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Solutions that promote efficient collaboration – a key issue in today’s business world

The unified communications sector made significant forward strides over the course of 2017. Unified communications refers to the integration into a given work environment of communication media such as classic telephony, video conferences, email, voicemail and instant messaging – the goal being to make it easier, in a host of different ways, to communicate with external partners to make collaboration and partnership more efficient, and thus expedite business processes.

collaboration solutions

And while implementation in this realm – which is being driven by initiatives for digital transformation in numerous modern companies – has done wonders for collaboration between the relevant users, in the wake of years of capital investment for innovation the time has now come when ROI simply must be achieved. This situation is subjecting today’s IT teams to enormous pressure. IT department managers need to ensure that a dependable network infrastructure can be provided that meets the requirements of cloud-based services – and at the same time allows for an exceptional customer experience.

Telecommunication solutions are simply indispensable in today’s business world

Audio and video communication has become an absolutely essential tool in virtually all of today’s companies. Studies have shown that up to 40 percent of all business communication is now realized via videoconferences. The trend that is prompting ever growing numbers of employees to communicate via solutions that are geared to and promote collaboration is set to pick up speed this year, particularly in companies that are building out their implementation of team messaging and telecommunciation solutions.

collaboration solutionsAnother key element in this regard is browser-based and in-app communication. Direct integration of real-time multimedia communication functions enables companies to greatly improve the productivity and interactivity of their customers. Most interactions with customers now take place online, whether in the form of online live chat with partners or employees, or by dint of the ability to exchange ideas with business partners in real time via any device.

ConX Cloud: a sector-wide collaboration solution

Virtual cloud-based conference rooms enable users to communication with anyone they wish to, at any time. Thanks to the interoperability of SIP, H.323 and Skype for business, internal and external partners can now “attend” all types of meetings using virtually any device and a broad range of collaboration solutionsvideoconferencing services. ConX also supports dual-stream video and data feeds – which, being cloud-based, enable customers and users to interact with each other either in real time or in alternation, and to participate, live, in presentations, data sharing and other initiatives.

Videoconferencing technology and telecommunication solutions have undergone a sea change over the past decade or so. Whereas in the early days of this evolution, cloud-based videoconferencing was only available in a handful of very large companies, cloud services such as videotelephony and ConX Cloud have become an indispensable element of today’s work environments.

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InFocus breaks the local limitations of digital whiteboards with ConX

As they do each year, InFocus participated at InfoComm in Orlando (USA) this year. InfoComm is the largest pro-AV fair in North America, with over 1,000 exhibitors from 110 countries. It is a must for every visitor who feels “at home” in fields of unified communications and collaboration, digital screens, and video and control systems..


This year, InFocus again showed significant efforts and presented its ConX Whiteboard. This is an interactive whiteboard that can be shared by all participants of the ConX Cloud together. The only condition is that a participant must be dialled in from a Mondopad in the ConX space – no matter from where or from what network. Those who have not dialled from a Mondopad can see the Whiteboard, but still cannot interact with it. This function will be the next step in the ConX Whiteboard development.

Working together anywhere in real time – virtually any device at anytime

With ConX Cloud, teams can now work more comfortably and flexibly than ever before. It is ideal for small team meetings, but also for large-scale conferences or company-wide meetings. The ConX Virtual Conference Room solution provides much of what is necessary for networking, collaboration, ideas, and information. An important aspect is that ConX gives participants the freedom and flexibility to actively take part in virtual conferences, regardless of which device or operating system is being used.

The ConX Cloud Virtual Conference Room solution video conference system from InFocus also offers a trouble-free, integrated co-working option with devices and conferencing solutions from other manufacturers. InFocus places great emphasis on compatibility with other systems and high functionality, since the real world is very versatile.

ConX Cloud – Teamwork in real time

ConX Cloud enables reliable video conferencing and high-performance teamwork from virtually any location – in real time. The Cloud not only shows a single-sided presentation of data in a meeting, but also distributes the common work in all directions, so that all participants can see each other and the information at the same time.

In ConX Cloud, the connectivity and communication platforms are essential advantages, because the video conference system is interoperable with SIP, H.323, and Skype for Business. The video conference participants can make presentations, comment, create, edit, share, save, and send information in real time – and all of this can be done via a whole selection of endpoints and services with InFocus and other existing devices. This is a close equivalent to a conference in person.

ConX Whiteboard and Mondopad

ConX Cloud gives users the opportunity to join and connect, from many different end-devices, but Mondopad is one of the most versatile terminals. With it, teams become capable of sharing all kinds of content, even video or audio documents, with all other present and externally connected people. From now on, Mondopad will support the new ConX whiteboard function. Each ConX conference participant who uses Mondopad – no matter from what location he accessed the virtual conference room – can now work on the same whiteboard, like all other ConX participants. This means he can highlight fields, add text or graphical images, change content, or simply use annotations. The Whiteboard content is stored in the Cloud and can then be then comfortably distributed to all participants.

touch display

The Mondpad offers all the features which usually require multiple devices in traditional conference rooms: large touch display, HD video conferencing system, interactive whiteboard, 1080p or 4K screen, audio conference system, and a powerful Windows PC. The ConX whiteboard function allows all team members to work together on the same whiteboard. Make your presentations with an intuitive user interface, add annotations, and save documents to be passed into the network. The overall product package is completed by a high-quality camera and loudspeakers.

Thanks to its affiliation to the ConX Whiteboard, the Mondopad is an outstanding teamwork system that easily and reliably connects people, devices, and information immediately upon start up.

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ConX Cloud Personal – Video conferencing system, now with one-year free trial

It is hard to imagine everyday office life without video conferences. Because many teams and groups now have decentralised management, they can hardly work efficiently as a team without video conferences. Thus, having a suitable video conferencing system is an absolute must.

Video conference system ConX Cloud: professional and productive virtual meetings

ConX Cloud is a Cloud-based virtual conference room, which enables you and your colleagues to securely establish a connection to every member at any time. Video conference system SIP, H.323 and Skype for Business are interoperable systems. This means that people outside your organization can also participate in meetings by using most any device and a wide range of video conferencing services.

In the virtual ConX meeting room you can participate in the meeting by dialling in it from nearly any kind of terminal device including smartphones and tablets, any PC or Mac, ConX devices like the InFocus Mondopad and ConX video phone or other SIP or H.323 terminals. This feature is especially convenient during business trips or for negotiations with customers, since they will be able to use their already existing hardware.

video conferencing system

The ConX Cloud solution also offers a dual-stream video and data feed, allowing you to simultaneously or alternately (depending on the hardware) communicate with people and participate in presentations, data, and other contents in real time. This is made possible thanks to its base via the Cloud.

Keep control over your meetings and configure your BConX Cloud settings on the Host ConX web portal! Using the portal, you can change the video layout, mute a participant or re-activate them again, add participants and much, much more.

Concepts and New Pricing

Instead of the 3 previous well-known concepts for 6, 12, or 25 participants, you can now select from a total of 5 different concepts to suit your teams:

  • ConX 3 – Personal (1 room, 3 participants, INS-CONX03Y1)
    Price: First year is free of charge
  • ConX 10 Small Team (1 room, 10 participants, INS-CONX10Y1)
    Price: €121 per year (equivalent to €1.01 per person/ month)
  • ConX 50 – Large Team (1 room, 50 participants, INS-CONX50Y1)
    Price: €147 per year (equivalent to €0.25 per person/ month)
  • ConX 50 – Corporate (10 rooms, 50 participants, INS-CONX50x10Y1)
    Price: €1100 per year (equivalent to €0.18 per person/month)
  • ConX 50 – Corporate + (100 rooms, 50 participants, INS-CONX50x100Y1)
    Price: €8673 per year (equivalent to €0.14 per person/ month)

All ConX concepts include all Premium advantages , such as the Meeting Manager, desktop and mobile app, and full e-mail and phone support. The prices quoted above are in line with our sales recommendation for the German market and include VAT (updated in October 2017)

ConX 3 Personal – Now including a one-year free trial

From now on, InFocus offers the opportunity to test a “small” meeting room of the video conferencing system with 1 room and 3 participants for a year completely free of charge.

ConX 3 staff offers the following features for a free-of-charge test year:Videokonferenzsystem

  • 3 meeting participants at the same time in a room
  • A personal ConX Cloud room
  • A secure PIN for the personal conference room
  • 24/7 availability
  • SIP, H.323 video interoperability and Skype for Business
  • Standard Auto-Digital-In
  • Free-of-charge access to browser
  • Free-of-charge mobile and desktop clients
  • Free-of-charge access to the Host ConX Meeting Manager
  • Free-of-charge e-mail and phone support

The video conference system with this concept is completely free of charge for a whole year. After this year, we offer a non-binding subscription that will run for 12 months and will then be automatically terminated.

Any questions? Visit our website for additional information and details.

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Access to ConX Video meeting room via Skype

The ConX Video Meeting by InFocus is a cloud based video conferencing system that seamlessly connects video calls from different endpoints to a single experience. A ConX video call allows you to combine SIP, H.323, Skype for Business, WebRTC and analog audio calls in a meeting.

In principle, ConX Video Meeting is a SIP-based service that can be connected to any standard SIP video client. This includes software and hardware products from InFocus and other video conferencing systems such as Cisco, Polycom and LifeSize.

In addition, ConX Video Meeting enables the integration of non-SIP clients into the service, for example, Skype for Business (S4B).

We’ll explain how to use your Skype for Business client to access an InFocusConX video meeting room via its full SIP URL address.

How to join the video conference system ConX via Skype

Make sure that a current version of the Skype for Business (S4B) application is installed on your computer. If not, ask your IT department for help or click the following link:

  1. Start your S4B client and log in.
  2. In the address bar, you’ll find “Find Someone” (PC) or “Search for Contact” (Mac). video conferencing system ConX
    Here, enter the full address of the ConX video meeting. This always consists of the number of the respective virtual conference room and the address “@”. For example, for the conference room 8985 the URL “” is valid.
  3. Click on the contact address with the right mouse button and select “Start Video Call”from the conferencing system ConX
  4. If a PIN is required to participate in the conference, click the Call Control icon and enter the PIN, followed by the hash key. Example: 1234 #.
  5. Now you are connected to the ConX video meeting.

Share your screen with ConX video participants

If you want to share your screens with the conference participants, click the Monitor icon and follow the prompts to specifically select what you want to share.

video conferencing system ConX




Once shared, all other ConX participants can see the contents of your screen or application.

With ConX, you may easily connect face-to-face to your contacts and therefore use your already existing infrastructures and devices, such as InFocus touch screens, without any problems.

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We invite you to the Integrated Systems Europe 2017

The day has come: Integrated Systems Europe will finally open its doors the 7-10 February. Europe’s largest trade fair for visual communication is an international meeting place for AV experts, attracting tens of thousands of visitors every year to the Amsterdam Exhibition Grounds.

More than 1,000 exhibitors are already in the starting holes. In other words, you can already look forward to loads of technical inspiration and marvel at modern innovations. Of course, we at InFocus are ready to present our many brand new products in Hall 2 at booth A52. These include extensive news on the interactive displays as well as high-performance visualization solutions for video conferencing and collaboration as well as cutting-edge 3D, near-distance and LED projectors.

In addition, you will be able to inform yourself about the latest and professional AV system integration as well as unified communication by means of lectures and trainings. Make a very close experience of the media and conference technology of the future and get to know hands-on how they can be successfully integrated and used in your business.

A varied and extensive supporting program completes your visit to the fair.

Best of all: We invite you to the fair, and you do not even pay a cent!

InFocus Stand bei der ISE2017 in Amsterdamm

See you at ISE2017?

Free of charge to the ISE 2017 with our invitation code

With the invitation code, that you receive from us, you can register for a free visit to the ISE 2017 in Amsterdam.
Normally, the entrance fee is 150 Euro, but with our invitation code, you can participate in this fair of superlatives free of charge.

Just go to and enter our invitation code in the designated field.

A52 in Hall 2 - ISE 2017
We look forward to seeing you at our booth (A52 in Hall 2) and to explain and demonstrate the many clever features of our latest products in an inspiring atmosphere.

See you in Amsterdam!

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Video call, telephony and face-to face: The inconvenient truth about meetings

Meetings, i.e. discussions at a fixed date, have fallen into disrepute in many companies. Very few employees consider their regular meetings as really useful and as profitable for their work.

How much damage do meetings really cause? Why are meetings that unproductive? And how is it possible to organize better meetings? We show you the benefits of a video call in meetings…

video call

Damages caused by a meeting without a video conferencing system

Actually, such a meeting is a very useful matter where to share information, develop solutions and bring projects to a successful conclusion.

In reality, however, very few meetings are really effective, on the contrary: They cause costs and waste time. A US study showed that meetings generate opportunity costs amounting to 37 billion US dollars annually.

In more than 25 million meetings every day, employees in the US waste their time. If meetings will not be made more efficient in the future, for example by the use of a video conferencing system, those figures will continue to rise.

Already now, the numbers are alarming: The middle management spends 35 percent of the working time in meetings nowadays, the upper management spends as much as 50 percent of total working time in meetings. The most important thing is that executive staff indicates 67 percent of the meetings as failures.

Ineffective meetings without video call – a root cause analysis

The study shows clearly why meetings without video call rarely lead to success: A total of 92 per cent of the participants in addition deal with other things during a meeting. As a result, however, the duration of a meeting is delayed, the concentration capacity of the individual employees decreases, and thus also the density of the information exchange.

The experts classify the lack of involvement of remote employees as another reason for ineffective meetings. For participants of a meeting that are not connected via video conferencing system but via the telephone it is difficult to follow the course.

Since 80 percent of the messages that a person sends are coming from his body language, this important variable is missing in the communication. In addition, meetings often fail due to inadequate planning. Poor preparation and a poor build-up of the meeting reduce its chances of success.

Helpful tips for a successful meeting

We have compiled some helpful tips for you in order to make the next meeting in the company a great success:
1. Plan the meeting to be as compact as possible, never let it last longer than 30 minutes.
2. Process a specific agenda and include it in the presentation material. You will meet real expectations.
3. Obtaining required materials in advance will save time for profitable discussions.
4. Start and close the meeting on time and show this way that you respect the schedule of each individual.
5. Avoid monologues. Include all participants in the meeting.
6. Stay focused and do not allow yourself to be distracted by other things like emails or social networks.
If you want to successfully manage a meeting, whether with or without a video conferencing system, you should always ask: Is this meeting really necessary? Which employees actually have to participate? And: What can I do to make sure my meeting passes by interactively and focusingly?

video conferencing

video conferencing

Our tip:

A video call can raise a meeting to a new level. It is that participants of a meeting with a video conferencing system can concentrate on the discussions demonstrably better in the meeting and are distracted 57% less by other things.

Video calls improve the commitment of the participants, which supports decision-making and increases the productivity of the team.

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The new 121 Video Calling Apps are now available for Windows and MAC

videocall mit conx

Big Business Preparation with Videocall and Flipboard

With the cloud-based service 121 Video Calling from InFocus, it is possible to participate in video conferences and meetings around the world without the installation or establishment of dedicated server hardware. With a simple video call, ideas can be shared easily, cooperation may be made more efficiently and the commitment of all participants may be increased. With the new 121 Video Calling Apps, a meeting via Windows PC or MAC will become even easier

ConX Video Call usable on different devices

ConX connects diverse participants using the cloud – no matter by whatever equipment you want to take part in the video call. The InFocus Mondopad may be used as well as the Video Phone. ConX is compatible even with the conferencing systems from Cisco, Polycom or Lifesize. Further, SIP or H.323 devices, Mac Computers or 3rd party applications such as Cisco Japper and Microsoft Lync may be used.

Easily use Video Call thanks to the new 121 Video Apps for Windows and Mac

Recently, the new 121 Video Calling Apps for Windows PC and Macintosh are available, whereby users can easily participate in video calls. Already for some time now the 121 Video Calling Apps for mobile devices on Android or iOS systems exist. The new, 121 Video Calling Apps only expand the previously available Web browser plug-in. Thus, take the many possibilities of video telephony, but without the cost and effort.

The Apps for Windows specially have been designed by InFocus, so that the functions such as the interactively working on documents, drawing or annotating presentations are available to a larger number of users. With the mobile apps, conference participants can easily login on the web browser and get free access to thousands of meeting rooms in HD quality.

conx videocall

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InFocus Special Offer

InFocus Special offer – find your suitable one

The Meeting/Board Room offer

Buy a Mondopad size 57″ (INF5720AG) or 70″ (INF7021AG) and receive a cloud based
ConX Video Meeting room for up to 6 participants for 1 year (INCONX6HD1Y) free of charge.
Worth: GBP 1296.00 (RRP) recommended retail price including VAT.
Work better together with Mondopad, the smart and easy touchscreen system for video conferencing, whiteboarding, data sharing and more.

• Multi-touch high definition display
• Flexible and expandable with built-in Windows PC
• Digital interactive whiteboard and document annotation
• Business-class video conferencing
• Business meetings and brainstorming
• Distance learning and remote training
• Software and website demos
• Interviewing and remote patient care InFocus promotional collaboration
offers for Q3 / 2016 for UK and Ireland

Promotional Overview

All the following promotions are valid from 1st of August 2016 until 31st of October 2016.
Order confirmation from distribution partner to reseller required within promotional

InFocus Special Offer

Invite up to 5 other participants to join your virtual meeting room session remotely.

The DigiEasel wireless presentation offer

Buy a regular DigiEasel (INF4030) and receive a free LightCast Key (INA-LCKEY2) worth GBP 474.00 (RRP) recommended retail price including VAT.
DigiEasel: 40-inch Interactive Whiteboard and Display, draw, write, and capture notes or share your device’s screen on DigiEasel’s bright, colourful 40″ interactive touch display.
• 40-inch 1080p capacitive touch display
• Portrait or landscape orientation
• Built-in digital whiteboard with multiple colors, shapes and images
• Accurate and responsive capacitive touch overlay with 10-point multi-touch capability
• Quickly connect and display your notebook via HDMI, VGA, component and USB
• Engage your students with a professional, high-tech tool that’s fun to use
• Use with or without a stylus (included) PROMOTIONAL EXTRA:
• Wireless display of your computer, tablet or phone’s screen
• Built-in web browser for easy access to online
content and tools
• Connect to your network via LAN or WiFi

The Huddle Room offer

Buy a LightCast included DigiEasel (INF4030CB) and receive a cloud based
ConX Video Meeting room for up to 6 participants for 1 year (INCONX6HD1Y) free
of charge. Worth: GBP 1296.00 (RRP) recommended retail price including VAT.
DigiEasel: 40-inch Interactive Whiteboard with Wireless Display Technology. Draw, write, and
capture notes or share your wireless device’s screen on DigiEasel’s bright, colourful 40″ interactive capacitive touch display.

InFocus Special Offer
• 40-inch 1080p capacitive touch display
• Wireless display of your computer, tablet or phone’s screen
• Built-in web browser for easy access to online content and tools
• Portrait or landscape orientation
• Built-in digital whiteboard with multiple colours, shapes and images
• Accurate and responsive 10-point multi-touch screen
• Quickly connect and display your notebook via HDMI, VGA or component and enable touch via USB
• Connect to your network via LAN or WiFi


Use with or without a stylus (included) Invite up to 5 other participants to join your
creative huddle room session remotely

The Classroom offer

Buy a selected 65″ JTOUCH model (INF6501wAG) and get the optional LightCast Key
(INA-LCKEY2) and a single license of BigNote software (INF-BigNote) at a massively reduced price. Please contact your reseller or distribution partner for details on the actual savings.

The 65-inch InFocus JTouch Interactive Whiteboard with anti-glare fosters collaboration and creativity with its multi-point touchscreen display and built-in interactive whiteboard. Its bright, colourful, antiglare touchscreen display creates an interactive touch experience that engages students and encourages interaction in the classroom.
• 65-inch anti-glare 1080p touch display every student in the class can see without distracting reflections
• 6-point touchscreen that encourages interaction • Display a PC, Mac or Chromebook via HDMI and enable touch via USB
• Front-facing 4-port USB hub for added convenience PROMOTIONAL EXTRA:
• Wirelessly display the screen of computers,tablets and smartphones
• Access your favourite web applications and resources with the built-in web browser
• Turn your connected Windows device into an interactive whiteboard and use the glass mode
to annotate on any Windows background

Did you know…

In order to call the cloud based ConX Video Meeting rooms from outside the room or organisation, you can simply use our ree InFocus 121 dialler apps. Use the InFocus 121 Video Calling service from iOS, Android, OSX or Windows devices.

Go to: and look out for the more detailed app links to the relevant download store.

How the promotion works:

Interested reseller should contact their distribution partner (BETA, Northamber or Tech Data Maverick) in order to organize a one hour InFocus training session on the relevant promotional add on items (ConX meeting room, LightCast or BigNote software).
Once the ordered product arrives at the reseller side, get in contact with your InFocus sales representative:
David Underdown, Tel: +44 7846 973256, or
Ricky Kumar, Tel: +44 7966 927941,
and confirm the training session details. David or Ricky will bring the relevant value add promotional product item with them
on the training day.

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Discount campaign of InFocus: 40% price reduction for the videoconferencing system ConX

The videoconferencing system ConX of InFocus is considered as a simple and inexpensive solution to make cloud-based video conferences more effective for your business. This not only allows you to connect with partners and colleagues on the linguistic level but also to establish a face-to face connection with others with existing infrastructure and devices (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device). 40% discount only available until July 31st, 2016 for everyone, who contacts us via email.


Easily strike up a conversation with the video conferencing system ConX

Not only important meetings, but every conversation can be performed with the videoconferencing system ConX. Doing so, information can be shared clearly, because visual impressions such as body language or objects contribute to the understanding of the interlocutors. Thus, the system running via SIP or H.323 facilitates collaboration and accelerates communication. In addition a personal contact between partners and colleagues can be caused, even if they work in different cities, countries or even continents.
Another plus of ConX: There is no purchase of special equipment required. You can start a ConX video meeting easily via the web browser or via optimized apps for PCs and Macs or other SIP and H.323 terminals. Perform a meeting with up to 25 persons, manage discussions via the web portal and share ideas quickly. Thanks to HD video quality and a dual stream transmission, the video conferencing system ConX allows maximum productivity within collaborations. The software also offers a simple operation: a contact number or PIN enables to access to the system and by simply clicking on a URL link you can attend a meeting. Due to the highest safety standards even internal company information can be discussed securely. You are welcome to test it. Download your personal trial version here: and form your own opinion.

Get a 40% discount on the purchase of our video conferencing system ConX

In the context of the new discount campaign of InFocus interested parties con purchase the video conferencing system ConX with a discount of 40%. Test the multiplex functions and experience working more efficiently on the highest standards of quality. Partners, colleagues and customers will be likewise enthusiastic about this software. Enjoy the 40%-advantage offered by InFocus! Just contact us via Email to receive the discount.


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