Develop a perfect presentation with the touch display

With regard to the new JTouch Display Series, a notebook or PC may be connected easily with the touch display. The pleasant touch surface provides a simple operation and an optimum technical basis to inspire the audience during presentations, lectures or conferences. Nevertheless, some hints should be noted …

touch display

A large touch screen enables a brilliant presentation

Wherever you want to use your device from the JTouch Display Series, whether in the classroom, the conference room or a lecture hall: Thanks to generous dimensions of 40, 65 and 70 cm each lecture is an experience. Through accurate screen taps and the high sensitive multi-touch feature you are able to deliver pictures, graphics and written content in crystal clear images. The touch screen displays readable text and true color images and videos even in low light conditions, which increases the success of a presentation by the constant attention of prospective customers. The JTouch screens can also be connected wirelessly, either via video cable (HDMI) or with optional dongle (INA LCKEY) or adapter (INLITESHOW4). While the adapter solution works for all touch screens, the dongle solution can only be used for the following screens: INF4030, INF6501wAG, INF6502WBAG and INF7002WB. Some JTouch models already come innately bundled with a LightCast dongle.

How to use a touch display optimally

Who wants to get the best out of his touch display should follow a few simple tips during operation:
1st:    Use the connection solution for your notebook, which is best for you. If you are standing very close to the screen, maybe a wired connection is enough. If you want to be standing a little further away from the screen, perhaps a wireless connection is to be recommended.
2nd:     Test any new video connection with the notebook which is to be used the day before. So you have the opportunity to try out the various functions calmly. This not only soothes the nerves, it also saves you valuable time, if an update has to be made or settings need to be adjusted.
3rd:    If you decide to connect your laptop to the screen via video cable, do not forget to prepare the required USB Touch Feedback link. This will be required if you want to check or control your notebook on the touch screen.
4th:    During your presentation, ensure that the font size for your text documents is sufficient. Preferable, divide texts on multiple slides and select a larger font that can be read from the back row.
5th:    Integrate the whiteboard in your presentation by mediating content on it actively and encourage the audience to interact. This will mainly promote the cooperation of the students in the classroom.

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