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Forecast for 2018: How digital innovations will influence our world of work and occupation

Companies all over the world undergo digital transformations. Or, at the least, they instigate such transformations. This process requires an appropriate corporate culture and, in most cases, collaboration with other companies.

But, at an incredible speed, digital innovations can destroy a company. Most CEOs feel obliged to go along with and to re-establish their companies anew at the market every year.

Forecast 2018 - Touch Displays


The digital transformation ranks at the top of many organisational priorities for the year 2018, but such a global matter requires a more complicated solution than merely implementing a couple of specific technological tools.

InFocus has consciously utilised its strengths and relies on close cooperation and rapid exchange of ideas. The Huddle Room and its accessories should grow as one of these digital innovations.

Trends of the digital innovations

  • Customer experience: All roots for business success are said to be borne by the customer. To communicate a general idea of a brand and experience to the customer, it is necessary to provide them with the right data on the right platform at the right time.
  • Optimised intelligence: A rough overview of the customer’s intentions and desires is no longer enough, especially in the age of artificial intelligence. Now companies can track the buyers’ behaviour across multiple platforms. Thus, they must be able to recognise, respond and communicate it in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Operational performance: The Cloud concept has expanded more and more along with increasingly faster bandwidths and improved technical facilities. Service providers offer memory space on their servers as well as online services for a fee. This gives companies more financial and operational efficiency, since they can access their data from everywhere. Now, the core matter is not only the provision of data and ideas, but rather efficient delivery and automation.

Huddle Room JTouch

With the Huddle Room and the JTouch INF4030 perfectly suited to this need, “InFocus” has not only managed to establish itself on the market with the most important data, but has found a way of ensuring fine and precise collaboration with internal and external partners. The third indispensable requirement of establishing digital innovations is to be fulfilled by the optional ConX Cloud solution that can be activated via any computer with connection to Internet.

JTouch Touch DisplayAll in all, the future of the digital transformation is oriented at both technology and people’s needs. With a Huddle Room, you can quickly and flexibly connect and manage the entire assortment of Cloud and local applications and data, as well as people’s connections.

Every year, original digital innovations will dominate the market in a new manner and, thereby, outshining old technologies. Secure a Huddle Room equipped with the INF4030 for yourself – and for efficient and close cooperation with your partners – so as not to be left behind!

The entire InFocus team wishes you and your company a merry Christmas and a successful, innovative year in 2018!

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Onboarding Daniel Gibson

Interactive Displays Pre-Sales and TrainingDaniel Gibson joins European InFocus team as Interactive Displays Pre-Sales and Training.

Daniel has re-joined the InFocus team as of September after being with us for over 11 years previously in sales and operations positions and he is now responsible for product trainings and virtual demonstrations to our EMEA partners and end users. With Daniel on board we can offer better services to our channel partners and customers in Europe.

“For feature rich collaboration solutions like Mondopad and ConX Cloud, it demonstrates a real advantage to be close to your channel partners and support them with live on demand technical demonstrations to ensure our customers are getting the solution which fits their requirements best.” says Mark Harris Vice President Sales for Europe.

Daniel is working within the European time zone and therefore offers great flexibility in arranging product demonstrations and training sessions at convenient times for our partners.

Channel partners interested in a virtual demonstration of our collaboration solutions like Mondopad, Bigtouch or JTouch can contact their InFocus Sales Representative or book a virtual demonstration under this link:

We are happy to have Daniel on board and wish him a good start.

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Visual communication – Interconnecting in the future

Our technology solutions enable efficient collaboration in real-time. The work done in companies becomes more visual, faster, and simply better. We have reported on this several times. But how useful are our solutions actually? Who uses our hardware and software yet? Many millions of people profit daily – both directly and indirectly – from our products that enable and perfect visual communication. Certainly you personally, too! You do not believe that? We will show it to you…

InFocus products for visual communication in the White House

Anyone who believes that only companies – no matter whether small and medium-sized enterprises or large corporations – communicate reliably across the globe thanks to InFocus, is wrong. Not only in business, entrepreneurs and employees use our products for visual communication.


Would you have thought that InFocus is also the number one supplier of display processors in the military sector? Even the US Army is among our customers! Also, private security companies and the management of public facilities rely on our software and hardware for real-time monitoring or threat analysis. For some of the world’s largest cities, airports, seaports and public transport networks, InFocus technology takes over live traffic management, including routing and control.

In addition, world-wide leading supply and telecommunication companies also perform their network monitoring by means of our marvels of technology; thus, thanks to effective process management they are able to react quickly and effectively and avoid possible loss of service. Even many of the world’s largest banks, exchanges and financial institutions handle their business processes via IT products from InFocus. And not even the highest power center in the US – the White House in Washington D.C. – gets along without InFocus technology.

Canvas facilitates visual communication of the extra class

canvas mobil
The object is always the same: Whether companies in the business world or political institution, it is necessary to manage the tasks worldwide. A matrix of information surrounds the corporations and companies. Only by means of live video and application screens they can manage the exchange and sharing of data as well as real-time collaboration. Here, visual communication is the key to optimal management. For a successful collaboration, all tasks must be accessible to the entire team, from anywhere and at any time. Therefore, all information must be accessible, retrievable, editable and divisible on the personal terminal device of the employees at all times.

The InFocus solution Canvas meets all these requirements:

  • Collaboration with colleagues and customers anywhere, anytime
  • Collaboration in real-time
  • Collaboration on any PC, tablet or smart phone, because Canvas runs not only on Windows but also with iOS and Android, it uses WiFi and 3G / 4G LTE
  • Collaboratively making notes of ideas on a whiteboard with integrated text or voice chat
    View, edit and share information
  • Compatible with Microsoft Lync via SIP
  • New within Canvas 5.0: Manage applications from anywhere with the advanced features of the web-based Mimic Touch software; The powerful ControlPoint for display wall management; Easy selection of streaming sources for sharing; Make simple notes with live videos and much more.

We equip Canvas with all the helpful features, because we are firmly convinced that only successful communication enables successful work.

Video about Canvas

Visual communication at maximum level thanks to Catalyst

With the Catalyst InFocus video wall processor, it is possible to create the world-wide highest resolution video wall on every display – in 4K resolution! The powerful Catalyst 4K processor delivers crisp images with high frame rates, namely on video walls consisting of a single panel up to hundreds of displays. This raises visual communication to a new level. Thanks to the Intel E5 Six-Core processor and six high-performance and high-speed slots, users achieve faster graphics, real-time frame rates, and a better overall system performance.

Working with Catalyst is as flexible as ever before:

  • Drag the video and data window to any location on the display wall
  • Get a 360-degree view of operations with source compilation
  • Retrieve and save layouts depending on situation, user or day-time

The Catalyst provides support for projects of all sizes.

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InFocus Partner Portal

InFocus Partner Portal

As an active InFocus distributor or reseller, we invite you to sign up to our new EMEA InFocus Channel Partner Portal.

The new EMEA InFocus Channel Partner Portal – one place to find product information, latest news, marketing collateral, training resources and more.

Why should I sign up to this portal?

As a distribution or reseller partner, you will find the following areas of the portal
most helpful:

  • Resource Library – Product images, datasheets, meeting presentations,
    promotional flyers
  • Latest InFocus news and product announcements
  • Quick Links on main page to external resources

You will find most documents to be available in English, German, or French.
Never miss the news!

You can enable the e-mail reminder, so when we add new documents to our
portal you automatically get a notification. This reminder can be switched off or
you can specify how frequent you would like to get those notifications.
Totally your choice!

Already signed up?

InFocus Partner Portal

Need to request an account?

InFocus Partner Portal

Need help accessing your existing account or locating information?
Contact us on:

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A technological revolution in the field of education – Use the JTouch INF6500EAG Touchscreen Monitor in school and university

Technology is subject to constant change. Ten years ago, the desktop PC celebrated its entry into the classroom and today the focus is on cloud services and mobile learning applications at school and at university.

We take a look at the technological revolution in the education sector and, with the touch screen monitor JTouch INF6500EAG, we present a modern tool for teaching.

touch screen monitor

Public study fuels the use of touch screen monitor and Co.

In a general survey in education centers on the topic of education technology, 29% of teachers estimated that the desktop PC will not remain a technology used in the education sector for the next ten years. The teachers gave equally few survival chances to non-interactive projectors, traditional projection software and CDs and DVDs as well as their playback devices.

If the teachers were able to decide which technology was no longer to be found in the study room or classroom, the majority would choose learning management systems, mobile devices and social media. Obviously these technical innovations have a counterproductive effect on the mediation of learning contents, as they might be distracting.

The respondents expressed the general incompatibility between applications, hardware and data needed as the biggest obstacle to the future integration of new technologies into the learning environment. They therefore suggest minimizing restrictions – such as in wireless usage or storage space – and cabling.

However, 97% of respondents are convinced that technology will play a positive role in education in the future. In the opinion of the interviewees, 3D applications, interactive touch projectors and programs, cloud services and the streaming of learning content will be particularly significant.


touch screen monitor

Reasons for the technological revolution in the education sector

Schools and universities should rethink when it comes to the use of technology for education. Teachers may combine modern applications and devices – such as the touch screen monitorwith traditional learning methods.

Just as the content of the teaching changes with time, the technologies for knowledge transfer should also be oriented towards modern development. This is because technical novelties are often a relief for everyday learning, they encourage learners to actively participate and are therefore positively integrated by them.

The touchscreen monitor JTouch INF6500EAG for seminar rooms and classrooms

The JTouch INF6500EAG touch-screen monitor has a 65-inch display, so that contents may be displayed in a comfortable size. Thanks to the non-reflective surface, a clear image is obtained, even in very bright light conditions. The bright and colorful presentation, even in large bright conference rooms, will impress pupils and students.

The slim, frameless design and the effortless control will also convince users. The HDMI and USB ports are located on the front of this touch screen monitor, making them easily accessible. The touchscreen monitor can be connected to a PC, Mac or Chromebook by means of these ports as well as via VGA or Component Video.

Content will be displayed in high resolution on the monitor. Users may add an interactive whiteboard to the JTouch INF6500EAG and run Android apps via the optional Android-based whiteboard module. This facilitates an easy, profitable communication for pupils and students, which, not least, strengthens cooperation.

The touch function of the LCD screen invites to collaborate and spring into action. The capacitive touch function may be controlled intuitively. Thereby pupils, teachers and students equally present sharp, bright and also interactive content – namely not depending on the light conditions.


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InFocus Partner Webinar: The new InFocus Projector Range

Please join us on

Wednesday, November 2nd at 15:00 (UK time) / 16:00 (German time)

for an exclusive InFocus partner webinar on the latest Projector range from InFocus.

InFocus Webinar about Projektor range

The webinar will be conducted in English.

Dave Duncan, Director of Product Marketing at InFocus, will join the webinar to introduce the latest InFocus projector range and highlight some new features that we added.

Infocus Webinar Content Highlights:

  • Learn about the latest Projectors that have joined the InFocus product family
  • Hear how the new line up fit’s into todays projector market needs
  • Understand the opportunities selling more projectors with some of the new features we can offer you

Discover the complete line-up of InFocus projectors in this webinar.

Ask questions to our expert Dave Duncan

Click here to register!

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Executive Briefing Center – InFocus opens a showroom near Frankfurt

On June 7, 2016 InFocus had every reason to celebrate: In Dreieich near Frankfurt, the new Executive Briefing Center (EBC) was opened. About 40 partners attended the magnificent event where personal exchange had first priority. In lively presentations they got an insight into the products and IT solutions from InFocus. Today we want to present you a selection of photos of the opening day.

Inauguration of the new showroom and training center

The entire management of InFocus arrived in Dreieich near Frankfurt in order to attend the inauguration of the new showroom and training center: Even EMEA marketing director Christoph Cyrol, European sales director Mark Harris or InFocus CEO Mark Housley were on site to receive numerous specialist dealers and distributors.

In a relaxed atmosphere, InFocus introduced the new showroom to interested parties in small groups. It is located within the walls of the recently acquired AV system house Vidco. In hands-on session there were able to experience the products close up and to let themselves be convinced by the innovative “touch& feel” products: From projectors over the diverse range of touch screens through to the collaboration, video and presentation solutions. In the company-owned training center, informative seminars and technical training will be offered in future.

What comes next after the Executive Briefing Center

“We are pleased to be able to present a modern showroom to our partners now,” Mark Harris said. The Vice President was sure: “The hands-on experience of our diverse product portfolio and the range of professional training for our partners will have a positive effect on our growth in Germany”.

Mark Housley explained that the aim was to establish InFocus firmly in the area of collaboration solutions in the European economic area. “The recent acquisitions of Vidco, Avistar and Jupiter underline the growth course of InFocus in the whole EMEA region,” the CEO continued.

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What is the truth about the capacitive touch? – The new touch PCs by InFocus with capacitive touch technology

Who does not know this situation: You want to quickly print a document, check new emails or record a note in writing. Too bad that once again the PC mouse is nowhere to be found. The new Full HD Touch PCs by InFocus guarantee a sensational touch screen experience. What advantages does a touch display provide and which tasks will be facilitated by a touch PC …

InFocus Touch PC

InFocus Touch PC Big Touch

The advantages of a Touch PC with touch display

Thanks to the touch-sensitive surface, a touch display can be fully controlled via its touch panel. All functions can be taken over by tapping, rotating or wiping, the intuitive usability complies with each user. By means of four infrared sensors, the various gestures will be recognized properly and implemented by the system. On the large HD touch displays of the InFocus models, contents are displayed in crisp clarity, so a touch screen is appropriate for cooperation with several people and also can be used in combination with a projector for the utilization in presentations.

Areas where the Touch PC makes work more effective

A touch PC with touch display by InFocus can not only facilitate the work in home office, a touch PC also improves workflow in educational institutions. Thanks to the brilliant colors of a touch display, a touch PC is appropriate for utilization in classrooms, because here the attention of the students is guaranteed. Thanks to the intuitive operation of a touch screens, students can even deal safely with a touch display by themselves. It’s user-friendliness also makes it an ideal choice for hospitals, clinics or laboratories. Introduce learning content into the waiting room or make fast data access easier for the colleagues at work. In hotels and restaurants, guests can be entertained with a touch PC in the lobby, in addition work processes can be accelerated by means of simplified navigation with a touch display in hotels, restaurants or in the range of leisure activities.

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