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Advancement in the classroom through digital whiteboards

As well as pupils go through different phases of their education, the form of the teaching rooms also changes. Primary school children have colorful bookshelves and reading areas while in the junior high school they work with laptops and whiteboards. The teaching materials in the classroom adapt to the age and educational needs, and so technology also has to satisfy the requirements of its age group.

The technology in the classroom must be interoperable, when the pupils develop. This is important to meet the needs at the different stages of learning and to ensure that classroom technology is a worthy investment of the tight school budget.

Whiteboard and Wireless Adapter

InFocus J-Touch INF6502WBAG and INLITESHOW4

The InFocus JTouch INF6502WBAG 65 ” , in conjunction with the INLITESHOW4 adapter, provides an interactive work environment for easy and wireless learning.

“It is worthwhile to give students time, space and tools with which they can network, shape and work together. With LiteShow 4, they have a tool that makes these three things possible.”
-Nick P., high school teacher

After a task assigned by the teacher, the students can connect with the LiteShow4 to present their solutions to the class. For this purpose, it is sufficient to connect the LiteShow4 USB stick. No special administrator rights or extra software are required.

In order to compare the solutions and to work out the best possible results together with the students, thanks to the moderator and QuadView functions it is possible to perform presentations on the Whiteboard from up to 4 connected computers. In doing so, it is possible to transfer multimedial content such as video and audio files to the whiteboard and play them.

Usually, another problem is the compatibility with the different terminals. The wireless adapter is compatible with almost all devices. Operating systems like Windows 10, 8 and 7 as well as Mac run smoothly on the whiteboard and the InLiteShow 4 adapter. By means of the MirrorOP app, teachers and students can even connect via their own mobile devices such as iOS and Android.

Expensive equipment is practically unthinkable in the school sector, as most schools cannot afford the budget to buy new systems every few years. InFocus responds to the needs of the education sector with an attractive price for the whiteboard and the wireless adapter and thus makes it possible for schools to provide their pupils with the best possible learning atmosphere.

Classrooms must grow and develop – as well as their students. The latest technologies make it possible for students to achieve their goals effectively and, above all, together.

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