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Collaboration and Data Visualisation for Teams: Jupiter Canvas CRS- 4K™

No present technology used for video transmission and display will influence the future so definitively as the 4K Digital Canvas. Previous technology allowed for the display of high-definition moving images and photos, but 4K goes far beyond just HD display.

What is Jupiter Canvas?

Jupiter Canvas facilitates the piecing together and management of many visual sources within a company, including video data from fixed cameras, mobile devices, or applications. With Jupiter Canvas, you can display the important and relevant video sources straight to your team for more effective collaboration. Notably, annotation can be added to live video streams.

What is Jupiter Canvas CRS-4K™?

Canvas CRS-4K converts any meeting room or area into a canvas to improve team work or effectively visualise data when needed. It is a small box that can be placed anywhere in the room, and using the Canvas SimpleShare™ feature, each presenter can wirelessly connect their laptop or PC to give their presentation both for local and external canvas participants.

For visualisation, CRS-4K™ supports up to four 1080p HD displays (2/2 video wall) or a 4K system (1 screen). Other features include: Microsoft Lync® integration and support for calls to and from third-party SIP systems to share or transfer video and audio data.

What is the application area of Jupiter Canvas CRS-4K™?

Teams can use Jupiter Canvas CRS-4K to share content of all kinds on smartphones, tablets, and PCs with other teams in real time. Files can be modified, saved, and sent live from several locations. Processing and multiplication in voice and video chats is also supported by the Canvas SimpleShare™ software.

Jupiter 4k CanvasThe Canvas CRS- 4K™ system was specially developed for efficient team work and is a must in monitoring traffic, town planning, or production areas as it creates an omnipresent view of the location and complex scenarios.

The high-performance graphics system of Canvas CRS-4K is also well-suited for use in engineering and design (CAD/CAE/AEC), geographic information systems (GIS) and visualisation, oil and gas, life sciences, digital content creation (DCC), digital media, and other complex systems.

The SimpleShare technology of Jupiter Canvas provides the ability to wirelessly share videos from any laptop. Remote experts without Canvas can still share video and audio with Canvas users by connecting to any SIP-based video chat. Canvas navigation can also be controlled from any tablet via Multitouch.

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InFocus presents new 85-inch models

Extra large touch display with 4K resolution

With the new 85-inch displays of the Mondopad, BigTouch and JTouch series, the impressive 4K resolution is achieved in the office, the training room or the classroom. The large 85-inch displays make it possible to present content brightly and color intensively, to create comments, to collaborate with other participants or for Content-Sharing. Below, we present the novelties.

Ultra High Definition has not only come into the private living room, but with the new 85-inch displays also into the office, into the classroom or into the conference room. With 4K resolution, the displays provide razor-sharp images. The high-resolution touch displays have more than 8 million pixels. On 3840 x 2160 pixels pictures and videos appear glass-clear, with presentation devices in the 85-inch version almost real. Wherever creative ideas are developed or knowledge is conveyed, the new 85-inch screens from InFocus support you.

The extra large Mondopad

The extra large Mondopad Ultra with 85 inches and 4K resolution by InFocus for Content-Sharing

The extra large Mondopad Ultra with 85 inches and 4K resolution by InFocus

This exquisite Touch-PC with 85 inches and 4K resolution is all you need for the visual presentation, capture and Content-Sharing. The 85-inch all-in-one device Mondopad Ultra combines Windows PC, video conferencing technology and whiteboarding in a single giant touch screen PC. The 4K resolution of the anti-reflective large-format display, combined with the integrated, easy-to-use InFocus Collaboration Software Suite, enables efficient collaboration. Develop, capture and share ideas in face-to-face teamwork and make presentations particularly appealing.

The BigTouch in big size

Touch experience with 4K resolution ships with and supports only Windows 10 for Content-Sharing

Touch experience with 4K resolution ships with and supports only Windows 10

In the new InFocus BigTouch with 85 inches the easy-to-use operation of a tablet combines with the productivity of a PC. The large touch display with 4K resolution is equipped with Windows 10 Pro and thus creates the optimal prerequisite for joint collaboration, presentation and Content-Sharing. In addition, with the optional BigNote software, it can even be turned into a functional whiteboard. In a large format, you can view high-resolution presentations of documents that may be edited intuitively.

The Jtouch in XXL

A 85-inch 4K touch display with anti-glare Gorilla Glass for Content-Sharing

A 85-inch 4K touch display with anti-glare Gorilla Glass

The 85-inch 4K touch-screen display of the JTouch series convinces every audience. Thanks to numerous interfaces, it is possible to operate Content-Sharing from many different end devices and source formats on the JTouch. Moreover, the additional USB touch feedback interface ensures that each terminal can be operated by touch via the display. Regardless of the lighting conditions, you may enjoy a crisp and interactive presentation. Even in large, bright rooms, pictures, texts and videos are persuasive thanks to their high brightness, color brilliance and high visual acuity. The clever combination of interactive touch experience and large 85-inch display ensures that presentations remain in the memory.

The conclusion

What all the different products of the Mondopad, BigTouch and JTouch series have in common is the opportunity of visual presentation and communication at the highest level. The touch displays are suitable not only for dynamic presentations, but also for teamwork in conference rooms and offices around the world.

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MondoCenter – not just a video conferencing system, but an integral collaboration solution

It sounds like a fairy tale: The PC does not have to be replaced or complexly upgraded in order to consult with colleagues, customers or business partners via video call. Instead, a few handles are sufficient to make any display device capable for video conferencing. Ideas may be visualized, recorded and exchanged with present attendees and people around the world. With the new MondoCenter, a simple display turns into a fully-fledged Mondopad- the collaboration tool and video conferencing system of the future.

With the video conferencing system MondoCenter, you can make the most of your display

Using the MondoCenter turns your projector or any display device into a high-quality video conferencing system that leaves nothing to be desired. The system comes with an Intel Core i7 processor and Windows 10 Pro. A full version of Microsoft Office is already preinstalled. For you, this means you can get started immediately! MondoCenter supports displays with 1080p and 4K resolution as single or dual monitor. In order to make full use of the video conferencing technology, only a Webcam and a microphone are needed additionally. The MondoCenter supports Bluetooth 4.0 and thus may easily be connected to various display devices such as projectors or monitors. Furthermore, it is also suitable for rack installation.


But how does this work, without complicated upgrades or difficult installations? Being based on industry standards from Intel and Microsoft, the video conferencing system MondoCenter is suitable for all common IT environments and optimizes, in combination with a display device, the way people interact, collaborate and exchange information. Create an expandable, easy-to-use and cost-efficient collaboration solution for your conference room. With this video conferencing system, interactive, safe work at different locations will become standard, no matter when, where or with whom.

A fully-fledged video conferencing system for video connections around the world

With the video conferencing system MondoCenter3, time-consuming and cost-intensive business trips belong to the past. In combination with the 121 video telephony service, we unite with people from all over the world. You may collaborate with other people and exchange content from anywhere. If your company already uses any video conferencing system, you may simply install its desktop client on the MondoCenter.

For seamless collaboration with leading cloud, client and SIP video conferencing solutions, the MondoCenter can easily be added as an SIP endpoint to the respective video conferencing server or service and is compatible with all common video conferencing platforms such as Polycom, LifeSize, and Cisco. The integrated WLAN interface allows a secure connection to be established between the MondoCenter video conferencing system and your network, so that every authorized user in your network may easily and securely exchange, view and edit documents, images, or videos with the MondoCenter via PC, tablet, or smart phone. The WLAN interface also serves as a wireless access points for guests present in the room, so they also may easily transfer documents to the MondoCenter.

Share ideas and collaborate interactively with the video conferencing system from InFocus

If you already know InFocus, then you know that we always get the best out of our products and applications. Therefore, the MondoCenter has much more features than video telephony and displaying files. The fully-fledged video conferencing system also provides whiteboard and comment apps that make brainstorming, as well as capturing and sharing ideas, a breeze. With a complete set of writing and drawing tools, markers, shapes and lines, ideas may be fixed illustratively. Drawings and notes on the whiteboard may not only be captured but also saved and sent directly from the video conferencing system to the meeting participants by e-mail. The intuitive folder structure of the MondoCenter is designed in such a manner that the participants may exchange documents and images during a meeting quite incidentally. During the performance, they may easily access all the documents with which they work daily.

Upgrade your displays and devices with the InFocus MondoCenter collaboration and video conferencing system and thereby elevate the quality of collaboration within your company to a new level.

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Visual communication – Interconnecting in the future

Our technology solutions enable efficient collaboration in real-time. The work done in companies becomes more visual, faster, and simply better. We have reported on this several times. But how useful are our solutions actually? Who uses our hardware and software yet? Many millions of people profit daily – both directly and indirectly – from our products that enable and perfect visual communication. Certainly you personally, too! You do not believe that? We will show it to you…

InFocus products for visual communication in the White House

Anyone who believes that only companies – no matter whether small and medium-sized enterprises or large corporations – communicate reliably across the globe thanks to InFocus, is wrong. Not only in business, entrepreneurs and employees use our products for visual communication.


Would you have thought that InFocus is also the number one supplier of display processors in the military sector? Even the US Army is among our customers! Also, private security companies and the management of public facilities rely on our software and hardware for real-time monitoring or threat analysis. For some of the world’s largest cities, airports, seaports and public transport networks, InFocus technology takes over live traffic management, including routing and control.

In addition, world-wide leading supply and telecommunication companies also perform their network monitoring by means of our marvels of technology; thus, thanks to effective process management they are able to react quickly and effectively and avoid possible loss of service. Even many of the world’s largest banks, exchanges and financial institutions handle their business processes via IT products from InFocus. And not even the highest power center in the US – the White House in Washington D.C. – gets along without InFocus technology.

Canvas facilitates visual communication of the extra class

canvas mobil
The object is always the same: Whether companies in the business world or political institution, it is necessary to manage the tasks worldwide. A matrix of information surrounds the corporations and companies. Only by means of live video and application screens they can manage the exchange and sharing of data as well as real-time collaboration. Here, visual communication is the key to optimal management. For a successful collaboration, all tasks must be accessible to the entire team, from anywhere and at any time. Therefore, all information must be accessible, retrievable, editable and divisible on the personal terminal device of the employees at all times.

The InFocus solution Canvas meets all these requirements:

  • Collaboration with colleagues and customers anywhere, anytime
  • Collaboration in real-time
  • Collaboration on any PC, tablet or smart phone, because Canvas runs not only on Windows but also with iOS and Android, it uses WiFi and 3G / 4G LTE
  • Collaboratively making notes of ideas on a whiteboard with integrated text or voice chat
    View, edit and share information
  • Compatible with Microsoft Lync via SIP
  • New within Canvas 5.0: Manage applications from anywhere with the advanced features of the web-based Mimic Touch software; The powerful ControlPoint for display wall management; Easy selection of streaming sources for sharing; Make simple notes with live videos and much more.

We equip Canvas with all the helpful features, because we are firmly convinced that only successful communication enables successful work.

Video about Canvas

Visual communication at maximum level thanks to Catalyst

With the Catalyst InFocus video wall processor, it is possible to create the world-wide highest resolution video wall on every display – in 4K resolution! The powerful Catalyst 4K processor delivers crisp images with high frame rates, namely on video walls consisting of a single panel up to hundreds of displays. This raises visual communication to a new level. Thanks to the Intel E5 Six-Core processor and six high-performance and high-speed slots, users achieve faster graphics, real-time frame rates, and a better overall system performance.

Working with Catalyst is as flexible as ever before:

  • Drag the video and data window to any location on the display wall
  • Get a 360-degree view of operations with source compilation
  • Retrieve and save layouts depending on situation, user or day-time

The Catalyst provides support for projects of all sizes.

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Great Promotion by InFocus: Buy a projector and receive a LightCast Key for wireless presentations for free

Now only for a short time: Until March 31, 2017, you will receive a LightCast key free of charge when purchasing a projector of the IN2120x series (models: IN2124x, IN2126x and IN2128HDx)!

With the practical key, you may perform mobile presentations by transferring screen contents wirelessly from any end device onto the projector!

Attention: Even if the majority of our retailers is participating in the campaign, please ask prior to the purchase, whether the LightCast key will really be delivered free of charge.

InFocus-LightCast Key

What are the benefits of LightCast?

The innovative LightCast key makes each presentation, each teamwork meeting and content sharing even more efficient and easier. Thanks to the LightCast key, you may wirelessly transfer screen content from any tablet, laptop, or mobile phone to your projector using Android, Windows, Chrome OS or Apple iOS / OSX.

LightCast also scores with an integrated whiteboard app, along with an extensive set of digital pens, markers, shapes, lines and colors.

This means that you can easily capture and share notes, share and mail them on the screen. This increases the efficiency of meetings enormously, since every team member has access to the latest data at any time.

With the built-in 4GB memory, you may also transfer various documents, movies or photos to the projector in advance of the presentation and then present them from the integrated memory without a PC.

Thanks to a built-in web browser, LightCast also allows access to the Internet. In this way, websites or online documents, videos and photos may easily be displayed. And best of all: it all works without the installation of additional software!

LightCast key

The right model for every application: LightCast compatible projectors by InFocus

In general, all interactive projectors from InFocus are Lightcast compatible. You may choose between the ultra-portable projectors of the IN1110 series, the high-connectivity network projectors of the IN2120x series and the large Venue HD projectors of the IN5148 series.

Combined with the optionally available LightCast key, they enable the use of many new functions for exciting, lively presentations.

And for those who hurry, the free LightCast key for the IN2124x, IN2126x and IN2128HDx will be added free of charge until the end of March 2017 when buying a projector of the IN2120x series (only in case of purchase from participating retailers).

Video about LightCast

Anyone who wants to benefit from the free LightCast Key by March 31, 2017 can get an impression of the cool features of the LightCast in the video above
Enhance your presentation, teamwork, and content-sharing capabilities:

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Executive Briefing Center – InFocus opens a showroom near Frankfurt

On June 7, 2016 InFocus had every reason to celebrate: In Dreieich near Frankfurt, the new Executive Briefing Center (EBC) was opened. About 40 partners attended the magnificent event where personal exchange had first priority. In lively presentations they got an insight into the products and IT solutions from InFocus. Today we want to present you a selection of photos of the opening day.

Inauguration of the new showroom and training center

The entire management of InFocus arrived in Dreieich near Frankfurt in order to attend the inauguration of the new showroom and training center: Even EMEA marketing director Christoph Cyrol, European sales director Mark Harris or InFocus CEO Mark Housley were on site to receive numerous specialist dealers and distributors.

In a relaxed atmosphere, InFocus introduced the new showroom to interested parties in small groups. It is located within the walls of the recently acquired AV system house Vidco. In hands-on session there were able to experience the products close up and to let themselves be convinced by the innovative “touch& feel” products: From projectors over the diverse range of touch screens through to the collaboration, video and presentation solutions. In the company-owned training center, informative seminars and technical training will be offered in future.

What comes next after the Executive Briefing Center

“We are pleased to be able to present a modern showroom to our partners now,” Mark Harris said. The Vice President was sure: “The hands-on experience of our diverse product portfolio and the range of professional training for our partners will have a positive effect on our growth in Germany”.

Mark Housley explained that the aim was to establish InFocus firmly in the area of collaboration solutions in the European economic area. “The recent acquisitions of Vidco, Avistar and Jupiter underline the growth course of InFocus in the whole EMEA region,” the CEO continued.

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