6 tips for presentations with a touch screen PC

Those who want to use the performing monitor during a presentation via touch screen should consider several things. In order to avoid making a fool of yourself in a meeting or in the next conference, here are a few tips from InFocus…

1st: Display the content on a touch screen PC

Before a presentation may start, the content has to be displayed on the screen. By using a USB stick you deliver the presentation background directly to the touch screen PC, but also cable connections to other PCs or Macs are possible, even if in a circumstantial way. We therefore recommend the wireless connection or the immediate use of the touch screen PC.

2nd: Choose the right font size

Since many devices used for presentations still are equipped with small screen sizes, attention should be paid to an appropriate font size when creating a presentation. It is preferable to choose a larger font size that can be read from the last row in the conference room.

3rd: Consider your positioning during the presentation

A presentation will only be successful if the audience hangs spellbound to your every word. Therefore, you should stand with your back to the touch screen PC. Reflect the presentation content in the run-up, take notes or use the mobile view on cell phone.

4th: Add annotations

During a presentation, at best, a gain of insights will take place. You may record these findings directly to your presentation slides, save them and then share them with the audience. Doing so, you freshen up every presentation and optimize further work.

5th: Make use of assistance when operating difficulties occur

Due to excitement, many have to struggle with sweaty hands during a presentation. If the operation of the touch screen PCs causes difficulties, we recommend the use of a stylus. This allows you to safely operate films, set markers and add notes.

6th: Engage in using the new PC

Often new technology represents an additional stress factor for the speaker. Therefore get acquainted to the touch screen PC in advance of a presentation. If you are familiar with the operation of the device, the presentation will be much easier for you.

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