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LightCast Key, LightCast Hub and InLightShow4 – Similarities and Differences

Small, lightweight and wireless! Screen presentations from various PCs and mobile devices without cables – this is the feature all three InFocus devices, LightCast Key, LightCast Hub and InLightShow4, have in common, but what are the differences between them?

The common features of these three devices are quickly recognisable: they enable wirelessly displayed presentations from PCs, laptops and mobile devices; they are easy to set up and connect; they do not require additional software installation to run; and they convert a screen into an interactive whiteboard. However, on closer examination, certain differences become obvious between the display and projector equipment.

LightCast Key – Wireless presentations and unlocked additional functions on screens and projectors compatible with LightCast

USB AdapterThe InFocus LightCast Key is a simple USB adapter that enables activation of the LightCast functions on your screen or projector. As soon as the USB adapter is connected to a LightCast-compatible device, PCs, laptops and mobile devices can be wirelessly connected to a screen or projector without needing to install extra software.

From now on, you can record, save and share notes, as well as view documents, photos and videos even without connecting to a PC. With LightCast Key, individuals making presentations on LightCast-compatible displays and projectors can also easily access the Internet through an integrated web browser. However, it is not possible to wirelessly connect several different devices via a single LightCast USB adapter. For each adapter, only one terminal device is able to connect.

LightCast Hub – Wireless presentations on screens or projectors of almost any kind via HDMI Interface

lc 100LightCast Hub makes presentations for lectures or team meetings easier. Your presentation can wirelessly run on any screen or projector via an HDMI interface. Via an HDMI or AV interface (3.5 mm jack plug), the LightCast Hub can connect to the screen or projector without complications or additional software installation. In the case of touch screens with touch USB feedback interfaces, you can continue to operate and control the connected LightCast Hub via the touch screen. For projectors and usual display units without touch functions, we recommend using a wireless mouse/keyboard system with USB interface, also connectable to LighCast Hub. The LightCast Hub is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10, Mac OS, iOS and Android (Miracast compatible), meaning you are not limited in your choice of terminal device types.

The four main LightCast functions are:

  • Wireless connection of mobile terminal devices
  • Recording, saving and sharing notes and drawings (Whiteboard function)
  • Access to an integrated web browser
  • Easy viewing of documents, photos and videos

LightShow4 – Cordless and wireless presentation with any data terminals

Like LightCast Hub, the InFocus LightShow4 can also be connected to any projector or screen via an HDMI or VGA input. LightShow is also compatible with the latest operating systems, such as Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS, iOS and Android. Mobile terminal devices can be connected to the LightShow adapters via the app „MirrorOp Presenter“ (Google Play / Apple App Store). Terminal devices, such as Windows or MAC notebooks, can be connected to the LightShow adapter via a USB dongle. The USB dongle allows wireless connection without the need for administrator rights on the notebook. Usually, office notebooks are locked for security reasons, preventing additional software from being installed on them. Not-locked Windows/Mac notebooks allow installation of client software. As soon as such software is installed, an additional icon (LightShow Manager) is displayed on the desktop. From there, you can control the LightShow adapter.

wireless adapter

With the LightShow adapter, you can connect up to four devices and view your screen contents both on the screen or the projector. The LightShow administrator (in many cases, a teacher) chooses what content should be currently displayed.

If the LightShow adapter is connected to a touch screen and a Touch Feedback line is connected to the LightShow adapter via a USB cable, the LightShow adapter can even transfer touch signals wirelessly. This means you can wirelessly connect your notebook to the LightShow adapter, which in turn, is connected to a touch screen. Ultimately, you can operate and control your notebook via the touch screen. Simply brilliant!

The wireless presentation at a high level is ensured with all 3 devices: LightCast KeyLightCast Hub and InLightShow4. Which one of them is the best – such a comparison cannot be made. Together, the three devices cover all typical needs for presentations and lessons.

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Great Promotion by InFocus: Buy a projector and receive a LightCast Key for wireless presentations for free

Now only for a short time: Until March 31, 2017, you will receive a LightCast key free of charge when purchasing a projector of the IN2120x series (models: IN2124x, IN2126x and IN2128HDx)!

With the practical key, you may perform mobile presentations by transferring screen contents wirelessly from any end device onto the projector!

Attention: Even if the majority of our retailers is participating in the campaign, please ask prior to the purchase, whether the LightCast key will really be delivered free of charge.

InFocus-LightCast Key

What are the benefits of LightCast?

The innovative LightCast key makes each presentation, each teamwork meeting and content sharing even more efficient and easier. Thanks to the LightCast key, you may wirelessly transfer screen content from any tablet, laptop, or mobile phone to your projector using Android, Windows, Chrome OS or Apple iOS / OSX.

LightCast also scores with an integrated whiteboard app, along with an extensive set of digital pens, markers, shapes, lines and colors.

This means that you can easily capture and share notes, share and mail them on the screen. This increases the efficiency of meetings enormously, since every team member has access to the latest data at any time.

With the built-in 4GB memory, you may also transfer various documents, movies or photos to the projector in advance of the presentation and then present them from the integrated memory without a PC.

Thanks to a built-in web browser, LightCast also allows access to the Internet. In this way, websites or online documents, videos and photos may easily be displayed. And best of all: it all works without the installation of additional software!

LightCast key

The right model for every application: LightCast compatible projectors by InFocus

In general, all interactive projectors from InFocus are Lightcast compatible. You may choose between the ultra-portable projectors of the IN1110 series, the high-connectivity network projectors of the IN2120x series and the large Venue HD projectors of the IN5148 series.

Combined with the optionally available LightCast key, they enable the use of many new functions for exciting, lively presentations.

And for those who hurry, the free LightCast key for the IN2124x, IN2126x and IN2128HDx will be added free of charge until the end of March 2017 when buying a projector of the IN2120x series (only in case of purchase from participating retailers).

Video about LightCast

Anyone who wants to benefit from the free LightCast Key by March 31, 2017 can get an impression of the cool features of the LightCast in the video above
Enhance your presentation, teamwork, and content-sharing capabilities:

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