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A side by side comparison of HD projectors for public and home viewing

The 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup will be held this year in Russia, from the 14th of June to 15th of July. The 2014 event, in Brazil, was tuned into by 3.2 billion people worldwide using private devices, while 280 million fans watched the matches online or on mobile devices. All told, well over one billion people viewed the Argentina versus Germany final for at least one minute, either on on household TVs or at public-viewing venues.

HD projectors


The number of people who will be following the FIFA World Cup this year is set to climb even higher this year. Many spectators and fans have decided to watch the matches at home on a screen with friends and family – or alternatively, to thrill to cheer on their favorite team along with hundreds of other fans, at public-viewing venues. The organizers of such events need to do a considerable amount of prepartory work, beginning with finding the right projector for the screen being used. InFocus did a side by side comparison of the various HD projectors, with a view to determining which devices are best for a given usage scenario.

Professional-quality projection for large-scale events using the IN5550

With up to 8300 lumen, six interchangeable lenses, two interchangeable color wheels and a host of connection options including 3G-SDI, the IN5550 is the perfect projection solution for public-viewing venues.

HD projectors


Thanks to a maximum resolution of 1920×1200, this projector will ensure that FIFA World Cup enthusiasts won’t miss a single detail of the matches.

For large-scale events such as the World Cup, the largest possible screen is normally used, or the match is projected on a suitable wall. But in such cases, it can sometimes happen that the projection surface isn’t completely even. But even in such situations the IN5550 renders an impeccable image, thanks to trapezoid correction, rotation and convex distortion and corner-position adjustment.

The IN5148HD: effortless image management for medium-sized events and high-end home viewing

The IN5148HD is the ideal solution for watching soccer games in bars, or for top-notch home viewing with friends and family. Thanks to the IN5148HD’s large projection ratio of 1.49 – 3.02:1, its motorized lens-shift function and its focus and zoom settings, the device is ideally suited for a whole range of projection venues..

HD projectors


The device’s native 1080p resolution allows for optimal projection results featuring clear, sharp pictures, even in ambient light. Thanks to the IN5148HD’s 12000:1 contrast ratio , it can project the green of the turf and the colors in the stands in exquisite detail and color gradations.

Quality that pays off: the IN119HDx for projecting small events out of doors

The IN119HDx is the best full HD project currently available, for its category and quality class. With 3200 lumen and a 15000:1 contrast ratio, this projector is the ideal solution for enjoying soccer matches with friends out of doors, in your own back yard.

HD projectors


Thanks to the IN119HDx’s widescreen resolution, the World Cup matches can also be projected on a PC or notebook.

The projector’s built-in speakers and 3.5 mm audio-out port allow crisp , clean audio of a given match to be enjoyed directly via the projector, or via a home stereo system. And because the device is equipped with an RS232 port, it can be integrated into a room management system such as Creston.

Regardless of the size of the event you’re planning to view via a projector in the near future, the first step to perfect enjoyment is to select the right projector for your situation.

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Our new ultra-portable projectors – IN1116LC and IN1118HDLC with built-in LightCast

The new models of the InFocus IN1110 projector series impress with their ultra light weight, their intense brightness as well as their flexible fields of application. But also due to their compact size, the HD projectors of the series prove to be optimal travel companions – With the new ultraportable projectors, presentations on business travel can be completed even under unknown conditions. Strong, clear images lighten up thanks to up to 2200 lumens; using the internal 2 GB memory, lectures may be conducted from USB sticks. Each HD projector will be supplied with a matching carrying bag, so that a safe transport is guaranteed.

Strong, clear images lighten up thanks to up to 2200 lumens; using the internal 2 GB memory, lectures may be conducted from USB sticks. Each HD projector will be supplied with a matching carrying bag, so that a safe transport is guaranteed.

The IN1116LC ultra-portable projector – compact, light and bright

Interfaces of IN1110 Serie

Even though it comes in pocket format, the IN1116LC ultraportable projector delivers sharp images that impress with color intensity due to the six-segment color wheel and the BrilliantColor technology.

Content is displayed in WXGA resolution (1280×800) and may be obtained from a USB stick or directly from the internal 4 GB memory of the HD projector. They are reliably displayed via HDMI 1.4a with audio, VGA or composite. Thanks to the included LightCast Key, even the wireless display of screenplays via Airplay, Miracast and Chrome is possible.

In addition, you may use the HD projector as a whiteboard or surf the Internet. Anyone who needs to meet the challenges of a new environment again and again will find ideal companions in the ultra mobile projectors of the IN1110 series. The HD Beamer IN1116LC optimally adapts to various room conditions, whether size of the furniture, projection surface or wall color. With an ultra-light weight of only 1.6 kg, the HD Beamer still provides some practical functions: For optimal image quality, the presentation mode can be changed at the push of a button, the automatic vertical 40-degree trapezoid correction ensures undistorted images and the zoom ratio of 1.3:1 provides flexibility in picture size.

The HD Beamer IN1118HDLC – robust, durable and always ready for use

1080P HD Beamer IN1118HDLC

The ultra-compact projector IN1118HDLC delivers color-intensive, sharp images in HD quality. Content is displayed in native 1080p (1920×1080) resolution and can be obtained from a PC via Airplay or Miracast, or the internal 4 GB memory. To do this, upload documents to the HD Beamer and dispense completely with your PC. The USB drive can also be used to display files.

And the highlight: The ultra-portable projector IN1118HD depicts 3D content from Blu-ray and other formats via HDMI. With up to 2400 lumens, this projector supports you in presentations of all lighting conditions.

The included LightCast Key secures the wireless connection and allows Internet surfing as well as using the projector as a whiteboard. With its particularly long power cable the installation location can be selected especially flexibly with this HD Beamer. The light weight of only 1.6 kg, the compact size and the great brightness make the HD Beamer IN1118HDLC particularly handy, so it is the ideal companion for business travelers.

HD Beamer we are proud of – our IN1110 series

All IN1110 series ultra-portable projectors have been developed by InFocus with a robust, field-tested design; this is why they are characterised by their long service life and durability.

Built for the road

Built for the road – Each HD projector will be supplied with a matching carrying bag, so that a safe transport is guaranteed.

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