The new 121 Video Calling Apps are now available for Windows and MAC

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Big Business Preparation with Videocall and Flipboard

With the cloud-based service 121 Video Calling from InFocus, it is possible to participate in video conferences and meetings around the world without the installation or establishment of dedicated server hardware. With a simple video call, ideas can be shared easily, cooperation may be made more efficiently and the commitment of all participants may be increased. With the new 121 Video Calling Apps, a meeting via Windows PC or MAC will become even easier

ConX Video Call usable on different devices

ConX connects diverse participants using the cloud – no matter by whatever equipment you want to take part in the video call. The InFocus Mondopad may be used as well as the Video Phone. ConX is compatible even with the conferencing systems from Cisco, Polycom or Lifesize. Further, SIP or H.323 devices, Mac Computers or 3rd party applications such as Cisco Japper and Microsoft Lync may be used.

Easily use Video Call thanks to the new 121 Video Apps for Windows and Mac

Recently, the new 121 Video Calling Apps for Windows PC and Macintosh are available, whereby users can easily participate in video calls. Already for some time now the 121 Video Calling Apps for mobile devices on Android or iOS systems exist. The new, 121 Video Calling Apps only expand the previously available Web browser plug-in. Thus, take the many possibilities of video telephony, but without the cost and effort.

The Apps for Windows specially have been designed by InFocus, so that the functions such as the interactively working on documents, drawing or annotating presentations are available to a larger number of users. With the mobile apps, conference participants can easily login on the web browser and get free access to thousands of meeting rooms in HD quality.

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