InFocus DigiEasel (INF4030)

Draw, write, and capture notes or share your device’s screen on DigiEasel’s bright, colourful 40” interactive touch display.


DigiEasel elevates your meeting space with the professional look and technological power of an interactive whiteboard at an ultra-low cost.

Choose from portrait or landscape mode to fit the need of any boardroom, classroom, huddle space—or anywhere you collaborate.

Many thanks to our Partner RAPID Technologies ( , who created this informative product video about the InFocus 40” JTouch (DigiEasel).

Key features

  • Beautiful 1080p capacitive touch display in portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Multiple colours, shapes and backgrounds to communicate your ideas.
  • Wirelessly display your device’s screen or browse the web.
  • Display your notebook via HDMI, VGA, or component video.
  • Impress your visitors with a professional, high-tech tool that’s fun to use.


Make collaboration easier and more efficient with a whiteboard display solution for today’s fast-paced digital world.

  • Capture and save whiteboard notes electronically.
  • Email information directly from the DigiEasel (INF4030).
  • The whiteboard scrolls seamlessly as you need additional space, allowing room for free-form drawings, diagrams, and notes.
  • Write or draw with a complete collection of digital pens, highlighters, shapes, and lines.
  • Paste images onto the whiteboard or add useful custom backgrounds, such as a grid or a calendar.
  • Multiple point touch allows multiple people to write or draw at the same time.
  • No calibration required.

Wireless Collaboration

Make meetings and lessons of all types more efficient and engaging with the wireless collaboration solution from InFocus.

Easily connect and share content from any mobile device without wires or cords.

  • Robust and reliable connection via special apps with extra features:
    – Annotation from your smartphone or tablet mobile device
    – Built-in support for cloud drive services
    – Use your device’s camera as a document camera
  • Connect natively with AirPlay or Miracast, or via Chrome extension.
  • Connect to your network to create a new, secure wireless access point.

LightCast Wireless Collaboration

Use the LightCast Key* to easily connect and share content from your Apple, Windows, Android, or Chrome devices.

Access the internet with a built-in web browser, and view or present documents, videos, and photos.

* (sold separately)

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