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The perfect presentation – Touch screens against boredom

“More than 80 percent of all presentations are boring or even soporific.”

The Wall Street Journal recently came to this shocking result. Only 3% of the presentations held in companies inspire listeners and viewers, attract attention and thus contribute to simplifying work in the first place. There are multiple reasons for this. Often, there is simply fear of modern presentation technology behind it.

With some exercise, a children’s game

Presentations and meetings are intended to define project objectives, to coordinate project partners and improvetheir collaboration in the company. Overloaded slides, a monotonous lecture style as well as a lack of know-how on the touch screen often make a presentation a disaster only after a short time.

Before you begin with your presentation on the touch screen at all, you should ask yourself: Are my slides designed simply and attractively? Am I able to speak as freely as possible? Am I familiar with the touch screen? If you have to answer even one of these questions with “no”, this means: Practice makes perfect!

present at the touch screen - the perfect presentation

Here are some more general tips:

  1. Communicate only one message per slide. Not all people are multitasking. If your audience is constantly busy with reading, no one will listen to you.
  2. Do not read from your presentation slides and never turn your back on your audience. Maintain eye contact and respond to feedback from your audience.
  3. Use your touch screen as a resource for entertaining, interactive presentations. Reduce your stress factor by acquainting yourself with the technology and practicing with your touch screen.

Touch screen JTouch INF6500eAG for diversified presentations

Our 65-inch touch screen of the JTouch display series helps you to make your presentation interesting and, at the same time, as stress-free as possible. Connect the JTouch INF6500eAG to your notebook or PC and control your presentation directly via the large-format touch screen. The advantage is that you can better inspire your audience because you may control elements and slides during the presentation easily on the big screen and you do not have to stick spellbound to your PC or notebook.

Touch screen JTouch INF6500e by InFocus - the perfect presentation

The capacitive touch screen with anti-glare display provides a light and colour touch experience that can be controlled by an easy-to-use touch screen technology, because you already know the technology from your iPhone: The JTouch INF6500eAG works with the same effortless gesture control (for example, “wiping”, “tapping”, “dragging”) like smart phones or tablets.

Another plus: Add the wireless InFocus LiteShow 4 adapter to the JTouch INF6500eAG in order to easily exchange data, audio, and video files using a WLAN connection. This exempts you from intimidating cable spaghetti, reduces your stress factor and accelerates the presentation.

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How-to: Presentations o the touch screen – Part II

How to best display your content on the touch screen

About 30 million presentations are held around the world every day. Of these, 90% are considered to be boring and uninteresting “time wasters” for spectators or listeners. Therefore, not infrequently, a tormented groan from the workforce of a company is likely to occur when a presentation is announced for the next meeting: Stupidly designed slides with hardly readable contents, incomprehensible explanatory attempts, no possibility of active participation. It is unimaginable, how much time and money thereby is at stake for companies. InFocus donates you precious working hours: We show you how every presentation with a touch screen will become a success!

How every presentation with a touch screen will become a success!

How every presentation with a touch screen will become a success!

Touch screen devices from InFocus

InFocus is one of the market leaders for visual communication. For what reason? Because our innovative solutions, also in the field of touch display, always set new standards. Our touch screens JTouch, Mondopad and BigTouch enable presentations, video conferences and digital signage at the highest level.

Tips and tricks for a presentation with the InFocus touch screen which remains in the memory

Tips and tricks for a presentation which remains in the memory

Getting the best out of collaboration through simple communication, creating content, saving and sharing – with a touch-screen model from InFocus, you captivate your audience! Even external employees can participate in a presentation, whether connected via their own PC, the tablet or the smart phone.



Thanks to a wide range of connection facilities, such as HDMI, VGA and USB interfaces, the InFocus touch screen PCs offer versatile connectivity. Whether the interactive Mondopad touch PCs in full-HD and with integrated Windows computer as well as a collaboration suite, the Full HD BigTouch devices with integrated Windows 8 computer or the full-HD JTouch series for interactive digital signage with precise touch screen technology – InFocus makes presentations the popular must-do on the to-do lists.

In order to make your presentation on the touch screen a success, you should consider the following:

  • No false start: Forget the sneaky introductory sentences like “Today I am holding a presentation on the subject of xy.” You will be captivating your colleagues from the start with an exciting introduction to the topic.
  • Talk freely instead of reading: Anyone who reads a pre-written presentation word for word must reckon with a small attention from the audience. A monotonous lecture has a soporific effect and often prevents the release of one’s own thoughts.
  • Do not forget your body language. Communication works on several levels, the body language accounts for about 55% of the effect. Take full advantage of this potential.
  • Observe the font size: Your presentation might not only fail with overloaded slides, but also with a too small font. Often, the audience is able to see the text on the touch screen but not to read it. Especially for smaller touch displays, this is an important point that must be observed.
  • With the back turned to the touch screen: Your presentation will become a success, if the audience spellbound will hang to your every word. For this reason, position yourself with your back turned to the touch screen.
  • Active presentation style: What has been worked out together will remain in the memory. Make use of the possibility of annotating directly during the presentation and send the content in the appropriate format to the audience already during the event.
  • Multimedia content has a loosening-up effect: The audience becomes more attentive through videos. Something is happening. Anyone who visualizes the content of his presentation with a video will notice how quickly he will be back in the center of attention and interest in his presentation will be increasing.
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How-to: Presentations on the touch screen – Part I

How to use the touch screen correctly

Clicking with the mouse, typing with the keyboard. This is what we have been used to for decades. The new generation of computers, smart phones or displays rely on the touch screen as the control element. But one touch screen is not the same as others. There are different types of touch displays with different functions, which can be operated individually. What is to bear in mind when using a touch screen with a finger? What kind of operating errors are lurking? How does the application with a pen work?

The capacitive Touch Display

capacitive touch screen - how to use it

capacitive touch screen – how to use it

Capacitive touch screens determine the position of the touch by changing an electric field. Electrodes in the corners of the touch panel produce a weak electric field. If at least one finger touches the touch screen, a part of the charge of the field is derived. Thus, the electric field will change. This change will be measured and the exact position of the finger will be determined in this way. Most of the InFocus devices work with this technique, which translates touches even more precisely, than resistive touch screens.

Touch screens offer advantages in application

Creating and moving texts, editing pictures and playing videos, all of this may be handled more easily with a touch screen than with a regular PC, because the computer mouse and the keyboard only function properly on the desk. The users of touch screens ave space in the workplace and also additional hardware costs.

tapping, rotating, contracting, wiping, zooming and turning by finger -easy and comfortable with the touch screen by InFocus

tapping, rotating, contracting, wiping, zooming and turning by finger -easy and comfortable

No matter whether Mondopad, BigTouch or JTouch, our displays all are equipped with touch screen displays. We have optimized applications such as adding, activating, or removing documents for touch screen operations. The products of InFocus operate with the familiar multi-touch gestures, such as tapping, rotating, contracting, wiping, zooming and turning by finger or stylus pen. This makes the operation very easy and you receive an overview of all program windows similar to the Mission Control view. This allows users to navigate easily between different programs.



Our tips for easy operation:

  • Test each touch screen before using it in a presentation.
  • Practice: click, double-click, and swipe. Anyone who knows his touch display reduces the stress factor.
  • For some applications, finger operation is not sufficient. Use a stylus pen as an additional control element.
  • Work intuitively. Interaction with your content is easy and intuitive when using InFocus devices.
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InFocus presents new 85-inch models

Extra large touch display with 4K resolution

With the new 85-inch displays of the Mondopad, BigTouch and JTouch series, the impressive 4K resolution is achieved in the office, the training room or the classroom. The large 85-inch displays make it possible to present content brightly and color intensively, to create comments, to collaborate with other participants or for Content-Sharing. Below, we present the novelties.

Ultra High Definition has not only come into the private living room, but with the new 85-inch displays also into the office, into the classroom or into the conference room. With 4K resolution, the displays provide razor-sharp images. The high-resolution touch displays have more than 8 million pixels. On 3840 x 2160 pixels pictures and videos appear glass-clear, with presentation devices in the 85-inch version almost real. Wherever creative ideas are developed or knowledge is conveyed, the new 85-inch screens from InFocus support you.

The extra large Mondopad

The extra large Mondopad Ultra with 85 inches and 4K resolution by InFocus for Content-Sharing

The extra large Mondopad Ultra with 85 inches and 4K resolution by InFocus

This exquisite Touch-PC with 85 inches and 4K resolution is all you need for the visual presentation, capture and Content-Sharing. The 85-inch all-in-one device Mondopad Ultra combines Windows PC, video conferencing technology and whiteboarding in a single giant touch screen PC. The 4K resolution of the anti-reflective large-format display, combined with the integrated, easy-to-use InFocus Collaboration Software Suite, enables efficient collaboration. Develop, capture and share ideas in face-to-face teamwork and make presentations particularly appealing.

The BigTouch in big size

Touch experience with 4K resolution ships with and supports only Windows 10 for Content-Sharing

Touch experience with 4K resolution ships with and supports only Windows 10

In the new InFocus BigTouch with 85 inches the easy-to-use operation of a tablet combines with the productivity of a PC. The large touch display with 4K resolution is equipped with Windows 10 Pro and thus creates the optimal prerequisite for joint collaboration, presentation and Content-Sharing. In addition, with the optional BigNote software, it can even be turned into a functional whiteboard. In a large format, you can view high-resolution presentations of documents that may be edited intuitively.

The Jtouch in XXL

A 85-inch 4K touch display with anti-glare Gorilla Glass for Content-Sharing

A 85-inch 4K touch display with anti-glare Gorilla Glass

The 85-inch 4K touch-screen display of the JTouch series convinces every audience. Thanks to numerous interfaces, it is possible to operate Content-Sharing from many different end devices and source formats on the JTouch. Moreover, the additional USB touch feedback interface ensures that each terminal can be operated by touch via the display. Regardless of the lighting conditions, you may enjoy a crisp and interactive presentation. Even in large, bright rooms, pictures, texts and videos are persuasive thanks to their high brightness, color brilliance and high visual acuity. The clever combination of interactive touch experience and large 85-inch display ensures that presentations remain in the memory.

The conclusion

What all the different products of the Mondopad, BigTouch and JTouch series have in common is the opportunity of visual presentation and communication at the highest level. The touch displays are suitable not only for dynamic presentations, but also for teamwork in conference rooms and offices around the world.

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Electronic Whiteboards for light bulb moments

Scarcely a speaker can do without digital presentations. The traditional white panels have been replaced by successors long ago – the Electronic Whiteboards. This relates to interactive computer display units, the whiteboards. These allow, among other things, to edit presentations in real time, to insert notes, to save them, and to dispatch them directly from the whiteboard. We will show you below how the solutions look in detail and where are the differences:

The Mondopad series

InFocus Mondpad-Series - Electronic Whiteboards

InFocus Mondpad-Series

Whether video conferencing, presentations or displaying files, graphics and videos – the interactive touch PCs of the Mondopad series are absolute all-round talents and with screen sizes of 57, 65, 70 and 85 inches, they are suitable for a wide range of applications. In addition to a Windows computer, collaboration software, sound bar and camera , the whiteboard software is already integrated. A complete set of digital pencils and crayons, markers, pre-set shapes, lines and colors allows for clear annotation. Such an all-in-one device is therefore the right presentation screen, with crisp full-HD resolution, capacitive touch technology and anti-glare finish.

The Big Touch series

InFocus-BIGTOUCH-SERIES Electronic Whiteboards

InFocus Big Touch series

It is also similar in the BigTouch series: With the appropriate whiteboard software they can also be converted into an electronic whiteboard. The Whiteboard software BigNote may easily be installed on a Windows notebook. The app also provides various pens, markers, shapes and lines in many colors. The full whiteboard functionality with BigNote is to be started with just one click.

The JTouch series

InFocus JTouch-Serie electronic whiteboards

InFocus JTouch-series

The JTouch series for interactive digital signage from InFocus convinces with precise touch screen technology in the formats 40, 65, 70 or 80 inches. The extremely bright and color-intensive LCD touch displays enable a sharp visualization of presentations regardless of the light conditions. The JTouch displays are not equipped with an integrated Windows computer. However, they may be connected wirelessly to any end device via USB, HDMI or the optional LiteCast Key (INA-LCKEY2) via Bluetooth.. Thus, the display becomes a touch surface of the PC and thereby is made for use in conferences or classrooms. Some products of the series like the JTouch INF7002WB or the INF4030 score with the integrated whiteboard function. Other JTouch models allow to be upgraded to a digital whiteboard with the whiteboard software.

The commonalities

What the Mondopads , that are equipped with whiteboard software by default, as well as the JTouch devices , that may be retrofitted mostly with a whiteboard module and the BigTouch products , that become a whiteboard thanks to the BigNote app have in common, are the good connection opportunities for external devices. The connectivity of the displays is diverse and enables the large-scale reproduction of screen contents of each connected PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet.

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In comparison: Our JTouch, BigTouch and Mondopad series

To create a captivating presentation that will inspire listeners in conferences, because the technology used has brilliant functions and furthermore can be operated very easily – is this wishful thinking?

With the devices of the Touch display series, the Giant tablet PC series and the all-in-one collaboration of the Mondopad series, exciting and profitable presentations will be successful.

touch display

How pupils and students get fascinated by lectures, how to facilitate work during meetings and which appliances even make possible a video conference…

The Touch display series JTouch – Easily transfer content from mobile devices to the generous screen

The interactive touch displays of the JTouch series provide large touch screen displays in order to inspire the audience. The either 40-, 65- or 70-inch screens can uncomplicatedly be to any Chromebook, Notebook or PC from Mac or Windows by means of a variety of interfaces.

Thanks to the highly-sensitive multi-touch function, content may be edited and saved as desired. The simple operation not only allows the utilization of a touch screen for presentations in the classroom, but also for presentations in the meeting room.

The JTouch displays usually are connected to the computer brought along by means of a video cable via HDMI, VGA or Display port. The individual applications may then be controlled via the touch screen (JTouch) on the computer. Therefore, users need a USB Touch feedback connection cable that connects display and computer.

Some touch displays also allow a wireless connection to the presentation computer: An optional LightCast Key dongle enables different file formats to be opened directly. For this purpose the files should be on USB mass storage – USB sticks or hard discs – which have been connected via the display USB interface. INF 4030, INF6502WBAG and INF7002WB are examples for LightCast compatible devices. File formats supported by LightCast are documents in doc, ppt, pptx, pdf, txt, xls, xlsx, images in bmp, jpg, png as well as videos in avi, flv, mkv, mov, mpg, mp4, ts, wmv, 3gp.

BigTouch, the great full-fledged Windows Touch tablet – Ideal for your meeting and classrooms, office huddle as well as get together areas

The BigTouch is a full-fledged Windows touch screen PC, i.e. due to its conduct similar to another Windows computer; it may be easily integrated into an existing company network. That is why your IT will love the BigTouch.

Users benefit mainly from the large touch screen: Perform presentations, quickly change to a web page and simultaneously open another file as a part of the lecture. The BigTouch allows all this and even more. With the optional BigNote Software, you may also – in the so-called glass modeannotate comments and notes about everything that can be displayed on Windows and then save them and send them electronically. Presenting, discussing, developing solutions together and maintaining and distributing the results – the BigTouch from InFocus is the ideal cooperation partner.

all in one pc touch

The “All-in-one” Collaboration solutions PCs of the Mondopad series – The great help for meeting rooms

The All-in-one PCs of the Mondopad series al true high-end devices: Touch display with integrated Windows computer. In addition, each Mondopad comes to you with an HD camera with integrated microphone as well as a sound bar (2x25W) that may also be used for larger rooms.

Since it is a Windows computer, it may easily be integrated into an existing company network. Another benefit is the Mondopad Shell user interface, which can be controlled intuitively and thus enables the effortless reach of different functions.

Due to large, easily identifiable icons on the start page, users can get to the video conferencing function, the file selection page for presentations, the digital whiteboard function or the annotation function page, in order to easily and effectively apply comments or notes on existing content.

In addition, various functions can be combined so that you can share files or other content live with other conference participants during a video conference.

Each Mondopad comes with a preinstalled Microsoft Office package, which makes it easier to share and open files. Furthermore, meeting participants are able to easily send an e-mail to a Mondopad, which the presenter will open on the Mondopad and present to the audience.

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InFocus Special Offer

InFocus Special offer – find your suitable one

The Meeting/Board Room offer

Buy a Mondopad size 57″ (INF5720AG) or 70″ (INF7021AG) and receive a cloud based
ConX Video Meeting room for up to 6 participants for 1 year (INCONX6HD1Y) free of charge.
Worth: GBP 1296.00 (RRP) recommended retail price including VAT.
Work better together with Mondopad, the smart and easy touchscreen system for video conferencing, whiteboarding, data sharing and more.

• Multi-touch high definition display
• Flexible and expandable with built-in Windows PC
• Digital interactive whiteboard and document annotation
• Business-class video conferencing
• Business meetings and brainstorming
• Distance learning and remote training
• Software and website demos
• Interviewing and remote patient care InFocus promotional collaboration
offers for Q3 / 2016 for UK and Ireland

Promotional Overview

All the following promotions are valid from 1st of August 2016 until 31st of October 2016.
Order confirmation from distribution partner to reseller required within promotional

InFocus Special Offer

Invite up to 5 other participants to join your virtual meeting room session remotely.

The DigiEasel wireless presentation offer

Buy a regular DigiEasel (INF4030) and receive a free LightCast Key (INA-LCKEY2) worth GBP 474.00 (RRP) recommended retail price including VAT.
DigiEasel: 40-inch Interactive Whiteboard and Display, draw, write, and capture notes or share your device’s screen on DigiEasel’s bright, colourful 40″ interactive touch display.
• 40-inch 1080p capacitive touch display
• Portrait or landscape orientation
• Built-in digital whiteboard with multiple colors, shapes and images
• Accurate and responsive capacitive touch overlay with 10-point multi-touch capability
• Quickly connect and display your notebook via HDMI, VGA, component and USB
• Engage your students with a professional, high-tech tool that’s fun to use
• Use with or without a stylus (included) PROMOTIONAL EXTRA:
• Wireless display of your computer, tablet or phone’s screen
• Built-in web browser for easy access to online
content and tools
• Connect to your network via LAN or WiFi

The Huddle Room offer

Buy a LightCast included DigiEasel (INF4030CB) and receive a cloud based
ConX Video Meeting room for up to 6 participants for 1 year (INCONX6HD1Y) free
of charge. Worth: GBP 1296.00 (RRP) recommended retail price including VAT.
DigiEasel: 40-inch Interactive Whiteboard with Wireless Display Technology. Draw, write, and
capture notes or share your wireless device’s screen on DigiEasel’s bright, colourful 40″ interactive capacitive touch display.

InFocus Special Offer
• 40-inch 1080p capacitive touch display
• Wireless display of your computer, tablet or phone’s screen
• Built-in web browser for easy access to online content and tools
• Portrait or landscape orientation
• Built-in digital whiteboard with multiple colours, shapes and images
• Accurate and responsive 10-point multi-touch screen
• Quickly connect and display your notebook via HDMI, VGA or component and enable touch via USB
• Connect to your network via LAN or WiFi


Use with or without a stylus (included) Invite up to 5 other participants to join your
creative huddle room session remotely

The Classroom offer

Buy a selected 65″ JTOUCH model (INF6501wAG) and get the optional LightCast Key
(INA-LCKEY2) and a single license of BigNote software (INF-BigNote) at a massively reduced price. Please contact your reseller or distribution partner for details on the actual savings.

The 65-inch InFocus JTouch Interactive Whiteboard with anti-glare fosters collaboration and creativity with its multi-point touchscreen display and built-in interactive whiteboard. Its bright, colourful, antiglare touchscreen display creates an interactive touch experience that engages students and encourages interaction in the classroom.
• 65-inch anti-glare 1080p touch display every student in the class can see without distracting reflections
• 6-point touchscreen that encourages interaction • Display a PC, Mac or Chromebook via HDMI and enable touch via USB
• Front-facing 4-port USB hub for added convenience PROMOTIONAL EXTRA:
• Wirelessly display the screen of computers,tablets and smartphones
• Access your favourite web applications and resources with the built-in web browser
• Turn your connected Windows device into an interactive whiteboard and use the glass mode
to annotate on any Windows background

Did you know…

In order to call the cloud based ConX Video Meeting rooms from outside the room or organisation, you can simply use our ree InFocus 121 dialler apps. Use the InFocus 121 Video Calling service from iOS, Android, OSX or Windows devices.

Go to: and look out for the more detailed app links to the relevant download store.

How the promotion works:

Interested reseller should contact their distribution partner (BETA, Northamber or Tech Data Maverick) in order to organize a one hour InFocus training session on the relevant promotional add on items (ConX meeting room, LightCast or BigNote software).
Once the ordered product arrives at the reseller side, get in contact with your InFocus sales representative:
David Underdown, Tel: +44 7846 973256, or
Ricky Kumar, Tel: +44 7966 927941,
and confirm the training session details. David or Ricky will bring the relevant value add promotional product item with them
on the training day.

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Develop a perfect presentation with the touch display

With regard to the new JTouch Display Series, a notebook or PC may be connected easily with the touch display. The pleasant touch surface provides a simple operation and an optimum technical basis to inspire the audience during presentations, lectures or conferences. Nevertheless, some hints should be noted …

touch display

A large touch screen enables a brilliant presentation

Wherever you want to use your device from the JTouch Display Series, whether in the classroom, the conference room or a lecture hall: Thanks to generous dimensions of 40, 65 and 70 cm each lecture is an experience. Through accurate screen taps and the high sensitive multi-touch feature you are able to deliver pictures, graphics and written content in crystal clear images. The touch screen displays readable text and true color images and videos even in low light conditions, which increases the success of a presentation by the constant attention of prospective customers. The JTouch screens can also be connected wirelessly, either via video cable (HDMI) or with optional dongle (INA LCKEY) or adapter (INLITESHOW4). While the adapter solution works for all touch screens, the dongle solution can only be used for the following screens: INF4030, INF6501wAG, INF6502WBAG and INF7002WB. Some JTouch models already come innately bundled with a LightCast dongle.

How to use a touch display optimally

Who wants to get the best out of his touch display should follow a few simple tips during operation:
1st:    Use the connection solution for your notebook, which is best for you. If you are standing very close to the screen, maybe a wired connection is enough. If you want to be standing a little further away from the screen, perhaps a wireless connection is to be recommended.
2nd:     Test any new video connection with the notebook which is to be used the day before. So you have the opportunity to try out the various functions calmly. This not only soothes the nerves, it also saves you valuable time, if an update has to be made or settings need to be adjusted.
3rd:    If you decide to connect your laptop to the screen via video cable, do not forget to prepare the required USB Touch Feedback link. This will be required if you want to check or control your notebook on the touch screen.
4th:    During your presentation, ensure that the font size for your text documents is sufficient. Preferable, divide texts on multiple slides and select a larger font that can be read from the back row.
5th:    Integrate the whiteboard in your presentation by mediating content on it actively and encourage the audience to interact. This will mainly promote the cooperation of the students in the classroom.

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6 tips for presentations with a touch screen PC

Those who want to use the performing monitor during a presentation via touch screen should consider several things. In order to avoid making a fool of yourself in a meeting or in the next conference, here are a few tips from InFocus…

1st: Display the content on a touch screen PC

Before a presentation may start, the content has to be displayed on the screen. By using a USB stick you deliver the presentation background directly to the touch screen PC, but also cable connections to other PCs or Macs are possible, even if in a circumstantial way. We therefore recommend the wireless connection or the immediate use of the touch screen PC.

2nd: Choose the right font size

Since many devices used for presentations still are equipped with small screen sizes, attention should be paid to an appropriate font size when creating a presentation. It is preferable to choose a larger font size that can be read from the last row in the conference room.

3rd: Consider your positioning during the presentation

A presentation will only be successful if the audience hangs spellbound to your every word. Therefore, you should stand with your back to the touch screen PC. Reflect the presentation content in the run-up, take notes or use the mobile view on cell phone.

4th: Add annotations

During a presentation, at best, a gain of insights will take place. You may record these findings directly to your presentation slides, save them and then share them with the audience. Doing so, you freshen up every presentation and optimize further work.

5th: Make use of assistance when operating difficulties occur

Due to excitement, many have to struggle with sweaty hands during a presentation. If the operation of the touch screen PCs causes difficulties, we recommend the use of a stylus. This allows you to safely operate films, set markers and add notes.

6th: Engage in using the new PC

Often new technology represents an additional stress factor for the speaker. Therefore get acquainted to the touch screen PC in advance of a presentation. If you are familiar with the operation of the device, the presentation will be much easier for you.

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News from the Jtouch series – the INF6502WB

touch series infocus jtouch

Our new JTouch INF6502WB from the Touch series

Thanks to the interactive INF6502WB from Jtouch series, presentations, school lessons or group work come to a new level. The 1080p touch screen adapts to all lighting conditions and delivers sharp and bright images. It allows to mirror the desktop of a PC, Mac or Chromebook onto the whiteboard screen via HDMI, VGA or Component Video and to control it easily from there via the touch screen. The integrated digital whiteboard features diverse functions for capturing and saving notes and records electronically. Write or draw with different digital pens or markers, add charts or copy backgrounds and images. With the new product from Jtouch series work is a piece of cake.

The highlight of INF6502WB from JTouch series: the capacitive touch screen

The new product from Jtouch series provides a specificity: The capacitive touch screen enables an even better touch detection thanks to improved technology. In addition, the front bezel has been implemented as a glass plate, which is not only a visual enhancement but also allows an easy cleaning. The multi-touch feature gives you the chance to work with several persons on the display. An elaborate calibration is not necessary and effective work is possible immediately. The touch screen of INF6502WB works with the fingertips, with a stylus or even medical gloves. We offer the product with five years warranty in order to guarantee continued enjoyment of your new whiteboard INF6502WB.

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