What is the truth about the capacitive touch? – The new touch PCs by InFocus with capacitive touch technology

Who does not know this situation: You want to quickly print a document, check new emails or record a note in writing. Too bad that once again the PC mouse is nowhere to be found. The new Full HD Touch PCs by InFocus guarantee a sensational touch screen experience. What advantages does a touch display provide and which tasks will be facilitated by a touch PC …

InFocus Touch PC

InFocus Touch PC Big Touch

The advantages of a Touch PC with touch display

Thanks to the touch-sensitive surface, a touch display can be fully controlled via its touch panel. All functions can be taken over by tapping, rotating or wiping, the intuitive usability complies with each user. By means of four infrared sensors, the various gestures will be recognized properly and implemented by the system. On the large HD touch displays of the InFocus models, contents are displayed in crisp clarity, so a touch screen is appropriate for cooperation with several people and also can be used in combination with a projector for the utilization in presentations.

Areas where the Touch PC makes work more effective

A touch PC with touch display by InFocus can not only facilitate the work in home office, a touch PC also improves workflow in educational institutions. Thanks to the brilliant colors of a touch display, a touch PC is appropriate for utilization in classrooms, because here the attention of the students is guaranteed. Thanks to the intuitive operation of a touch screens, students can even deal safely with a touch display by themselves. It’s user-friendliness also makes it an ideal choice for hospitals, clinics or laboratories. Introduce learning content into the waiting room or make fast data access easier for the colleagues at work. In hotels and restaurants, guests can be entertained with a touch PC in the lobby, in addition work processes can be accelerated by means of simplified navigation with a touch display in hotels, restaurants or in the range of leisure activities.

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