all places in the world and to work with each other, and still at a reasonable price. By means of the special collaboration tools, data and video and other content can be shared, compared and detained. The Mondopad with touch screen provides unlimited access to face-to-face teamwork, by default for a two-person conversation, optional for up to 25 participants. Without additional expenditure of time and without any travel expenses, collaborations get possible anywhere in the world.

Additional features of the Mondopad with touchscreen

Use the Mondopad as a player for movies etc., create drawings and graphics like on a canvas or edit photos or text – namely, not alone, but if necessary with a huge cloud. Take the opportunity of high availability video calls, share ideas immediately or follow a presentation of the Mondopad directly on your mobile device. The functions of the Mondopad can also be controlled via PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. On the interactive whiteboard, you can brainstorm together with others, capture ideas with various pens, markers, shapes and lines and share them in real time. This ensures that all project participants are always up to date. Banish all the technical equipment that has to be coordinated elaborately in order to really make work easier. Instead, use the Mondopad with touchscreen as an all-rounder.


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