Great Promotion by InFocus: Buy a projector and receive a LightCast Key for wireless presentations for free

Now only for a short time: Until March 31, 2017, you will receive a LightCast key free of charge when purchasing a projector of the IN2120x series (models: IN2124x, IN2126x and IN2128HDx)!

With the practical key, you may perform mobile presentations by transferring screen contents wirelessly from any end device onto the projector!

Attention: Even if the majority of our retailers is participating in the campaign, please ask prior to the purchase, whether the LightCast key will really be delivered free of charge.

InFocus-LightCast Key

What are the benefits of LightCast?

The innovative LightCast key makes each presentation, each teamwork meeting and content sharing even more efficient and easier. Thanks to the LightCast key, you may wirelessly transfer screen content from any tablet, laptop, or mobile phone to your projector using Android, Windows, Chrome OS or Apple iOS / OSX.

LightCast also scores with an integrated whiteboard app, along with an extensive set of digital pens, markers, shapes, lines and colors.

This means that you can easily capture and share notes, share and mail them on the screen. This increases the efficiency of meetings enormously, since every team member has access to the latest data at any time.

With the built-in 4GB memory, you may also transfer various documents, movies or photos to the projector in advance of the presentation and then present them from the integrated memory without a PC.

Thanks to a built-in web browser, LightCast also allows access to the Internet. In this way, websites or online documents, videos and photos may easily be displayed. And best of all: it all works without the installation of additional software!

LightCast key

The right model for every application: LightCast compatible projectors by InFocus

In general, all interactive projectors from InFocus are Lightcast compatible. You may choose between the ultra-portable projectors of the IN1110 series, the high-connectivity network projectors of the IN2120x series and the large Venue HD projectors of the IN5148 series.

Combined with the optionally available LightCast key, they enable the use of many new functions for exciting, lively presentations.

And for those who hurry, the free LightCast key for the IN2124x, IN2126x and IN2128HDx will be added free of charge until the end of March 2017 when buying a projector of the IN2120x series (only in case of purchase from participating retailers).

Video about LightCast

Anyone who wants to benefit from the free LightCast Key by March 31, 2017 can get an impression of the cool features of the LightCast in the video above
Enhance your presentation, teamwork, and content-sharing capabilities:

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