The InFocus IN5148HD projector – a large-scale projector with boundless adaptability

Ultra portable, installation, short-distance, ECO blanking, wireless, full HD, network capability – the list of special features of projectors is long.

Whether presentations in the classroom or in the university, conferences in the office or the classic screening of a football match is concerned: Nowadays, you can buy the suitable projector for any occasion from InFocus.


HD projectors


Presenting the InFocus IN5148HD we introduce a popular large-scale projector with its functional highlights.

  • What makes this HD projector so suitable for large rooms and event halls?
  • How does the IN5148HD generate its clear images?
  • Why precisely this HD projector is extremely user-friendly?

What makes the IN5148HD suitable for large rooms?

Thanks to incredible 5000 lumens, the IN5148HD projector delivers clear and sharp images that can also be projected beyond the picture diagonal of 100“, even in bright room light conditions.

The native 1080p resolution allows optimal reproduction of various HD content. This full-HD projector can be installed easily and supports – if desired – the wireless display of digital images or videos thanks to optional LightCast Key.

Connections for HDMI, RJ45 and VGA as well as RS232 and screen trigger function allow the unlimited use of the projector for presentations. Due to the HDBaseT certification, video, sound and control signals can be transmitted to the projector via a CAT-5 network cable. For large-scale installations, this offers the clear advantage that you only have to install cost-effective network cables and can dispense with expensive video or audio cables.

The particularly great projection ratio and the motor lens shift function are regarded as convincing extras for this HD projector. While the former allows excellent flexibility in the choice of site, the latter ensures the perfect image positioning.


HD projectors

The HD projector with motorized lens shift function

The InFocus IN5148HD projector features the motorized lens shift function, which allows distortion-free movement of an object onto the screenwithout having to move the HD projector. Forget about annoyingly shunting the projector back and forth in order to finally find the perfect position for your device. The large lens shift gives the user of the IN5148HD projector a greater flexibility when setting up the projector.

Select a fixed position for the device and simply adjust each new image at the touch of a button. This is possible because the motorized lens shift function controls the horizontal and vertical image displacement motorized. For optimum image positioning, an image on the IN5148HD projector can be moved horizontally by 35% to the right and 35% to the left. The vertical lens shift is between outstanding 130% down and 35% up.

Thereby, this HD projector adapts optimally to every projection room.


HD projector


Flexible throw ratio and zoom ratio as features of the IN5148HD projector

The InFocus IN5148HD projector can also convince with a large projection ratio range of 3.02 ~ 1.49. This specifies the ratio of the projection distance and the image width. Since the IN5148HD projector has a zoom lens with a 2:1 zoom ratio, the projection ratio may be changed within the specified range.

The large projection ratio not only offers greater flexibility in the choice of the installation site for the projector, but also ensures the perfect positioning of projection content. And the best: the optimal image and projector placement can be done without changing the objective. A high-resolution image may be displayed exactly in the size you need at a presentation location.

Thus, 90% of all projector installations are covered thanks to the flexibility of the IN5148HD.

With this projector, there are no more technical challenges for presentations, but motorized moving, focusing and zooming.

A perfect presentation is guaranteed!

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